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2008's Biggest Blips: Part III

Over the past two weeks, we've previewed more DS games than you can shake a whole pack of sticks at, and we're not yet done. In the final part of our look at 2008's most interesting upcoming titles, we're going to zip through a few last intriguing titles. Some of them haven't settled on anything close to a release date, and for others, there's little information available, but for one reason or another, they're all exciting enough to get us to sit up and take notice.

Unfortunately, they're probably also going to have a serious impact on wallets everywhere. As though we weren't already faced with the prospect of buying tons of games! We've never been happier that DS games are at least cheap.

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2008's Biggest Blips: Flower, Sun and Rain / The Silver Case

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher: TBD / TBD
Release: TBD / TBD

The DS boasts an enviable spread of adventure games, and 2008 promises much for the genre. Courtesy of Grasshopper Manufacture, both Flower, Sun and Rain and The Silver Case will be appearing on the handheld in the coming months, and it's fair to say that both reek of awesomeness.

Flower, Sun and Rain puts the player in the shoes of Sumio Mondo, an assassin tasked with defusing a time bomb planted on a plane. Sumio initially fails his mission, only to wake the next morning and find that the explosion has yet to happen. Presented with a second chance to save the stricken plane and redeem himself, Sumio again fails, but wakes the next morning to find himself living the same day over and over, his hotel room becoming more and more warped as he slowly begins to lose his mind from the repetition.

Comparatively little has been revealed about the DS version of The Silver Case, a murder mystery title that originally appeared on the PlayStation back in 1999. Centered around a series of grisly murders, the game is played from two perspectives: that of a leading detective, and of a freelance writer investigating the affair. In the PlayStation original, the story was narrated entirely through a montage of 2D illustrations, 3D CG, live-action images, and motion graphics, but it's not yet known whether the DS version will adopt the same techniques (the presence of two screens would seem like the perfect excuse to mimic this, however).

While both titles are wildly inventive, we feel we should also contribute part of this preview to the man behind them. Here in the DS Fanboy dungeon, our admiration and respect for Goichi Suda knows no end. As the name behind the likes of Killer 7 and No More Heroes, Suda has proven time and again that the punk spirit is alive and well in videogames, and that there remains a place in gaming for the unconventional and the plain bizarre.

As much as it saddens us, Suda won't be making games forever, but we like to think that his eventual successor will keep the punk flame alive in game development by following:

DO feel free to compare the process of making your games to defecating.

DO pile on the geeks and freaks. Suda is an expert at this, as Flower, Sun and Rain looks set to demonstrate.

DO try and avoid selling very many copies of your game, even if it's completely awesome. Selling games in any great quantity is for those Establishment suckers at EA and Ubisoft. Stick it to The Man through your own low sales!

come across as an obnoxious, uncooperative ass in interviews -- think The Sex Pistols and Bill Grundy in 1976 (in a very unpunk fashion, we should warn you that that last link is NSFW). In truth, Suda actually fails to follow this particular rule, as he consistently comes across as the kind of affable, fun-loving fellow you'd quite like to go for a drink with, or at least become friends with over the internet, which could perhaps lead to you both becoming BFF IRL. AND ON THAT SUBJECT, GOICHI, WHY DO YOU NEVER ANSWER MY EMAILS?

DO NOT follow rules or guides -- they just, like, totally pigeonhole you. Except, y'know, this one.

Gallery: Flower, Sun, and Rain

FFIV Back Many infos

2008's Biggest Blips: Bangai-O Spirits

Developer: Treasure/ESP
Publisher: D3
Release: Q2

Hello!! It is me, the super sexy M. In the year 2001 we had a Bangai-O shooting game on the Sega Dreamcast. Children Riki and Mami had a very big robot to go fight SF Kozmo Gang! I was in Infostation and sold them many infos to survive. They needed secret help information so they know how to use robot shooting power! We had many great talks together, and our game has a very deep storyline because of it! You should play our game and send money if you like it afterward!

Now the Treasure company is making a new Bangai-O shooting excitement game for the Nintendo DS! Can all of the 2D big explosions fit on such a small thing? Only time can tell!! Also it is yet to know if the delightful Mrs. M herself will be returning. If Infostation does not have me, how will players learn the shooting? Failure is very possible. But without knowing if I have a job, I will be nice and offer my very special information for free! You can thank me later!! It is because of the greatness of Bangai-O that I continue.

