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DS Daily: Gotta own 'em all

The DS has been around for three years and boasts quite a hefty games library. What does this mean in terms of your library, though? Specifically, how many DS games do you have? And, if you can remember, what was the first game that you owned for the handheld? If you had a Gameboy Advance, has your DS games library grown larger than that of your GBA's yet?

Give us some numbers, folks, and we'll give you a shiny quarter in return.*

*No, we won't.

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12-26-2007 @ 9:36AM

Geoff said...

my collection:
DS Phat Silver purchased October 2005
19 games
first game purchaes: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney, Mario 64 DS


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12-26-2007 @ 9:38AM

alphagod said...

I have 97 DS games and the first one I bought was Lunar Knights. I also own about 50 GBA games so yes the DS library is bigger than my GBA one.


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12-26-2007 @ 9:47AM

pr0videence said...

With the addition of a few new ones for Christmas, I have 30 DS games. Purchased my DS Phat release week (has it really been 3 years???). My first game might have been Wario Ware Touched. I remember not buying any games for it for a while and just playing the Metroid demo over and over.

You can mail my quarter to me at...


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12-26-2007 @ 9:47AM

Gerwurztraminer said...

I have a hefty (not really) assortment of 11 DS games. It's a lot by my standards and is the most games for a handheld I've ever owned.

The first DS game I owned was Mario 64 DS, because my wife (then girlfriend) bought me the blue DS packaged with the game. Wario Ware and Meteos were purchased almost immediately afterwards and I don't remember what came next and when.

I did have a GBA with various games over time but now only have 4 remaining; Minish Cap, Warioware, Yoshi's Island, and FF I/II Dawn of Souls.


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12-26-2007 @ 10:04AM

nintendolover said...

My first game was Mario Kart DS (pre-owned). Now I have 19 DS games and 5 GBA games.


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12-26-2007 @ 10:06AM

Blue_Falcon said...

37 games, bought my first set of games (Mario 64, Feel the Magic, and Spider-Man 2) 4 days after launch when I bought my DS.

But lately I've really been neglecting my DS as of late (only 9 of the 37 were bought this year), but I'll be picking up more soon enough.

I have no idea if my GBA collection is bigger or smaller than my DS collection or not. I think my DS collection may be bigger.


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12-26-2007 @ 10:28AM

MattMN said...

I bought my black DS Lite in April 2007.

I now own 9 GBA games for it and 38 DS games.


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12-26-2007 @ 10:48AM

Mike_NJ said...

When I bought my original White DS Lite on release day, I picked up Super Mario 64 DS and Mario Kart DS, both pre-owned, but I don't know which the clerk pulled out of the drawer first.

I'd had New SMB, and 9-10 other games but they got stolen with the DS Lite when I lent it to my brother for a trip to a wedding out of state. Thankfully I thought to keep my P-Diamond and P-Pearl, because I'd just completed Diamond at around 120 hours.

To console myself, I picked up Puzzle Quest, which I absotively hate...

But I've repurchased New SMB, and gotten a couple others...

So I think right now I have 5 games plus the browser.


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12-26-2007 @ 11:31AM

Lupe said...

Good day everyone! I have 25 DS games for now and about 28 GBA games so its getting there. FFTA2, Advance Wars, Apollo Justice and Ninja Gaiden will help break the DS over the GBA limit :)


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12-26-2007 @ 11:38AM

raindog said...

I have about 27 DS games, about the same number of GBA games, an m3 simply for the top slot and an m3 lite perfect (so I get 20MB of RAM for Linux) for the bottom.


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Ry Guy11

12-26-2007 @ 11:45AM

Ry Guy said...

Give or take a few, I've owned about 60 DS games over the course of its lifespan. I tend to sell off the DS games I'm done with in order to buy new ones, and I only keep my absolute favorites. Currently my absolute favorites number up to about 16 games.


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12-26-2007 @ 11:53AM

sergioalb64 said...

109 DS games here, the first one being Super Mario 64 DS alongside the Phat system's launch.

My collection was featured in DS Fanboy's 'Show and Tell' section a while ago:

I collect DS games, and I hope to someday own all the US-released ones, which now stands at over 500.


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12-26-2007 @ 12:00PM

Tyler said...

I have 5 personally(Pokemon Diamond, Tales of the Tempest, Brain Age 2, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings, Izuna), but I have access to about 18-20 total. I also have 6 GBA games: Pokemon Sapphire, Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 2 and 3, Tekken Advance, and Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 1 and 2. I've only had my DS for 4 months, but I can tell anyone the purchases I've made so far have been Pokemon Diamond and Tales of the World Narikiri Dungeon 3. So much to do on both of them.


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12-26-2007 @ 12:55PM

Fiefdom said...

I own fifteen DS games (actually 14 because I lost Super Mario 64 DS which happens to be the first DS game I got. I got my manly style DS at launch. I have 16 GBA games but that's because I have Fire Emblem in both English and Japanese. If I bought games at a faster rate then I'd start swimming in a back log so I can't justify making my collection much bigger.

I'll do as Geoff did and link to my collection on IGN:


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12-26-2007 @ 1:07PM

Kazi said...

My first was Meteos followed by MarioKart, Kirby Canvas Curse, Advance Wars DS, Another Code, and Trauma Center. Do not regret any of those. I own 43 games now with Bleach:Blade of Fate being my most recent purchase (and taking up 2 other slots with the two Japanese versions).


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12-26-2007 @ 1:08PM

ringoxcore said...

i had a phat for about 2 days, then since it was still pre-launch and i wasn't really feeling any of the games then, i sold it on ebay for some quick christmas moneys. about a year ago my friend lent me her ds lite and i immediately fell in love with EBA and brain age, in the past 6 months ive got my own ds lite now, and a nice collection of 13 games, which is a LOT considering how little ive played video games in recent years. thank you nintendo for resparking my love for the medium!


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12-26-2007 @ 1:27PM

Wonderflex said...

First game was Nintendogs: Best Friends edition on my DS Phat....stupid purchase, but it was a system and a game.

Now I have about 15 games.


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12-26-2007 @ 1:32PM

Samisa said...

Three - Brain Training, More Brain Training and Pokémon Diamond. Not many, but I'm obsessed with the Brain Training games.


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12-26-2007 @ 1:51PM

Lucky2 said...

Wheee, haven't counted lately. It was at 40 last time. This time it's...

46 DS games. I'm missing two (New Super Mario Bros. and Advance Wars DS) so they're not included. There's about 10 games that I missed over the past year, so I'm going to pick up a few of them these next few days, if they're not too expensive. I've got 40 GBA games, so yeah, the DS collection is a bit larger. I'm working with that one, too... Currently trying to transfer all of the games to DS boxes, but it's not working out.

First game was Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. First REAL game was Super Mario 64 DS.


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12-26-2007 @ 2:27PM

divinenanny said...

I have 59 DS games, and 8 GBA games. I never owned a GBA, all my GBA games are bought for their "classicness" (Zelda & Pokemon) or their "cheapness". My first four DS games (all given to me at the same time, with my white DS lite, December 2006) are Sims 2, Animal Crossing, Zoo Tycoon & Brain Training. I buy all I like, but I am pretty picky (no shooters, not much racing). See my collection here:


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