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A very Mario Christmas

How sad we are to see the holiday come to an end. No more Christmas tunes and hot cocoa just doesn't taste the same to us anymore. If only we had a giant mural like the one above to visit for an instant jolt of that Christmas feeling. It's a HUGE mural, if we may say so, and came out looking fabulous.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Yoshi's Island for a Baby Mario-sized price

Artoon is in the news right now for the Mistwalker-assisting work of founder (and Sonic the Hedgehog character designer) Naoto Oshima. But before Oshima was designing blocky, vacant-eyed adventurers, he served as producer on a fairly high-profile Nintendo project: Yoshi's Island DS.

In case you have yet to see how the creator of Blinx: The Time Sweeper handled the sequel to one of the most beloved Mario games ever, Amazon is giving you the chance to check out the game for a painless $15. The critics got a kick out of it, at least. And if you're going to buy one game about taking care of babies, it may as well be this one and not ... one of the others. But be quick about it: this deal expires at the end of the day.

A Hot Summer Yoshi DS for the cold winter

We do love our limited-edition DS systems -- even (maybe especially) when they're Phat. There's nothing like the combination of out-of-production hardware and extremely rare colorways to drive our interest and eBay prices. This "Hot Summer" Yoshi DS was part of a series of six wireframe-emblazoned systems available only in the summer of 2005, and only to Club Nintendo members. Only 200 of these Yoshi systems were produced.

And now it's available to anyone with $500. If you truly want to be rebellious and rock the Phat, this is totally the way to do it. By spending a ridiculous amount of money.

[Via GameSniped]

The DS Life: Betrayal!

The DS Life is a weekly feature in which we scour the known world for narrative images of Nintendo's handhelds and handheld gamers. If you have a photo and a story to match it with, send both to thedslife at dsfanboy dot com.

He doesn't hear the heavy door being pushed open, nor does he notice that thin stripe of outside light across the room extending its reach to the leather loveseat he's made himself so comfortable on.

He is too engrossed with his new game, astonished with its colors and graphics. The steps of the intruder's boots click towards him on the hardwood floor, heel to toe. Only when the surprise guest stops in front of him and politely coughs does he pause to look up ...

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Get festive with this tiny Yoshi

You know what your Christmas tree needs? More tongue -- and by that, we mean more Yoshi. Luckily, poorlulu of Etsy has your back; you can get all the ornamental wool tongue Yoshi that you need ... or even a Mario, if you so prefer.

We do not, however, recommend that you lick or otherwise ingest the Yoshi. Wool just does not go down well.

'Personal Transport Dinosaur' doesn't do traffic jams

Who could have possibly called this one? While many have spent the last decade or two fretting over the environmental impact of carbon emissions from cars, the real answer to our transport/pollution woes were to be found in a 1990 videogame all along!

The fact that the solution also consumes and then rapidly converts our foes into eggs ... well damn, that's just the icing on the sweetest of cakes.

[Via GoNintendo]

Yoshi's Island gets advertised in Korea

If checking out commercials for games that are soon to be released in Korea is your thing, then we've got something for you. Sure, the game has been out for quite some time, but we never really can get enough of Nintendo commercials. They're always so clever and entertaining, wouldn't you say?

We'd like to embed the video, but Nintendo's official Korean website won't allow it. So head on over to check the video out.

Nintendogs and Yoshi's Island going Wi-Fi?

In checking out the weekly wi-fi stats, one user over at GAF noticed that two offline titles had shown up in the findings. Utilizing a user-created program, it was found that Nintendogs connected to wi-fi 6 different times and Yoshi's Island connected 4 times over two different days.

Now, whether this is misinterpreted information or the first signs of a re-issuing of these games with wi-fi compatibility is anyone's guess. What we wonder about, however, is if these games are re-issued, will anyone pick them up?

Decent sale on imports at Renchi

We love region-free consoles! Not only does it allow us to play games that never get released in the US, but it also gives us freedom to choose the cheapest version of worldwide-release games. has marked down a load of DS games, and there's plenty of stuff for US gamers to enjoy.