In my Bangai-O big robot had the ability to make extreme explosions based on number of the bullets on screen! It was out of control for sure! New Bangai-O Spirits has gone back to the way of N64, so the player (who is you) now has to charge up! What an exciting change of pace!

Back in 2001, Riki and Mami only had two weapons on the Bangai-O robot -- homing shot and bound shot (which bounced). Now so many new weapons are available! You can choose from start and have multiple weapons, including a bat that repels enemies and a sword that absorbs bullets! Then add on EX abilities that you unleash by charging up power and you are an explosion firing machine! Make 50000 credits please! I know I said it was free but this information is too good!

I wish I knew about when this game was coming out! It would be super premium information! I have been told that it is Q2, but not exactly known! I will just have to start planning my own levels for when it is out -- oh yes, did I not tell you? Bangai-O Spirits lets the beautiful Mrs. M and even normal kids like you make a level! Do you think you can make a level good enough for our 2D shooting action?

[Read the full Dreamcast Bangai-O script here]

The Suda pair
Back Born free

2008's Biggest Blips: N+

Developer: Silverbirch Studios
Publisher: Atari
Release: April

The physics-based platformer N was a unique PC release. While platform games are a staple of the medium, N distinguished itself with its sophisticated physics-engine, minimalist presentation, parkour-like movement and, especially, a level editor that allows fans to design levels with every feature of the official ones.

The game has been updated and remade for release on the DS (and other systems). A bunch of new levels have been added, including contest-winning fan levels. The game features a dual-view in which the bottom screen zooms in on the player and the top screen shows the full level. New enemies and obstacles have been added. A DS-specific level editor has been created that allows for online level sharing just like in the PC version. The question, then, for original developer Metanet and console publisher Atari, is how to convey this in the game's title. N, being so short, brings minimal information about the content of the game. And even gamers familiar with the PC game wouldn't guess from the name N that so much had been added. Thus, it was important to come up with a name that clues gamers into both the inherent ninja-ness of the base game and the updated material in the console version. And, well, it was a long process.

Rejected titles for the DS remake of the PC freeware physics-based puzzle-platformer, N:
  • The Island of Secret Jumping
  • Jump: The Jumpening
  • Platformia: A Synaesthetic Vertical Experience
  • Jumpster! The Jumping Ant in: Big Day Out
  • The Player Dies From Falling Or Being Hit By Some Kinda Robot
  • Quest for Gold Coins: The Tale of a Ninja
  • A+
  • B+
  • You Probably Get That Particular Joke By Now
  • Taco Hunt USA
  • Get Killed By A Thing
  • Large Levels, Small Guy: The Journey of a Lifetime
  • Dr. Platformatic's Ninjadventure
  • Desperation Gymnastics
  • John Madden's Guitar Halo
  • Platforming Training: Learn Precision Video Game Playing in Minutes a Day
  • Ninja Legend: A Ninja's Legend
  • Legendary Ninja: Birth of a Ninja Legend
  • Gold Quest: Lost Coins of the Realm
  • My Pet Ninja
  • Run Run Run Run Jump
  • Extreme Oreo Run: Savor the Action (Atari was exploring possible licenses)
In the end, Atari decided that the best way to get the message of "N plus stuff" across was to give it the obvious name: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. But copyright prevented that, so they went with N+.

Gallery: N+

Bangai-O Spirits Back But can you farm?

2008's Biggest Blips: Civilization Revolution

Developer: Firaxis
Publisher: 2K Games
Release: April 1

There are a lot of things that could be said about Civilization: Revolution on the DS. Sid Meier's strategy powerhouse is a perfect fit for the stylus-based control scheme, and if the screens seem a little small for you, well, just remember: there's two of them. And a little scrunching makes up for having to navigate around with a d-pad or analog stick. If you've ever played a Civilization game on a console (and we're Civ junkies here, so we have), then you know that can be less than fun, but real Civ fans suffer the pain anyway, just to maximize their domination experience.

But what no one's mentioned about Civilization: Revolution is the number one reason it's fit for release on the DS, and frankly, we're shocked. Look, people. Civ, like Risk, is all about world domination. Yeah, there are other paths to victory, but in the end, it's all about punking down those other dudes. And that is exactly what the DS is all about. It's the little handheld that could. It's won its own version of the space race, and while it hasn't exactly crushed and wiped out all of the competition, its constant presence at the top of sales charts all over the world says all that needs to be said.

