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Metareview: Guitar Hero: On Tour

Whether you plan to base your Guitar Hero: On Tour purchasing plans on the track list or reviews, you're likely to be confused. The reviews seem to be as schizophrenic as the compiled tracks themselves, with some outlets loving the game and others hating it.

IGN (90/100) thinks the game really works on Nintendo's handheld: "For the Nintendo DS version, you lose the full-sized guitar, but that's pretty much all you're losing because everything else, with the exception of a single fret button, has been placed in rather intuitive locations on the Nintendo DS thanks to a well-constructed peripheral and incredibly tight programming."

GameSpot (60/100) hated the peripheral, and believes that On Tour takes the fun out of Guitar Hero: "While the size of your hands is certainly a consideration, the attachment is functional at best. Given that the game actually begins with two screens that instruct you to keep your wrist straight, take frequent breaks to avoid cramping, try different play styles to find one that's comfortable, and even visit the game's Web site 'for more play comfort suggestions,' it's apparent that someone was aware that the game could present physical problems for people. It would have been nice to be able to play the game with some sort of alternate control scheme, but such an option isn't available."

GameSpy (70/100) was on the fence, finding both negative and redeeming qualities in Vicarious Visions' attempt: "The guitar peripheral doesn't work as well as we had hoped, something that could prove to be a major sticking point (after all, who wants to keep playing a game that hurts you?). Still, it's a solid entry in the franchise and gets points for innovation, so we're hopeful that this won't be the series' last foray into the handheld domain."

Guitar Hero goes On Tour with a complete track list

Guitar Hero: On Tour released this week, but those of you interested in buying it might want to know the full track list first (including an unlockable song). Yesterday we revealed the venues and songs for On Tour's sister game, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, so it's interesting to compare the two. Aside from one of the games being predominantly full of Aerosmith songs (we'll let you guess which), the style and essence of the two lists are very different. On Tour takes a much more poppy approach than Aerosmith and all the previous Guitar Heroes, as we've seen, but throws in some classics as well to appeal to the core audience.

We're not sure how we feel about some of the nausea-inducing tracks (read: Maroon 5 and kin), but we were able to stomach a few terrible tracks in Elite Beat Agents and enjoy it regardless. Now that the final track list is here (with a total of 26 songs), where do you stand on the game?

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Are you gonna watch this Guitar Hero: On Tour video?

The Patrick Fugit lookalike returns! Publisher Activision is ushering in this week's release of Guitar Hero: On Tour with a new trailer for the rhythm game, giving you a preview of its euphonic allure -- cool kids everywhere will gather around you at the park, dancing and losing their damn minds as if you were Elvis reincarnated.

Because On Tour has an optional system bundle, retailers should have the game on their shelves starting today instead of later this week. Make sure to drop your impressions in our comments if you pick up On Tour!

On Tour finds a home ... page

If you want a simultaneous injection of cheese and rock, head over to the official website for Guitar Hero: On Tour. Even with all the stuff now located in one handy site, it's still hard to tell whether On Tour is meant to be taken seriously, or if it's all just a big funny party.

It's probably the most heavily-promoted DS game to come around in a long while, with its own bundle and everything. If you can handle a bit more On Tour media (and an immediate onslaught of rockin' 90s Blink 182) then the website should be pretty enjoyable. Either way, fans will be using the almighty dollar to show their support (or lack thereof) when the game hits stores on June 22.

[Via videogamng247]

New Nintendo Channel video goes On Tour

We've gotten a little developer insight into Guitar Hero: On Tour before, but a new video on the Nintendo Channel delves even more into the brains of the Vicarious Visions team. If you want to know things like how the idea for a handheld Guitar Hero came about (besides the fact that Karthik Bala thinks there are no good portable rhythm games), or were curious about the decision to use a DS peripheral with only four buttons, this video will answer all your burning questions.

The developers seem more than happy with their final product, so hopefully On Tour lives up to everything they're promising. In any case, playing the game while whitewater rafting seems like a bad idea.

The best part of it all is that we've ever-so-kindly put the video right here for your viewing pleasure. So, don't even bother firing up that Wii of yours and just check out the video above.

Guitar Hero DS bundle Tours Europe in July

The force of totally rocking out knows no limits, and cannot be contained by mere geographical boundaries. We like to think that that's why Europe will also be receiving the limited edition Guitar Hero: On Tour DS bundle that we're so on the fence about. It'll come with everything that's the U.S. bundle carries -- silver/black DS Lite with horrible transfer, Guitar Grip, and the game -- and is due out in the region on July 18th.

No idea on price yet, but surely anything above £130 would be too much, right? Besides, it's not like we're suffering from a lack of awesome options when it comes to DS hardware.

[Via press release]

Get On Tour one week early at Toys R Us

For those of you looking to take part in the Guitar Hero franchise's transition to the DS, it will delight you to know that big retail chain Toys R Us will have Guitar Hero: On Tour available for you to play a full week before the game's release. On June 14th, between noon and 4pm, shoppers will be able to try the title out at a kiosk set up in the store for it.

