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Best Buy does 2 for $30 deal

Best Buy is having a sale on all of their video games priced at $19.99, allowing those looking to stock up on titles to snag two games for the sum of $30. And, looking over the list of titles that qualify, there's quite a bit of fun to be had.

Notable games in the sale include Nintendo's training titles Brain Age, Brain Age 2 and Flash Focus. There are also other games like WordJong, SimCity DS, Spectrobes and Orcs & Elves up for grabs too.

[Via QJ]

The Twelve (well, thirteen, actually) Sales of GameFly

Video game rental service GameFly has a pretty big year-end sale going on through January 4th for over 30 of its used DS games. Though the carts are all pre-played, each one will come with a new manual and case, so you need not worry about receiving an incomplete set.

As usual, we've picked the notable titles out of the bunch and listed them for you, except this time, we've done it in Christmas carol form!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
DS Fanboy sent to me:
  • Twelve Diddy Kong racers Racing ($17.99),
  • Eleven Spectrobes for collecting ($15.99),
  • Ten Hoshigamis a-SRPG-ing ($14.99),
  • Nine Planet Puzzles Leaguing ($19.99),
  • Eight Custom Robos a-fighting ($12.99),
  • Seven Sim Cities a-building ($16.99),
  • Six Bombermen a-touching ($22.99),
  • Five of Sonic Rush's golden rinnngggggs ($17.99),
  • Four Mana Children ($14.99),
  • Three Elite Beat Agents ($22.99),
  • Two Mega Man Star Forces ($17.99 each),
  • And a Naruto: Ninja Council 3 ($17.99)!
[Via CAG]

Circuit City glitch leads to low, low prices

Electronics retailer Circuit City has an ongoing deal in which you can get any two games priced at $19.99 for only $30, but, because of a recently discovered glitch during the ordering process, customers have reportedly received a $10 discount for each $19.99 game they've thrown into their shopping carts, bringing their total even further down to $20 for two items.

Though many of the online shop's $19.99 titles are currently out of stock, we've put together a short list of the DS titles available that you might want to pick up with this buggy bargain. We can't guarantee that your order will stick once Circuit City's management catches wind of this bug, nor can we say whether or not exploiting this slip-up makes you a horrible person, but here you go:
  • Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day
  • Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day
  • Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All
  • Sonic Rush
  • Spectrobes
While there are also a few GBA (as well as PS2 and PSP) titles eligible for this "deal," keep in mind that this glitch works best with two games from the same console.
  • Pokemon Leaf Green
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis
  • Super Mario Advance
[Via CAG]

What is the Spectrobes Collector's Edition?

Tucked away stealthily among this week's releases was Spectrobes Collector's Edition. We thought it was pretty baffling that Disney would decide to rerelease an eight-month-old DS game now, and we also wondered what exactly was in this edition to collect.

Siliconera reports that it's the game plus all 38 of the Code Input punch card things. The original game came with a few, but the rest seem to have only been given away at various events and promotions. In other words, they're a total pain to acquire in any other way. If you want to play Spectrobes, you may as well pony up the extra $10 (the original package is down to $20 now, and the CE is $30) and get the cards.

The official press release (after the break) mentions that the package includes two exclusive Geo cards and a mini-guide. Seems like a good deal for people who were previously on the fence about Spectrobes. Or you could just wait for the sequel!

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DS punch cards resurface in Mega Man Star Force 2

The DS "punch card" is such an elegant idea for a card input. Rather than requiring a card reader or a camera to take pictures of the cards, you just stick the card on the screen and touch the screen through holes in the card. Spectrobes and Monster Rancher both take advantage of this extremely inexpensive feature, and Capcom has picked up on the idea for their sequel to Mega Man Star Force. Two such cards will be given as a preorder bonus in Japan, each of which unlocks a suit (and corresponding weird animal-head arm).

Capcom was smart enough not to include the positions of the holes on the preview images, so unscrupulous people like us can't print out the cards and do it ourselves. Not that it really matters with a free bonus item.

Gotta watch 'em all: Spectrobes II trailer

Remember when we all found out about Disney's DGamer service? Well, one of the first titles to feature integration is the sequel Spectrobes II, the Pokemon-like game where players collect and level-up monsters. Having never played it (this is the closest we ever came), we don't know how to feel about the sequel, but as the tail-end of the trailer reveals, we'll have plenty of time to think it over. This title isn't coming until 2008.

Hit up the break for the trailer.

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GameStop Spectrobes giveaway

Here's something cool for Spectrobes owners: every week from now until the 17th, you can go down to your local GameStop and pick up a free collectible card that will unlock a new Spectrobe. No preorders, no Game Informer subscriptions, just free.

Here's something cool for everyone else: you can get three free things from GameStop. You may be able to sell them on eBay or something in a couple of years. Whatever the reason, we know you want this free stuff even if you've never heard of Spectrobes.

Is that a humorous Spectrobes commercial? Why yes, it is!

