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Summoning character images for Twin Age

The latest batch of screens from Summon Night: Twin Age reveal fifteen of the game's characters, including the protagonists Aldo and Reiha. The images depict humans, Kascuza (the human-like beast race of the RPG), and some summoned beasts that appear. They can be seen in the gallery below, so be sure to eye them over.

Since most Summon Night games don't get localized, we're excited to see how Twin Age turns out. The two GBA titles were fun, be we think the series has the potential to be even greater with stylus integration.

Anyone that agrees with us will be happy to know that Twin Age hits North American retailers one week from today.

[Via press release]

Summon Night: Twin Age media to tide you over

Summon Night: Twin Age may be coming out two weeks later than expected, but at least you can look at the new screenshots in our gallery. Looking at the brightly-colored action RPG will allow you to imagine what it will be like to play using the stylus-based controls. You can stare dreamily at the screens until June 3rd rolls around.

And if looking at pictures doesn't satisfy your desire to play the game, IGN has posted several new videos, so you can watch someone else play the game! Oh, did we say "tide you over?" We meant "tease you intolerably." They're pretty different things -- we don't know how we could have gotten them mixed up.

The Twin Age gets a new start date

Summoning Summon Night: Twin Age into North American stores is proving to take longer than expected for publisher Atlus. When the localization of the stylus-controlled ARPG spinoff was first announced, it was given a release date of May 20th. Atlus just sent a press release out stating that they've delayed the game two weeks to June 3rd. That's a couple more weeks to play Drone Tactics, at least!

That just means that every DS game ever is being compressed even more tightly into the same release period. Eventually, the entire 2008 DS lineup will be released in June.

[Via press release]

Atlus summons Twin Age screens, U.S. boxart

Atlus just dropped a further six screenshots of Summon Night: Twin Age in our laps, and we'll say this much for the game: when you're not busy gawking at some of the finest ARPG greenery around, you can rely on the title to keep the battlegrounds densely populated.

Also in our PR package today was the U.S. boxart, as seen above. Equip yourself appropriately and hit our gallery for the screenage.

[Via press release]

Summon Night: Twin Age and the importance of ARPG lawn care

2D action RPGs often have it rough when it comes to making impressive graphics. Due to the perspective, about 90% of the in-game graphics consist of grass, with the rest being tiny character sprites. Sometimes there are trees or shrubs in the grass. So to wow us with the graphics in an ARPG, you have to have awesome grass, and cram as much personality into the mostly-faceless characters as you can.

Summon Night: Twin Age manages to stick out from the crowd as an especially nice-looking ARPG. The graphics are crisp, the effects look cool, and, yes, the greenery is quite nicely done. We've summoned nine new screenshots of the stylus-controlled spinoff into our gallery.

[Via press release]

Twin Age localized, summoned to the US

No more than two weeks after we goaded you into importing a discounted copy of Summon Night: Twin Age, Atlus has announced its plans to translate and bring the ARPG stateside this May 20th. If you're one of those unfortunate kids who made the mistake of following our advice, you have our apologies. Hopefully, you've learned your lesson.

As with Phantom Hourglass, Twin Age makes heavy use of the touchscreen, allowing you to explore maps, attack enemies, and cast spells using just your stylus. You'll have two heroes to manage, though: Reiha, a young girl versed in the "magical art of Summoning," and Aldo, a "Summon Beast." There's a lot to play with, too, including side quests, weapon crafting, and alternate story paths and endings.

Atlus has already set up a site for the English release, but you should still check out the Japanese page for its web-based demo! Click around the menu, and you'll see what we mean. If you'd rather not leave the safety of DS Fanboy's arms, you can still see more of Summon Night: Twin Age in our gallery below!

[Via press release]

Exchange twin Hamiltons for Twin Age

Playing import games can be an expensive hobby, but online shops like Play Asia provide some relief for your wallet, hosting frequent sales for Japan-only titles normally priced at $50+. This latest deal is for Summon Night: Twin Age (or Twin Edge, depending on where you look), an ARPG from Banpresto that makes ample use of the DS's touchscreen for moving and attacking with your characters.

GameFAQs has a helpful guide for would-be importers, and there's also a neat demo that appears on the official site if you navigate to one of its sub-pages. Play-Asia will have Twin Age available for you to grab for $19.90 while stocks last.

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