In fact, had the DS been around when Civilization was first created, we expect it might have been named DS: The Game. Instead of tanks and cavalry, we'd have had DS Phat models and little guys waving sabers from the back of a thumb stylus. Japan's special unit would have looked a great deal like Dr. Kawashima, and their leader would have been Satoru Iwata. For the U.S., we'd dump Lincoln or Roosevelt and instead bring in the Regginator, who in times of crisis would remind us that it's just not his problem. In battle-heavy games, however, he would certainly kick ass and take names.

Need entertainment for your citizens? Build download stations and Wi-Fi networks for your cities. Competing civilizations could be not only other gaming systems, but even other hobbies and activities. After all, the DS is conquering various age groups, it's spreading in schools, and it's taking over many everyday aspects of life. You could be the nation of DS versus School, Sony, and Being-A-Functioning-Human on a small map. It could be awesome. Also, just as realistic -- or more so -- than some of the scenarios that mimic historical events!

Okay, so all of that is really very silly, but we're very serious about the march of the DS juggernaut mimicking a good game of Civilization. It started out a little slow, rather like being out in the tundra and cursed with a huge expanse of desert nearby, and an aggressive civilization just next door, hovering around your dudes and giving 'em the evil eye. But when you're in the zone, it just doesn't matter -- you can persevere and move beyond awkward starts and spread across continents ... just as the DS has done.

Some people saw the early screens and turned their noses up at the title, citing it as a little too cluttered or not impressive graphically, but hardcore Civ fans should know better. Like the DS itself, it may seem a little strange at first, but we have faith that Firaxis will pull it out in the home stretch. Civilization Revolution could well be a portable strategy title to rival any other strategy game -- of any sort -- on the DS, and lately, that's been a huge and varied field. But we have faith, and we're keeping an eye on this one.

Harvest Moon
Back The killer in you

2008's Biggest Blips: Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles

Developer: Arc System Works
Publisher: Aksys Games
Release: May

If your law-and-order interest leans more towards the law side, you'll want to take a break from the Ace Attorney series and try out Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles. As with Phoenix Wright, most of this adventure title relies on menu interaction to move the plot along, but you'll spend more time on the streets interrogating suspects, following leads, and digging up clues from crime scenes. Aksys plans to publish the game in the US with a budget price of $19.99, promising 4-to-5 hours worth of playtime for each of the game's three cases.

Those of you who've followed our coverage of Jake Hunter (Tantei Jinguuji Saburou) already know that it's an established series in Japan, boasting two decades-worth of releases for nearly every video game platform since the Famicom Disk System. But were you aware that before he ever hit the screen, our chain-smoking gumshoe had dozens of hardboiled crime novels to his credit? It's true! We've collected quite a few of the paperbacks, scanning and posting them below for your viewing pleasure:

placeholder text
placeholder text Back He'll never settle

2008's Biggest Blips: Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer

Developer: Chunsoft
Publisher: Sega
Release: March 4

If you're going to check out a roguelike, you might as well try the best dungeon crawl Japan has to offer -- Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. Unfortunately, most will find themselves turned off by its intense difficulty, SNES-level graphics, and turn-based battles/movement. It's a game with a very special appeal -- you won't survive Shiren the Wanderer's monsters and hazards by grinding or mashing an attack button; you'll have to rely on your wits and use your limited equipment to their best advantage. It's a rewarding experience, to say the least.

Oh, and did we mention that the game is insanely hard? What's worse, unless you've got an online buddy to revive you, every time you die (and you'll die very often), you lose all of your items and equipment, starting over at the beginning town at Level 1. Beginners usually die dozens of times before picking up the rudimentary skills needed to survive the dungeons. To help you in your journey, we've cleared up four mysteries for you, so you won't have to sacrifice a playthrough to figure them out yourself!

Mystery #1: How do I approach arrow-shooting enemies without having my face rocked off?

Don't attack arrow shooters head-on! You'll want to creep up to them with zig-zag movements, keeping yourself out of their direct line of sight. Unfortunately, this strategy won't work against other ranged attackers like rock throwers and magic users.

Mystery #2: What the hell is this dancing polygon monster?

That affable-looking polygon figure might not look so dangerous, but he has the power to reduce your Hunger meter by 30% (Hunger meter decreases 1% for every 10 moves), just by dancing his jig right next to you! Once that meter hits 0%, you'll lose 1 HP every turn until you find something to fill your belly with. Don't let yourself get served by this guy!

Mystery #3: Why are sleep scrolls so dangerous?

