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Show and Tell: Super Princess PC

It may take a village to raise a child, but it only takes three people to build one of the coolest custom computers we've seen in a long time. DS Fanboy reader (and prizewinner!) Jason Barnes, who posts as Ganthor, wrote in with this story, and we just had to share. Seems his friend Emily picked up a Mini-ITX motherboard and wanted a custom case for it, but didn't want to build it herself. Luckily, Jason did, and he recruited another friend, Jason Letterman, to help him get the project underway.

Once he had permission to build the case, Jason was free to pursue a dream: building a computer in a lunch box. Of course, just any lunch box wouldn't do; it had to be something special that suited Emily's tastes (which are clearly excellent). After taking some measurements and checking out the various Nintendo lunch boxes, he ordered the one shown above.

But that was the easy part!

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Six-year-olds and their (slightly twisted) view of Mario

When Japan-based 4cr staffer and elementary school teacher Vinnk tried using the Mario universe to teach his young students the English words for family members, he can't have been expecting a lesson of his own on the Mario family tree from a classroom of six-year-olds.

That's exactly what he did get however, with his pupils patiently pointing out that Wario, Mario, Luigi, and Peach were all siblings, that Bowser is either their father or uncle, and that Luigi must be older than Mario because he's taller. We're still no clearer on what Yoshi's role is in this incestuous mess, and it's not something we wish to dwell on for longer than is necessary.

Anyway, for the full hilarious/adorable transcript of this exchange, hit the "Read" link below. It made our morning.

Show and Tell: About a bag

We recently brought up the never-ending case discussion again, because, like so many of our readers, we just can't find that perfect bag that really reflects how we feel about the DS. That's why we love it when readers let us know they've taken matters into their own hands. We like to live vicariously through the crafters among us, because they design the most awesome things -- like these themed DS bags.

Reader Pamela made a bitchin' Peach bag for herself, complete with loads of zippers and pockets, and an extra bag for, well, extras (like her phone). To complete the look, she got Peach accessories for her handheld, and the result is pinkariffic. In fact, the bag was such a success that she ended up making one for her brother, and another for her brother's friend ... and they're all hand sewn.

Yeah, we're jealous.

So what have you done lately? From crafts to cakes to collections ... whatever you've got, if it has a little Nintendo flavor, we want to see it. Just take some pictures (or copy your web album links) and send them to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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'We're sorry, but your Princess is on another cupcake'

Quick, call your mom, your sister, whomever has the baking skills in your life. Tell them that they have a difficult task ahead. You desire some cupcakes that compare to the look and, we're fairly certain, the delicious taste of these treats presented above.

Well, maybe we just desire some, but what's good for us is good for you, right?

[Via Boing Boing]

iPod cozies from the Mushroom Kingdom

Is this not the cutest frickin' iPod case you've ever seen? Martha Wozniak knits not only these Luigi-themed cozies, but Mario and Princess Peach pouches as well. If only they could fit a Nintendo DS, that would be perfect!

We're sure that many of you would gladly pay a king's ransom to secure one of these -- they look like great Christmas gifts -- but they're available on her Etsy shop for only six dollars each! Button your overalls and jump past the post break for images of the Mario and Princess Peach iPod cozies.

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Make a pixel t-shirt

The title is imperative for a reason. Seriously, you should either be working on a t-shirt right now or headed out to Michaels to pick up supplies. Oh, or reading this post. That's totally fine.

To make this Princess Peach shirt, HackerZen user Lenore adapted the technique used by a very faithful reader to make his Phoenix Wright shirt, adding the extra step of drawing a grid on the shirt with a washable marker, then filling in pixels to make a big sprite. Excellent.

But don't just default to Mario. There are a lot of sprites out there. Get creative!

[Via GoNintendo]

Target pimping out DS Lites

Here we thought it was enough that Target was selling our favorite games on the cheap, but that's not the only gem in their huge DS sale. If you happen to be in the market for a new DS Lite, you can also pick up one of these bad boys, though "bad boys" may not be the most appropriate phrase, considering the bedazzling, beaded array of special edition skins on display here.

It's a shame these aren't sold separately. Do we really need a reason to pick up another DS Lite, considering we all own like eight? No, we need reasons not to buy another! No wonder the games are on sale ....

[Via Gay Gamer]

The REAL party is in my DS

We're not based in Kansas City, which isn't so much a bad thing, but it does keep us from receiving certain newspapers on a regular basis. One writer for the Kansas City Star had a few things to say about the DS Lite and a certain game for it known as Super Princess Peach. Stating that she "never thought I'd be one of those people who would choose a video game over a party," Jeneé Osterheldt has first-hand felt the fever we all so frequently fail from: Nintendo fever.

So whether you want to consider her personal experience a downward spiral of self-loathing and disgust akin to how one gets hooked on, and subsequently dies from, drugs or a clever look at the appeal of gaming in the modern world, it's all an interesting read.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Changes for Yoshi's Island

If you were hoping to lash friends with Yoshi's tongue, looks like today might not be your lucky day. Yoshi's Island DS (formerly Yoshi's Island 2) seems to have lost its WiFi features; at least, the icon is no longer on the boxart. But it does seem that many of the elements that made the first foray into Yoshi's Island so fun will be resident in this sequel as well. Throw in a little touchscreen functionality and you've got the recipe for a new classic, WiFi or no.

Check after the jump for two brand new screens.

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