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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 1/14-1/20

The DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games premiered last week, immediately shooting to the top of the charts. Only Wii Fit could keep the game from taking the number one spot. Aside from Mario & Sonic and the Professor Layton sequel, though, most DS games found themselves in the bottom half of the top twenty. Rune Factory 2 even threatens to slip off completely after a few promising weeks.

As for the hardware numbers, it's the same old story. The DS continues to sell well, and once again takes the #1 spot with Japanese gamers.

  • DS: 91,000
  • Wii: 76,000
  • PSP: 65,000
  • PS3: 32,000
  • PS2: 13,000
  • Xbox 360: 4,400
The Japanese software numbers for the week of 1/14 are listed after the break.

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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 1/7-1/13

The PSP might be inching closer to the DS in hardware sales, but the dual-screened handheld continues to dominate the software charts. Half of the games in the top twenty were DS games, while the Wii, PSP, PS2 and PS3 shared the other half.

Many of the top games were old favorites, but relative newcomers like Final Fantasy IV and Rune Factory 2 did well, too. Professor Layton 2 continues to help its predecessor sell more copies, giving the original Layton a chance to reach one million sales. For the most part, though, it was a quiet and predictable week in the Land of the Rising Sun.

  • DS: 103,000
  • PSP: 84,000
  • Wii: 82,000
  • PS3: 34,000
  • PS2: 15,000
  • Xbox 360: 5,500
The software sales can be seen after the break.

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Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 12/31-1/6

The big news with last week's sales numbers is not that the DS managed to top 300,000 again, but that the New Super Mario Bros. broke five million in Japan. Not only that, but the game took the sixteenth spot in today's Famistu chart.

Also showing legs is Mario Kart DS, which sold 68,000 copies to take the number eight spot. While it's no surprise that Mario Kart does well week after week (after week), we didn't expect it to make the top ten. We're also happy to see some new DS blood enter the ring, with Rune Factory 2 selling 56,000 in its debut.

The rise in sales from the previous week was most likely due to the New Years holiday, which is a popular shopping period in Japan. These numbers are almost certainly not sustainable, though, so we should see a big difference next week. Of course, we fully expect that the DS will end up on top, as always, with a smattering of its games in the top ten.

Check after the break to see the numbers, with NSMB sales tacked on for good measure.

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DS releases for the week of December 31st

We hope you're so excited about Rune Factory 2 for the DS -- excited enough to import it, that is -- because that's the only DS game releasing this week across all major markets. But hey, that's okay ... we needed time to catch up on all those games we never got to this year, right?

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Rune Factory 2 harvests more scans before release

Yet another scan has popped up for Rune Factory 2, as the game is coming out next week in Japan. There's still no announced plans to bring the title elsewhere, but even if there were, we probably won't see this game in English for another year.

If you're oh-so-patiently (grumble) waiting for the game like we are, check after the break for one more teasing scan.

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Rune Factory 2 screens give us deja vu

As we see more and more Rune Factory 2 screens, it's becoming pretty evident that the game is going to be almost exactly like its predecessor, only with slightly altered characters and possibly a kind-of-different storyline.

Does the prospect of an extremely similar game excite you Rune Factory fans, or was one time around enough? Since we loved the first game so much, we're going to go with the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra, although it'd be nice to see a few more changes made to the sequel.

You can check out some more screens that probably won't surprise you after the break.

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Rune Factory 2 scans packed with character art

The release of Rune Factory 2 is fast approaching, which explains the sudden media spotlight on the multi-faceted sim/RPG. Just yesterday, we got a peek at chatty new screens, and today? A lengthy spread from Nintendo Dream. The sequel promises a few improvements over the first installment, including better use of the touchscreen. No release dates have yet been mentioned for regions outside of Japan, but if the cycle of the first title is any indication, we're probably looking at a year until localization. But hey -- at least we'll always have these scans.

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Rune Factory 2 manufactures some fresh screens

If checking out screens of in-game characters conversing is your idea of a good time, then put on your favorite jig-dancing shoes and prepare to get down. Dengeki put up some new screens for Rune Factory 2 and they're focused on the fun conversations one will have in the game.

So, be sure to head on over and check those out, should you be so inclined.

See also: Additional screenshots and the Japanese extras

The Rune Factory also manufactures videos

The website for the fantasy-farming sequel*, Rune Factory 2, has been updated with new character art and, most importantly, a new trailer. Marvelous is throwing everything they can at the audience, pulling out the full bag of Japanese trailer tricks: anime intros, soaring J-pop background music, and, on occasion, footage of the game.

While the trailer smartly focuses on aspects of the game that play well in trailers, like romance and fighting, you can also see plenty of the farming action that Harvest Moon series fans care for. If you look over at the monsters page, you can check out some of the creatures that your hero Kyle can capture and tame, many of which look suspiciously similar to livestock. Or Gollum. All of these creatures can be found in the previous Rune Factory, with the exception of the "Orc Viking," who is not nearly as cute as the Woolly seen here. Also be sure to hit the system page for new screens.

*That is, a farming game in a fantasy sequel. You don't actually grow fantasies.

Rune Factory 2 comes with cool extras (in Japan)

We may have to wait a long time before Rune Factory 2 gets released outside of Japan, but that doesn't mean we can't be excited. Not only is Japan getting the game in January (those lucky bastards), but certain limited editions will come with this soundtrack disc and art book. We hope these goodies come our way when the game comes out here, although we highly doubt it.

Judging from the cover of the art book, the style of the game is very similar to the first Rune Factory. Pictured are the main character (whose name is Kyle) and some girl with crazy eyes. We also like the contemplative looking dragon in the background. The soundtrack, meanwhile, includes arranged versions of four songs from the game. Pretty neat bonus, we think. Anyone else as jealous as we are?

Nintendo conference screenshot roundup

We posted a lot of DS screens revealed at or to coincide with yesterday's Nintendo conference, but there's no way we could do an individual post on them all. Three screens of something we've already seen tons of screens of doesn't exactly warrant its own post. Some of the screens listed have been previously released. Some of the games, we just didn't get to. But we can link to a Japanese roundup post that's loaded with screens, and list the games shown within by title!

We promise that as soon as we get more information on this stuff beyond a few screens in a roundup, we'll post it. Until then, check after the break for every game in the roundup, organized in order of appearance on the GAME Watch page.

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