Maybe it's the male-pattern baldness or the clever use of the microphone mechanic in the game, but this commercial cracks us up every time, even if it is totally unbelievable that a couple of kids would pay to get into a movie, just so they could play Spectrobes. There's also another, less-funny commercial that takes place in Study Hall. Both commercials have had the usual treatment and been embedded past the post break for your viewing convenience.

[via Go Nintendo]

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Sony promoting DS games

We have a shameful confession: sometimes we play games on other systems. Yes, there is a Playstation 2 in our stately Fanboy Manor, and it occasionally has a game in it. But our DS Fanboy Power is such that even the least Nintendo-like task we can think of-- buying a PS2 game-- becomes more Nintendo-centric in our presence.

We recently ordered a copy of Soul Calibur III from Sony's own online store, and were surprised by what we received today. The game was in there as expected, but there was a large glossy piece of paper in the package with it. Upon unfolding the paper, we found ... a Spectrobes poster? Why on Earth would Sony send people promotional posters for a DS game? Have they given up on their own little project? Just in case there was some Spectrobes-Sony connection in the companies involved or something, we checked the fine print on the poster, and found only Disney and Nintendo copyright information-- nothing about Sony.

The Spectrobes ain't got no love for Sega

We have to thank Spencer Yip of Siliconera for doing an interesting bit of investigative reporting on the subject of what is and isn't acceptable in Spectrobes. So, there are a lot of things you can't name your Spectrobes ... mostly things you probably wouldn't say in front of your mother unless there were major extenuating circumstances. And we all tend to agree on a working list of what those words are, right? Well, apparently, someone at Jupiter has a mother who reaches for the soap for things we wouldn't even consider minor infractions, like "Sega."

Yes, Sega. In Spectrobes, you can't name any of the critters "Sega," though other developers are fair game. We have a theory about this Sega hate. We're guessing it just may be due to those commercials. You know -- pretty much all of them, and particularly the EXTREME!! Sega shout. We're guessing that someone heard that one too many times, and after Blast Processing, it was just the last straw.

Metareview: Spectrobes

We've had our eye on Spectrobes for awhile now, hoping that the game would bring some variety to the monster-collecting genre. Between all of the presentations the game's producer has attended, as well as the idea of utilizing punch cards, Spectrobes very much looked like it would bring that variety we so desired. According to the majority of critics, the game isn't that great, however. Let's see what they had to say:
  • Nintendo Power (80/100) says the game has enough to make it stand out in the crowd: "The game definitely has its roots in the Pokemon world, but provides enough new features to give it its own identity." [Apr 2007, p.86]
  • IGN (70/100) thinks the game is just too much to handle: "Spectrobes is way more game than is really necessary. Jupiter has some great concepts and tried to jam them all into one game."
  • Game Informer (65/100) sees a lot of the game as being a chore: "The slowly paced story turns the fossil digging into a chore, and the real-time battle system starts to feel the same not long after that."
  • GamePro (60/100) thinks the title is too gimmicky: "As it is, Spectrobes is little more than a dull game of collecting fossils with a momentarily enjoyable gimmick attached to it."
Any of you out there picked up the game yet? What do you think about it so far?

Spectrobes takes over Nintendo World Store this Saturday

The Nintendo World Store in NYC doesn't have parties too often, so when one happens, you have to take note. Disney's Spectrobes will be taking over the store: you'll get a chance to meet Kentaro Hisai, Spectrobes' producer, play in a Spectrobes tournament and try to win a custom DS.

The party begins at 11AM this Saturday.

First look at a Spectrobes "punch card"

This is one of the cards that comes packed in with Spectrobes. Notice the little holes for the stylus to poke through when the card is placed on the touchscreen. We must say, we like this idea better than passwords! And involving physical artifacts in gameplay makes the whole experience a little more special.

Still, something is nagging at us. It's a card used to input data into a computer. How can it seem so innovative? It's basically 18th-century technology.

Kentaro Hisai talks about how he thinks Spectrobes will beat Pokemon

During a recent interview with Pocket Gamer, Spectrobes producer Kentaro Hisai talks up the game's inspiration, as well as how he thinks his game will set itself apart from the competition. In talking about the competition, Hisai says "there are other creature collection games, but the excavation element and the real-time battle action are all new. We feel those two elements, along with a host of others, will definitely set this game apart from the two you mentioned." The interview goes on to reveal that the game will feature a 500 different spectrobes, however as with most collection-based games of this type, in order to unlock all of the spectrobes, you'll need to unlock some via cards and WiFi download.

See also:

Spectrobes Producer introduces game at event

Kentaro Hirai, producer on the upcoming Spectrobes, recently flew over from Japan to introduce the game to a bunch of lucky students from Gauer Elementary school. These kids were taken to Disney Land where Hirai showed off the card-based system of unlocking new monsters, along with some gameplay. Hirai then goes on to discuss why they decided to go with the hole-punch card system (player places the card over the touch screen then taps the corresponding holes on the card), as well as the inspiration in character design.

You can view the footage here.

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