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WRUP: Drawn to jam edition

This week's releases included a little game by the name of Jam Sessions. Oh, and another called Drawn to Life. And we're not even including all of the wonderful releases hitting other territories. So, there's plenty of titles available to gamers looking for something new to play.

Will you get your jam on, or do you plan to release your inner artist? What will you be playing?

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9-14-2007 @ 12:25PM

txa1265 said...

Jam Sessions is wonderful - my wife and both my kids are constantly taking it away from me to play!


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9-14-2007 @ 12:36PM

pas said...

Jam Sessions and Sonic Rush Adventure are really good (yeah, I know why you skipped the latter hehe ^^)


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9-14-2007 @ 12:36PM

troy said...

Drawn to Life rocks too! It is cute and fun and its very cool to see your little drawings come to life. Plus, my gf thought it was mildly interesting!


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9-14-2007 @ 12:36PM

troy said...

DK Jungle Climber rocks too but you don't care! It doesn't count.... ha ha


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9-14-2007 @ 12:50PM

RupeeClock said...

I'd opt for Drawn to life if I was American and had the money to import it.

But I'm british so I'm enjoying Sonic Rush adventure instead!


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9-14-2007 @ 1:12PM

Matt said...

I'll probably pick up DK Jungle Climber tonight, and Circuit City has a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal on handheld games so I may be tempted to pick up Drawn to Life or Jam Sessions at half price... which to choose though?!


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9-14-2007 @ 1:20PM

Foodie_Monster said...

I'm playing both. Jam Sessions is ok, but it's too limited for me (being an actual guitar player, just strumming isn't enough). I'm actually really looking forward to Hannah Montana DS.

As for Drawn to Life, it's interesting for sure. I don't think I'll play it all that much for the time being tho: Phoenix Wright 3 has all of my alloted DS time for now.


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9-14-2007 @ 1:22PM

Inkboy said...

I plan on buying both Drawn to Life and Jam Sessions this weekend. But I will probably be forced to choose only one.


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9-14-2007 @ 1:29PM

mrdrew78 said...

Drawn to Life. Definately. Jam Sessions bored me in about an hour, yet the platformy goodness of Drawn to Life has kept me playing. I even touched a few Tingly rupees this past weekend.


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Orville the Unfathomable Time Walrus10

9-14-2007 @ 1:30PM

Orville the Unfathomable Time Walrus said...

I'll be playing nothing, as neither Jam Sessions nor Drawn to Life interest me. In fact, there aren't any games I want coming out until well into October.


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9-14-2007 @ 1:43PM

Gerwurztraminer said...

Drawn to Life sounds like fun, however I'm a little behind the times... I only just got Zelda: Minish Cap!


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9-14-2007 @ 2:04PM

Goldilocks said...

Ohmaaan, I don't know which! I really wanna play both, but the artist in me wants to draw! (plus, I can't really be spending any money so I won't be playing either for a long while, say.. .when I see Drawn-To-Life on the USED rack. Pff. I have a love/hate feeling when seeing games I want on the used-rack because then I wonder is it any good? I imagine it won't be too long until I see DTL on the rack, since it has such mixed reviews.


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9-14-2007 @ 3:59PM

Eyerone said...

Both actually. And DK Jungle Climber or whatever its called..


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Alisha Karabinus14

9-14-2007 @ 4:26PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

I am afraid to play much of anything because I haven't picked up new screen protectors for my DSL and I'm constantly checking the screen for marks and scratches!

I really want Drawn to Life, but... seriously... I need a ruler to draw a straight line. My character would be a stick figure. XD


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9-14-2007 @ 4:47PM

Patrick said...

I'm playing Mr. Tingles new adventure, Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland! It's a great game and hopefully everyone will enjoy it as much as I have. Mr. Tingle is wacky, I hope we get to see him in more Nintendo published games... like SSMB!!


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9-14-2007 @ 4:54PM

troy said...

I agree, sorry America, but the Tingle game is cool and unique. Just cuz he walks a little swishy don't mean he isn't hours of gameplay fun: and seriously there are lots of hot chicks in the game.


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