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Toys R Us providing more Pokemon goodness to shoppers

Pokemaniacs should take note: Toys R Us is once again catering to the needs of Pokefanatics by offering you a chance to catch the uncatchable Darkrai Pokemon. The weekend of May 31 - June 1, participating Toys R Us stores will be providing inn keys to those who bring in their DS, along with a copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, which will provide them a shot at catching this bad boy thing.

Buy two games, save ten bucks at Toys R Us

We'll take almost any encouragement to buy a bunch of games, and there's little better incentive than a package deal, through which we "save" money by buying more stuff. Retailer Toys R Us knows this, and has dangled the carrot of reduced-price DS games at us with a "buy one, get $10 off" sale. The ad says "all DS games," but the sale is actually restricted to a selection of TRU's offerings.

That's fine, though, because there's enough here for just about anyone to be driven into an impulse purchase! Standouts include Flash Focus, Professor Layton, WordJong, Cooking Mama 2, and even some pre-release stuff like Rondo of Swords! Or you could finally pick up the whole Imagine collection.

Toys R Us is an importing powerhouse in Hong Kong, apparently

The Toys R Us in Hong Kong has tons of import games available. That's the benefit of not having a Nintendo distributor in the region, apparently. And while this picture may present an importer's paradise, it should be noted that the retail chain doesn't have everything available.

Still, we would be lying if we said we weren't jealous. All of our Toys R Us stores here only have clueless and apathetic employees.

Rare Pokemon cartridge holds a litter of Mews

This special copy of Pokémon Fire Red could make you very, very popular in the GTS or at our own Game Night. That's because it's loaded with Mews. This cartridge was used in one of those Toys 'R' Us Pokémon events, to distribute Mews to store visitors. We don't know exactly how rare something like this is, but there couldn't have been many such cartridges produced for a one-off event at a single retail chain.

We wonder if there would be a noticeable change in the GTS once a bunch of "legit" Mews is unleashed into the trading community. Would the relative barter value of Mews adjust? Oh, man, why is Pokémon economics suddenly so interesting? What is wrong with us?

[Via GameSniped]

Get the Pokemon hook-up from Toys R Us this Saturday

Considering that Toys R Us has given Pokemon fans free critters in the past, we can't say we're surprised that the store is planning on giving away a free Manaphy to anyone who's willing to tackle the gauntlet of downloading from the store's download station this Saturday. Not only that, but they'll also be offering up DS games at a reduced price, slashing $5 off every title up for grabs in the store.

Anyone planning on downloading Manaphy, or do you already have this one in your cruel collection of kidnapped creatures?

[Thanks, Antwon!]

Cheap games at Toys R Us

When reader Aaron wrote in to inform us that his local Toys R Us store had volumes upon volumes of DS games, drastically reduced in price, we thought nothing more than "Oh, awesome, cheap games." This was quickly shifted toward feelings of absolute disgust, as we saw the store had way too many copies of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on their hands.

Anyway, if you have some spare time today, you might want to hit up the bargain bin at your local Toys R Us.

Buy 2, get 1 at Toys R Us again

It's been awhile since we've been able to get some DS games on special at Toys R Us, but the excellent chance at picking up some much-needed DS games has come back. The excellent thing is, though, that the sale isn't limited to just the company's website, allowing patrons inside its stores to take advantage of the offer as well. So, should you be the type of person who hates to wait for things to ship to you, just walk in your local store and you're set.

You'll only have until Saturday, however, as the sale only extends until then. And, as always with this sale, the cheapest game you pick up will be the title given for free from the retail chain. So, what will you be getting through the sale? As for us, we'd definitely like to get our hands on ... well, to tell the truth, we've pretty much got every game we could want.

[Via Joystiq]

Toys "ARRRR" Us: Piracy in the Philippines

Pirated video games in the Philippines is certainly nothing new -- we remember seeing counterfeit Famicom carts being sold there back in the day -- but its ubiquity in the Southeast Asian country is startling. GameOPS' John Phillips Bengero sent us some pictures to illustrate just how dire the DS and GBA bootlegging situation is. Far from being confined to Manila's seedier markets, these shots were taken at a recently opened Toys "R" Us branch in TriNoma mall! Bring a pocket full of pesos past the post break for the photos.

Continue reading Toys "ARRRR" Us: Piracy in the Philippines

Toys R Us summer toys list contains up to one video game

Toys R Us has put out their list of the top 24 hottest toys for this summer, and, surprisingly, there is only one video game on the list-- and even that one's kind of a non-game, according to some people's definitions. Nintendo's brain-teasin' hit Brain Age represents the entirety of our hobby in Toys R Us's summer marketing campaign, despite being a game about math problems, and despite being over a year old. Technically, they also advertise the Leapster, but ... don't worry about the Leapster..

Are we seeing early signs of a Japan-style Brain Age phenomenon? Should we start hoarding DS Lites?
[Via Game|Life]

Rumor: Nintendo storming TRU Feb. 11th

Have you been completely assed out in your hunt for any Nintendo product? Never fear, for the rumor patrol reports that Toys 'R Us will have both Wiis and DS Lites in stock on February 11th. Don't get too excited just yet -- that's still a little over a week away, but depending on the competition in your area, you might want to start stocking up on your camping supplies.

Expect to see more DS Lites than Wiis, but since so many of our readers have been trying to get their hands on a handheld lately, we figure that's not exactly bad news.

[Thanks, Josh!]

Buy 2 get 1 free at Toys R Us = get some DS games

We cannot possibly believe we missed this deal when our father site Joystiq reported on it, and just as soon as we realized there was a deal, we'd already found one flickr user who had taken full advantage of the deal to score some excellent games. With this user getting ahold of Mega Man ZX, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, and Clubhouse Games, we'd really like to know what you readers would get, so let us know!

Toys R Us DS Lite promo

So you don't want to spend $130 on a DS Lite? What about, say, $111?

That number sounds a little better huh? Toys R Us has a special running where you can buy a Nintendo DS Lite for $110.49.

We know that you can do this online by entering the code TRUS15P_sd2fh3 when checking out and shipping is included in the $110. But we aren't sure if this is available if you walk into a Toys R Us.

Anyway, it saves you a few bucks if you are a saver and saving an extra 20 bucks means the world to you.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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