While having a Sleep scroll might come in handy when you've got monsters surrounding you, what that piece of parchment doesn't tell you is that once your enemies wake up from their nap, they'll move around with double speed. Make sure you don't dally around!

Mystery #4: Why should I let a monster puke on me?

We're not sure yet if they've been renamed in this remake, but the original Shiren the Wanderer had Nigiri beasts that would throw up on you, somehow transforming items in your inventory into rice balls. Very useful in case you run into some Polygon Jives later on! Just make sure you don't have anything you'd rather not lose in your inventory.

Really, one of the greatest features of Shiren the Wanderer is its unique monsters! Far from generic characters, every one of them seems to have an interesting special ability or idiosyncrasy. Like puking on you.

Gallery: Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer

Jake Hunter Back You spoony bard!

2008's Biggest Blips: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

Developer: Marvelous
Publisher: Marvelous/Natsume
Release: June 8

When it comes to light-hearted, adorable games that make us want to smile, the Harvest Moon games top the list. The formula is relatively simple: grow and harvest crops, woo boy/girl, forge friendships, lather, rinse, repeat. Yet, if playing Harvest Moon doesn't tug at your heartstrings even a tiny bit, you're probably the kind of person that eats babies for a living. Not that there's anything wrong with that (in fact, we have an excellent barbecue sauce recipe, if you're interested).

In case you need even more evidence that the Harvest Moon series is full of feel-good games, the two upcoming entries for the DS are subtitled Cute and Island of Happiness. How much sweeter can you get without dying from an immediate sugar coma?

Borrowing a page from Lost in Blue, Island of Happiness kicks off with your character and a handful of friends stranded on a deserted island. As the game world changes and the number of buildings increases, more and more people start settling there. The game features 100 different NPCs, some of whom are bachelors (or bachelorettes, depending on whether you start the game as a girl or boy) that you can woo and marry. The game also features 3D graphics and utilizes stylus controls, thereby making full use of the handheld's capabilities.

We only wish more games could be as relaxing and refreshing as those in the Harvest Moon series. As far as we're concerned, all games could use a good dose of Harvest Moon in them. To prove our point, we've made a few suggestions of game mash-ups that we'd like to see happen.

1. Harvest Moon meets Contra in Super Seed

Is it just a coincidence that one of the heroes of Contra is Lance Bean? If you ask us, this game is just begging for a Harvest Moon infused sequel.

2. Harvest Moon meets Resident Evil in Mansion of Magical Itchy ... Tasty

Did you ever stop to think that zombies need a little love, too? Did Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine ever take the time to invite the zombies to a festival, or try to gain some heart points with a platter of fried brains? Maybe impaling people is just the tyrant's way of indicating that he'd really like someone to bring him a kebab.

3. Harvest Moon meets Metroid in Metroid Prime: Gatherers

Samus has done enough hunting. It's time for her to switch gears.

4. Harvest Moon meets Castlevania in Dawn of Happiness

Castlevania needs to turn that frown upside down. Dawn of Sorrow? No thanks, Debbie Downer IGA.

5. Harvest Moon meets Dementium in A Wonderful Ward

Ending up in a mysterious place without knowing why you're there isn't uncommon in the Harvest Moon games. If one of these protagonists ended up in Redmoor Hospital, we're sure they'd spend their time planting crops and making friends with the locals.

N+ Back Come the revolution

2008's Biggest Blips: Final Fantasy IV

Developer: Square Enix/Matrix Software
Publisher: Square Enix
Release: TBA

Lately, Square Enix has been on this remake kick. If it's a game and they made it, they're probably remaking it for the DS. While we're completely okay with that, it's getting somewhat difficult to keep track of what's going on in which game. Not only must fans keep track of the latest games, and forthcoming titles, but now we've also got to dredge up all the old details on what happened when back in the day. To that end, we've put together a handy guide of what to expect in Final Fantasy IV.

The action begins with the downfall of Dark Knight Cecil Harvey, who has begun to question just what his king is really up to. His good friend, Kain Highwind and girlfriend, Rosa Farrell, stand by their man as they set off on the beginning of an epic quest to (what else?) save the day. It's never quite that simple, though; the groups separate, and new people come and go. There is high drama and political intrigue, rebellion and amnesia. No, wait, that last was in another game or two. Well, you can at least expect a few malboros and cactuars. Er, wait, no cactuars in Final Fantasy IV. But you will get to travel to the Near East and visit exotic Aht Urghan ... hang on, no, that's Final Fantasy XI. Listen, we're pretty certain there's a spoony bard and some airships. Also, Aeris dies. Oh, that's not this one, either? Damn! Okay, okay, here's what we know for sure:

1) There will be some sort of epic crisis.

