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Mega Man pays homage to Super Mario Bros.

Sure, it's from a PSP game, but we can all admit that, aside from that small flaw, this video is pretty sweet. Apparently, this PSP game lets you create and download custom stages. From the looks of this recreation of 1-1 in Super Mario Bros., we're sure there are plenty of other sweet homages to other iconic gaming levels available for it, as well. Of course, the only problem with this user-created stage is that it lacks the music from the original Super Mario Bros. game. But, that's to be expected.

Someone let us know when there's a user-created stage that is modeled after the introductory level in Castlevania.

[Via Siliconera]

DS Daily: Mega Overexposed Series?

Recently, Capcom discussed the Guinness world record for "Most Number of Games in a Single Series," currently held -- handily -- by their Mega Man series. We doubt that when Keiji Inafune and his contemporaries decided to make a game around the concept of "Astro Boy, but in a blue suit," they thought even for a minute that their action-platformer would be the most prolific franchise in the history of games -- and yet it is.

Do you think that after all the spinoffs, spinoffs of spinoffs, cameo appearances, and new characters, there's still life in the franchise? We're of the opinion that there's definitely more to be done with the original Blue Bomber, if only Capcom would do something.

Capcom offers mega Mega Man shirt

Even though it's been far too long since we've seen the classic Blue Bomber in action, Capcom knows how much gamers love the little fella. That's why they're selling this simple but delightful Mega Man shirt at their online store.

This fabricized ode to the lovable robot will set you back $18 (not including Capcom's usually exorbitant shipping prices), but can you really put a price on nostalgia? Unfortunately, though, the website won't let you buy the shirt at present. Perhaps it's already sold out?

[Via Capcom's Blog]

Teaser site reveals Mega Man Star Force 3

There may be more Mega Man games than you'll ever get to play (or want to play) in your lifetime, but that hasn't stopped Capcom from milking the franchise even more.

The next game planned for the Blue Bomber is another title in the Star Force series. Yes, those of us outside of Japan haven't even gotten Mega Man Star Force 2 yet, but a third game is already on it's way.

Capcom has put up a teaser website for it, which is actually pretty nice-looking as far as official sites go. Currently, though, you can only download a wallpaper version of the picture shown above.

[Via GoNintendo]

It's official: Mega Man is the most milked series ever

In the recent "Gamer's Edition" Guinness World Records book, the Mega Man series was certified with the record of "Most Number of Games in a Single Series." That's not too hard to believe -- there were about a million Mega Man games in the main series and various spinoff series before the DS, and the DS games have been coming in multiples.

What's most amusing about this record is that, according to Capcom's blog, Guinness arrived at it without even considering all the Mega Man games -- basically, they failed to arrive at a full count, and Mega Man still beat other series. They didn't just forget Japan-only releases like Wily & Right no Rockboard, either -- Mega Man Soccer failed to make the list, and that was a U.S.-released game starring the original Blue Bomber. No doubt it omits Hi-Tech Expressions' Mega Man and Mega Man III as well.

Don't throw a Rock at this glass, Man

You probably won't be seeing this beauty in any churches, but this stained-glass Mega Man is all kinds of awesome. Not only is it completely gorgeous, as stained glass usually is, but it's a creative way of pixelating the Blue Bomber. Without much more gushing, we'll just acknowledge that this was a great idea, with great execution.

If you visit Gary in Cleveland's flickr account, you can also get a glimpse into how the stained-glass making process works.

[Via GoNintendo]

Classic Mega Man shows up in Star Force 2

While it's true that the original Blue Bomber makes an appearance in Mega Man Star Force 2, it's probably not in the way that you're hoping. In a promotion for the game, Capcom has allowed Japanese players to download a classic Rockman card at DS download stations.

It would definitely be cool if Capcom let other regions enjoy this content, too, but we're not getting our hopes up. This wouldn't be the first time Japan has gotten cool downloadables that haven't found their way elsewhere.

Mega Man scarf is mega sweet

It's been a while since we've seen a Mega Man game akin to the ones of the days of yore, but now, yore comes in scarf form.

Beatboxtaun, the same craftster behind the Punch-Out! scarf, has gone and designed some winter gear based on Mega Man 2 (a game which, incidentally, has one of our favorite video game soundtracks). It might be getting a little too warm for scarves, since spring is just around the corner, but we're sure your nostalgia can keep you cold enough to don this beauty.

What's nice about this scarf is that it not only features the Blue Bomber himself, but also the villains of the game. Now, all she has to do is make a Mega Man 3 scarf that includes Proto Man, and we'd be super happy.

This neck mitten certainly isn't cheap, as it will cost you $150 on Etsy -- but until we get a classic Mega Man game on the DS, this is probably the next best thing. For now, though, we guess we'll have to settle for Mega Man Star Force and the like.

Another picture of the scarf is posted after the break, if you want to see the rest of the villains included.