Any of you going to head down to your local Toys R Us to check this out? Does a week's jump on the game's release actually get you down to the store to play?

Guitar Hero DS bundle is almost perfect

We love our two-tone DSes around these parts, and the model that will ship as part of the Guitar Hero: On Tour bundle is especially delicious. Frankly, silver and black will always be a winning combination. It's a color scheme that cannot fail to look classy and sleek.

Alas, whoever designed this model didn't stop at just silver and black, but also decided to slap that ugly transfer onto the DS's upper lid. We appreciate some Guitar Hero branding was probably required for this, but couldn't it have been a little ... subtler? For those of you who are fans, Toys "R" Us currently has this down for a June 29th release on its site, one week after the game itself hits shelves.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Guitar Hero's Bala gives an interview On Tour

In the video above, the awesomely named, handheld rhythm game blasphemer Karthik Bala (not to mention, CEO of Vicarious Visions) explains the perks and inner-workings of Guitar Hero: On Tour. If you're still skeptical about the game's appeal, you'll probably be seduced just by how fun it looks. Of course, there are those of us who can't let go of the all-over-the-place track list, but even so, this video interview makes On Tour look mighty tempting. We're definitely turning into believers for a DS Guitar Hero, but how about you?

Duties of a Guitar Hero #291: Signing fish

Wiiz has several new Guitar Hero: On Tour screens, mainly showing off some of the dastardly tricks you'll be able to pull on your human opponents in the game's multiplayer mode. We still think the idea of setting fire to your foe's guitar and forcing them to extinguish it by blowing on the DS's microphone is really silly, but silly works for us!

That said, the above trick is easily our current favorite: sending your opponent a fish mid-strum and getting them to autograph it; because signing fish is just so rock and roll. Check out the gallery for more.

Let's all chip in and buy Karthik Bala a copy of Ouendan

Earlier today, we pointed you in the direction of Joystiq's hands-on impressions of Guitar Hero: On Tour, itself on tour as various websites tried the game out for themselves.

One of those sites was ShackNews, which also got to speak to Vicarious Visions CEO Karthik Bala. And we had only just started reading when one of Bala's opening statements got our blood boiling: apparently, Guitar Hero: On Tour was developed to "see if it was even possible to do a really good music rhythm game on a handheld."

Altogether now: "WHAAAAAT?!"

We can only assume that Bala is totally unaware of the vast treasure trove of rhythm-based awesomeness already available on the DS -- never mind what is still to come, or even on other handhelds.

Follow the blog On Tour

When you're not cool enough to follow a real band around, you can hop on over to IGN and do the next best thing. The team from Vicarious Visions have started up a blog to share some of their hotel-smashing experiences with the readers as they went about creating the first portable iteration of the popular chick-magnet rhythm series -- Guitar Hero: On Tour.

The first entry chronicles some of the initial problems and questions the team faced, such as "Are we crazy?" and "Is this possible?". The above image is an example of some of the original prototypes that were developed, including the three-button design which was scrapped in favor of the current model. Go check it out!

Wacky pick stylus reborn for Guitar Hero: On Tour

We had a pretty good idea of what BD&A's Guitar Hero stylus accessory would look like, but we figured there was always the possibility of a surprise until we could see a picture of the thing. A picture has just been added to the Gamestop listing, and there is no surprise to be found.

The DS Lite Guitar Hero Stylus is exactly the same idea as the Jammin' Guitar Pick stylus that Naki released to go with Jam Sessions. It's a stylus attached to a guitar pick. You hold the pick and use the stylus end on the screen, which sounds, at least, a little more guitar-like than just playing the DS with a little stick.

The major differences between the two products? The Guitar Hero set has the Guitar Hero logo on the picks, and doesn't come with as many.

Activision announces Guitar Hero DS Lite bundle, new Tony Hawk

During Activision's conference call about their Q4 earnings, Activision dropped a relatively large bomb: in addition to the normal game/controller bundle, Guitar Hero: On Tour will be released as a bundle with both the Guitar Grip and DS Lite hardware. This portable Guitar Hero thing is much bigger than we thought, and this show of confidence on Nintendo's part bears out Todd Greenwald's prediction of big sales.

In addition, Activision's Mike Griffith announced a new DS-exclusive Tony Hawk game to be released this year, that will "utilize new technology not yet seen on the DS." Maybe it'll be wheels, so you can ride your DS for real.

[Via GameDaily]

Analyst: Guitar Hero: On Tour will play to huge crowds

While the media reactions to Guitar Hero: On Tour seem to range from dismissive to skeptical to vaguely intrigued, analyst Todd Greenwald believes that the game will arrive at retail as less of an oddity and more of ... a Guitar Hero game. Which means big-time sales.

"We think this title, never having been released on any handheld platform, has the potential to sell several million units at launch, at a $49.99 price point." (Note about the novelty of the release: there is Guitar Hero III Mobile, but that doesn't count.)

He also said that large retailers like Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart will feature the handheld title prominently in their stores, contributing to the sales. That makes the most sense to us: a Guitar Hero game in a smaller box must be a very attractive item for retailers.

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