Burning things in the sky = doubleplusungood

2) This one group of dudes? They are the only ones who can save the day.

Thankfully, not the 8-Bit Theater guys.

3) Said dudes will be dressed in elaborate and often impractical outfits, which may or may not feature wings, buckles, and/or zippers.

4) Hair will be serious business.

5) There will be some guy named Cid.

6) Ditto Wedge and Biggs.

7) There will be ether, but not the happy-fun-friendly anesthetic.

8) There will certainly be math. We can't explain this one.

As for the rest ... what, you expected we'd spoil it for you? No way! You'll have to wait for the DS game to finally get its English-language release. Unless, of course, you've played it before. If that's the case, you know it's awesome. What do you need us for?

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

Shiren the Wanderer Back Punk's not dead

2008's Biggest Blips: Part II

Last week, we checked out nine of the games that excite us most this year, and today, we've got more. In part two of our three-part series, we've got even more amazing DS games, as well as several things we completely made up, poorly doctored screenshots, and probably a few videos. There may even be some actual information about games. We do that sometimes, you know.

You can flip through the games page by page, or navigate to each one through the list after the break, to which you can always return, thanks to the helpful presence of a tiny Ryu Hayabusa. Not finding your favorites? Check back next Monday for part three, or peek back at part one. Maybe you missed something!

Watching the detective

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2008's Biggest Blips: Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

Developer: Gameloft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release: February 5

When Assassin's Creed was first confirmed for the DS, we spent a lot of time speculating about just what it could be. It didn't seem possible that the epic game could be squeezed down into a handheld-sized title, so we assumed the worst, and we weren't alone. But now that we've finally learned a little about the prequel, we thought it might be a good time to reminisce about those dark days of speculation and recap all the things Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles isn't.

It's not quite the console/PC version:

It's not Apollo Creed:

Or, now that you mention it, Apollo Justice:

Definitely not Assassins of Creed:

Not, as Penny Arcade speculated, Assassin's Crossing:

Also, not as we once theorized, a rollicking pirate adventure. At least, we think. Pirates are insidious.

We really hope it's not like this:

Because that causes this, and lots of this:

And no one likes that.

Gallery: Assassin's Creed

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Civilization Revolution Back placeholder text

2008's Biggest Blips: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release: February 19

Advance Wars
Back Why don't you get a job?

2008's Biggest Blips: The World Ends With You

Developer: Square Enix/Jupiter
Publisher: Square Enix
Release: Spring 2008

We all love gaming, or we wouldn't be here ... but what if you were dumped into a week-long game with your life on the line? Welcome to the wonderful world of 15-year-old Neku Sakuraba.

The World Ends With You is something of a wonder among Square Enix's recent DS titles. It's not a remake or part of a long-running series, and while there are plenty of unusual characters in even more unusual outfits, the action RPG boasts a glittering artistic style that is both unique and yet clearly draws some influence from such sources as Viewtiful Joe, the impossible proportions of Æon Flux and the fantastic Jet Grind Radio.

Despite the bright colors and the game's dependence on the Shibuya youth culture, it's not quite as happy-go-lucky as it might seem at first glance. Yes, fashion and music play heavy roles in the title, and the game centers around a group of teenagers, but the underlying themes are much darker than one might expect. Not only is Neku's life on the line, but so is that of his new partner, the stylish Shiki, and they face the "Noise," which are physical manifestations of dark thoughts and feelings. As with many Square Enix titles, there are a lot of darker underlying themes hidden in the story. In fact, the game was adapted into a short manga that serves as a prologue to the main action, the death game that rocks the lives of the characters.

So what, exactly, is the game-within-a-game in The World Ends With You? That's complicated. We'd rather tell you what it isn't. We can pretty firmly state that this game of life and death is not:
  • THE Game of Death, as in the Bruce Lee film, unless we missed a particularly distinctive track suit somewhere.
  • a "boob of death!" (wait, we're getting off track here).
  • The Game (without the death, or at least, as much) starring Michael Douglas.
  • a barbaric ritual meant to keep the peace, as in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery."
  • an episode of Sliders based on Jackson's short story.
  • an extended Mountain Dew commercial, a la The Island (at least, we hope not).
  • a more hilarious reality show lottery packed with satire, indie rock, and a dollop of New Wave.
  • Rollerball (sadly).
  • any sort of Bogus Journey.
So if it isn't any of these awesome (mostly) examples, why are we so into it? Not only does The World Ends With You boast an odd look and a freaky story, it takes a fresh approach to absolutely everything else, especially our favorite handheld's dual screens. When you control Neku in battle, you also control one of his partners on the top screen, so you've got to juggle the touchscreen and d-pad at the same time in what is termed the "Stride Cross Battle System." And what attacks do you use? It depends on the badges you've collected in your travels through Shibuya.

