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Rumor: Square Enix trademark points to localized Valkyrie Profile

Square Enix, like all companies, trademarks stuff from time to time, giving away snippets of precious information about its future plans. Sometimes, said plans are pretty straightforward, other times ... the dots need joining up. The company's latest visit to the Patent and Trademark Office yielded one of its more enigmatic trademarks: "Covenant of the Plume."

While we were still scratching our heads like simpletons as to what this could mean, Siliconera's Spencer had already identified a likely candidate: he reckons this could be a subtitle for the U.S. version of Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One, and hence confirmation of a localization! It's not a massively outrageous leap to make: "Plume" equals "feather" equals "Omigosh what's that in the logo." Not too hard to believe, is it?

Sampling more fashion disasters with Sigma Harmonics

Famitsu has another five shots of Square Enix's "what not to wear" trainer "adventure RPG" Sigma Harmonics, featuring the usual bonkers fashion choices and some decent-looking 3D sections. Naturally, since the likes of Final Fantasy III became a part of our lives, "decent-looking 3D sections" are the very least we expect from Square Enix, who seem to have mastered 3D on the DS better than most.

Also, as we're on the subject of Sigma Harmonics, Siliconera reports that Square Enix just registered the game's title and logo at the USPTO. Does that mean the title is definitely coming stateside? Well, it's a very strong possibility -- let's leave it at that for now. More shots are past the break.

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Nanashi no Game getting localized outside Japan?

Spencer over at Siliconera has stumbled onto something interesting. A trademark by Square Enix for "Last Hope," he deduced that the long line of Dragon Quest remakes has been depleted, so what else could this possibly be for? Well, he's wondering if it's not Nanashi no Game and we're hoping he's right.

Of course, this could all just be completely and utterly wrong, so we won't place any kind of verdict (not that we're qualified to, anyway), but know that we're hoping this game gets a release here in the States. How about you all? What do you think?

Gallery: Nanashi no Game

Dragon Quest VI already trademarked in U.S.?

In the last couple of weeks, Square Enix trademarks have revealed the subtitles of Dragon Quests IV and V, tipping Square Enix's hand about their plans to release IV (and probably V) in North America. Another new trademark points to a possible localization of Dragon Quest VI: "Realms of Reverie."

"Realms of Reverie" just happens to be a compatible translation for the Japanese subtitle of VI, Maboroshi no Daichi. We'll probably have to wait a while to find out -- Dragon Quest VI has yet to be dated for Japanese release, and we don't expect to hear anything else about it at least until the July release of DQV in that region.

[Via Siliconera]

Pictoimage Pict up for U.S. release as well?

Sega's Pictoimage, their take on the Pictionary-like drawing competition game, was recently spotted on the OFLC database, indicating that the game is planned for release in Australia. It has now appeared on the U.S. trademark list as well, meaning that we (probably) now have two DS games on the way that involve drawing pictures in response to prompts!

Pictoimage has a more full-featured drawing program than LOL, with such amazing innovations as different colors, and it also offers a single-player mode. Yet, somehow it also seems less wacky than LOL, and therefore less interesting. Probably because of the name.

Gallery: Pictoimage

[Via Siliconera]

A suspicious trademark appears! Command?

This is way speculative, but a new trademark registration by Square Enix may be a sign that the Dragon Quest IV remake is finally near. At the very least, it's a sign that something might be on the way, for some system. The trademark covers the phrase "Chapters of the Chosen."

A Siliconera commenter cleverly remarked that it would be a great subtitle for Dragon Quest IV, which is broken up into individual chapters telling separate characters' stories. The original Japanese subtitle is "Michibikareshi Monotachi" ("The Guided People," or as Wikipedia has it, "Those Who are Shown the Way").

If that's what this is, it would be a pretty strong indicator that Dragon Quest IV is being planned for U.S. release. Other evidence to support that theory includes the existing translation found on the card and Square Enix's interest in money.

[Via Siliconera]

New trademark hints at localized Away: Shuffle Dungeon

AQ Interactive has just registered a U.S. trademark for the name Away: Shuffle Dungeon. This leads us to one of two conclusions: they're thinking of releasing the game over here, or they're just trying to keep some jerk from making a game called Away: Shuffle Dungeon. It's ... probably not that. We doubt any other publisher would be that audacious (nor would they have a reason to be).

This is good news for a couple of reasons: first, and most obviously, we assume that there are people in the U.S. who would like the opportunity to play the dungeon crawler, and this is encouraging for them. Second, the fact that AQ Interactive is doing something like this makes it seem more likely that Mistwalker is going to finish and release the game at some point.

[Via Siliconera]

Ubisoft trademarkz more Petz

While we tend to scoff at Ubisoft's Petz series, we suppose if they're making some little kid out there happy, they can't be all that bad. Still, the blatant exploitation of the license along with the unnecessary use of the letter "z" just rubs us the wrong way.

Ubisoft has recently trademarked "Monkeyz" and "Dinoz," meaning that we can probably expect more Petz games on the horizon. While the company's choice in animals is definitely getting better, unless these games are like Dino Park Tycoon, we're just not interested.

Are you hoping that "Slothz" or "Alienz" will be Ubisoft's next trademark? How about "Piranhaz" or "Robot Dinoz?" Vote in the poll after the break and let your opinion be known.

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Super Mario Sisters was almost a reality

In some deeply weird alternative universe, perhaps one in which Japanese people actually bought Microsoft consoles and England's footballers weren't quite so irredeemably rubbish, we might never have experienced Super Mario Bros. as we know it. Instead, we could have been playing Super Mario Sisters.

Alas, Nintendo of America never did follow through on a trademark application it filed in February, 1990 for a game called "SUPER MARIO SISTERS." The application was abandoned almost two years later, depriving us all of an estrogen-fuelled version of the world's favorite platformer.

Go past the break for a grab of the application.

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