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Mega Man Star Force 2 forces details upon us

When we think of Mega Man Star Force, we tend to wonder, "Is this really what Mega Man has come to?" Since some of you may enjoy the Blue Bomber's battle RPG, though, you might be interested in hearing some details about the sequel.

While the last Star Force game came in three different "flavors" (Dragon, Pegasus, and Leo), Mega Man Star Force 2 will only have two versions to choose from (Zerker x Ninja and Zerker x Saurian). Depending on which iteration you choose to buy, Mega Man will have different powers. The Zerker element (which is in both games) will give Mega Man a lightning-powered sword, the Ninja element will increase his speed and let him throw a big Shurikan, and the Saurian element will give him the power of "explosive fiery fists." As for the storyline, the game will take place two months after the ending of its predecessor, and involves a new trouble-making character named "Rogue."

Other than that, the characters, graphics, and battle system appear to be the same or similar, meaning that if you enjoyed the first Star Force title, you'll probably like this one too (and vice versa). The online component sounds slightly deeper, though, allowing you to either battle, share cards, share upgrades, or aid in transformation upgrades.

The game is scheduled to hit the DS in June, so those of you anticipating it won't have to wait all that long.

Gallery: Mega Man Star Force 2

[Via GamesPress press release]

Mega Man rocks the pipes

We love a good dose of video game art, especially when it involves Mega Man and some ingenuity. This piece by 8-bit Artist made use of 23 pipes, each of which are painted 360-degrees around. On the opposite side is Mega Man in his red and orange Heat Man suit (though we prefer the Blue Bomber suit, ourselves). The pipes are also just shy of two feet, making this a good size for some wall hanging (or not, as it's two-sided). Unfortunately, if any of you collectors out there were hoping to do so, it won't be happening since the piece already sold.

While we love the idea of using the pipes as a canvas, a part of us wonders whether this would be an idea better suited for Mario. Mario is, after all, an Italian plumber who often uses pipes to get where he's going. It's still cool, nonetheless, so check after the break to see some more pictures.

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The Twelve (well, thirteen, actually) Sales of GameFly

Video game rental service GameFly has a pretty big year-end sale going on through January 4th for over 30 of its used DS games. Though the carts are all pre-played, each one will come with a new manual and case, so you need not worry about receiving an incomplete set.

As usual, we've picked the notable titles out of the bunch and listed them for you, except this time, we've done it in Christmas carol form!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
DS Fanboy sent to me:
  • Twelve Diddy Kong racers Racing ($17.99),
  • Eleven Spectrobes for collecting ($15.99),
  • Ten Hoshigamis a-SRPG-ing ($14.99),
  • Nine Planet Puzzles Leaguing ($19.99),
  • Eight Custom Robos a-fighting ($12.99),
  • Seven Sim Cities a-building ($16.99),
  • Six Bombermen a-touching ($22.99),
  • Five of Sonic Rush's golden rinnngggggs ($17.99),
  • Four Mana Children ($14.99),
  • Three Elite Beat Agents ($22.99),
  • Two Mega Man Star Forces ($17.99 each),
  • And a Naruto: Ninja Council 3 ($17.99)!
[Via CAG]

Mega Man bosses not challenging enough?

Try making a Mega Man boss select screen in latch-hook. None of Dr. Wily's castles can compare to the endless hand-cramping nightmare of trying knots in canvas with a byzantine hook contraption. The end result is one of the coziest level menus we've seen, so we suppose the work is justified (especially since it's not our work.)

The work actually represents a melange of Robot Masters from Mega Mans 2-4, with portrait borders from Mega Man 3. It was completed by Craftster user obesolete (whose Punch-Out cross-stitch was featured on Wii Fanboy) and her boyfriend. We hope their hands have recovered sufficiently to allow them to play Mega Man again.

[Thanks, Mary!]

Contest has Capcom putting fan-made character into game

We couldn't make this up if we tried. And, believe you me, we try to make up things all the time. Like, having money in our bank account or being respected by anyone. This, however, is reality.

During a contest held by Capcom in Japan, one lucky fan could send in their own drawing for a character. The winner would have their character redrawn by the artists at Capcom and included in Mega Man Star Force 2. Word is a winner has been chosen and their character is nothing short of awesome. Dubbed Goat Kung-Fu, the character is unique in the way that it can karate chop boards of wood in half, then clean up its own mess by eating the leftover garbage.

Zelda Week: The art of Jainai Jeffries

So long as we're spending a whole week assailing you with links about Link, we thought we'd share with you one of the best fan-made art pieces we've seen for the green-capped adventurer. Jainai Jeffries created this amazing realistic envisioning of Link last year, posing him on a tree porcupined with red-fletched arrows. Past the post break, you can check out an uncolored version of the above image and several other video game reinterpretations Jainai has illustrated.

Continue reading Zelda Week: The art of Jainai Jeffries

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