Plus, we'd really like to see the adorable preorder bonus make it over.

Insecticide Back Curiouser and curiouser

2008's Biggest Blips: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Release: January 21

The inclusion of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin on our list of 2008's Biggest Blips has caused us something of a quandary. You see, unlike all the other games on our list, Days of Ruin is already out. Indeed, as you read this text, (we sincerely hope) most of you will have picked the game up, and surrendered to its charms. In other words, there's not much point in us previewing the game, as the majority of you will already know how totally freakin' awesome Advance Wars: Days of Ruin really is.

Hence, rather than tell you stuff that you already know, we thought we'd reflect on what a wreckage our social lives have become since Days of Ruin first made its entrance, and ask: are you in the same boat? Has Intelligent Systems' turn-based gem completely devoured your free time, or do you struggle to understand the palaver? Let's find out ...

How addicted are YOU to Advance Wars: Days of Ruin?

1. A friend politely requests to borrow your copy of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for a weekend vacation, promising to have it back to you safe and sound by Monday. Do you:

A. Give your friend the game, and cheerily ask if they'd be interested in borrowing any other titles.
B. Reluctantly hand over the cart, but not before making your friend sign a legally binding contract promising that neither the game or your saved data will come to any harm.
C. Pounce on them instantly, wrestle them to the ground, and bite clean through their Achilles tendon before getting up and yelling at your prostrate, sobbing friend, "Borrow that, fool!"

2. For unavoidable reasons, you find yourself without a copy of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Do you:

A. Shrug it off and think, "Oh well, as fun as it is, a break from all that sprite-based violence won't kill me."
B. Find yourself trying to mentally complete the map that you were heroically defeated on at the end of your last session. Twitch occasionally.
C. Start to shake violently, while frantically attempting to stage an impromptu game of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin with whatever comes to hand, be that salt and pepper shakers, bottle caps, cutlery, stray dogs, pensioners, or abandoned military hardware.

3. One way to measure addiction is to assess your ability to play Advance Wars: Days of Ruin well; after all, it makes sense that the terminally addicted would be very good at the game. With this in mind, please look at the map below, and then estimate (as honestly as possible) the best result you could draw from this situation. You are the blue army:

A. A defeat, but hey, the odds were against you.
B. You could hold out for a stalemate.
C. A full, resounding victory inside 15 days.

4. Your house is ablaze, and you only have time to rescue one item that is precious to you. Do you grab:

A. Grandma.
B. Your dog.
C. All of your 27 copies of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (N.B: you purchased this many as you privately hoped more sales would mean you get a sequel sooner); they don't have their own legs, both Grandma and the dog do.

5. Did you have time to complete this quiz?

A. Tons!
B. I squeezed it in. Just.
C. *AFK*

Mostly As: You call this commitment, "soldier?" Pathetic!
Mostly Bs: Getting better. Stand by for total meltdown of family/social/love life in ten, nine ...
Mostly Cs: We can almost definitely be friends. Here's our code: 3351-3155-3025. We can talk about your wussy addiction problems after during 18 or so hours of Wi-Fi battlin'. Now shut up and play.

placeholder text
placeholder text Back Next up on the docket

2008's Biggest Blips

After we looked back at 2007, it was hard to think about what lay ahead, but once we started taking a closer look at everything lined up for this year, even we hardcore fanboys (and girls) were awestruck at the line-up for 2008. Here we are, not quite even a full month behind us, and already we're faced with decisions about what to buy.

We're not going to make those choices any easier for you, either. Over the next few weeks, we're going to take a closer look at the amazing array of titles already lined up for the year. From the biggest planned releases to games you've barely heard of, we're going to walk you through what to expect from DS gaming in 2008.

If at any point, you wish to leave a comment, a tiny Ryu Hayabusa will bring you back to this, the front page, so that you can speak your piece. You can flip through the games page by page, or navigate to each one through the list after the break. Not finding your favorites? Check back next Monday for part two.

Advance one page

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