First, the Japanese versions of US games. You can get Yoshi Touch & Go (Catch! Touch! Yoshi!), Mega Man ZX (Rockman ZX), Star Fox Command, the just-released Honeycomb Beat, and a few others for $10. If you want a uniquely Japanese experience, there's a bunch of stuff including Mawasunda!!, a lot of miscellaneous non-games and puzzle games (including an amusing-looking coloring game), and a nice selection of D3's Simple Series stuff. Stock is rapidly diminishing, so go browse right now.

[Thanks, joe!]

Some Yoshi antics

If you've been holding off on picking up Yoshi's Island DS because you've never played the original and had no idea what to expect from the game or, in changing the roster up a little bit felt the game would be altered for the worse, then we suggest you watch the embedded video, available after the break, and see some of the action in-game.

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Yoshi's Island ad, now with more tongue

We've been all abuzz when it comes to Nintendo's ads lately, but this new commercial for Yoshi's Island DS falls a little flat. Sure, it's cute, and it communicates the game well. Of course, we love the tongue, and the addition of the pink DS Lite is nice -- since pink is typically associated with girls (and, of course, real men who aren't afraid to wear it), there's a subtle messages that this game is girl-approved. Since we suggested it in lieu of a few others recently, we're all sorts of down with that impression. But all is not rainbows and coin-filled bricks in Nintendo land, despite the new ad's positive qualities.

Here's our beef: when it comes to the US market for this title, where are the ads like this one? When the two are watched side by side, is it any wonder that Americans seem more likely to push the DS aside as a kiddy system? Today's ad seems aimed at a younger audience, while the UK ad is more polished and adult -- and includes the same game (though others as well). It's hard to move beyond a stereotype and pick up a new audience when you promote the very image for which you're already famous. Gamers know that where there is Yoshi, there is typically goodness, so there's no need to sell to us ... but what about everyone else? Where's our saucy blonde to prove that happy-funtime-Yoshi action is good for everyone?

Sure, there have been (and will be) plenty of DS ads that don't seem quite so kid-centric. But these are in the same pre-holiday advertising window, so we thought it might be interesting to compare them -- particularly since the same game is in each. Which do you think is most effective? Will today's ad manage to sell the game to a new audience, or do you think an ad aimed at a different market would be better? Do you think the American ad is actually as effective or moreso than the UK DS spot? Tell us what you think!

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Yoshi gets reimagined

Jim Welch is quite the artist. He not only creates excellent pieces of art, but he does it on a daily basis. That's the kind of commitment that we both respect and envy. Not only that, but we're jealous of his skills! In his videos each day, he makes creating excellent illustrations look so easy. We'd post what we drew after trying to mimic his style, but it looks like a set of crayons threw up on a piece of paper and, honestly, nobody wants to see that.

We've embedded his Yoshi video into the post, after the break.

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Yoshi's Island site open for clicking

The official minisite for Yoshi's Island DS is up, and it is so very clickable! Make sure you slide your mouse pointer around, as there's music hidden in one of the flowers. Under "see more" by the DS, there's a very simple introduction to the game and the characters that's quite charming.

The bad news: the site content, while cute, is pretty thin for now, but they promise more is coming, so keep an eye out. The game hits stores November 13.

Changes for Yoshi's Island

If you were hoping to lash friends with Yoshi's tongue, looks like today might not be your lucky day. Yoshi's Island DS (formerly Yoshi's Island 2) seems to have lost its WiFi features; at least, the icon is no longer on the boxart. But it does seem that many of the elements that made the first foray into Yoshi's Island so fun will be resident in this sequel as well. Throw in a little touchscreen functionality and you've got the recipe for a new classic, WiFi or no.

Check after the jump for two brand new screens.

Continue reading Changes for Yoshi's Island

Screenshot explosion: Yoshi's Island 2

A plethora of pictures depicting in-game action of the sort you're dying to experience have hit the interwubs running over at French gaming site Jeux-France. In Yoshi's Island 2, Yoshi must aid the likes of Baby Mario, Baby Donkey Kong, and Baby Peach in locating children who have gone missing from the island. This, of course, has nothing to do with the recent arrival of an equally-mysterious floating island in the skies above the already existing island full of Yoshis.

Yoshi's Island 2 is currently set for a November release in the US and a January release in Europe.

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