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DS Daily: Your E3 winner

We didn't see much in the keynote, but plenty of delicious DS content appeared over the course of E3: Brain Age 2, Flash Focus, Professor Layton, Advance Wars 2, Contra 4-- the list goes on and on. It all looks nice! But us being gamers, and this being the Internet, we aren't comfortable with anything unless it's categorized according to arbitrary value judgments.

For that, we turn to you. Which game of the pack was the winner, in your mind? And, if it wasn't Contra 4, why not?

DS Daily: Is 2D obsolete?

We're not going to say a word. You already know how we feel about the issue. And we're not even asking if 2D is better than polygons, but just whether it has a place in the gaming world. We just want to see how this discussion plays out, to be honest. Just remember, as in all DS Daily topics, and every other post in which you comment, as well as pretty much everywhere, be courteous to your fellow gamers!

Gloss Silver and Metallic Pink DS Lites now available for import

The new DS Lites have been released in Japan and have shown up on import shopping sites. That's right, for only $179 + shipping, you can have a DS Lite in one of the two new Japan-exclusive colors! You have your choice of Like the Regular DS Phat Color but on a Lite, or Like the Pink One but Shinier.

Sure, you pay a premium, but it may be worth it to have a DS that looks somewhat different from other DS's in the immediate area. Depends on how you feel about the new colors! What do you think-- Gloss Silver or Gross Silver? Metallic Pink or Me-tacky Pink?

Rumor: Enamel Navy no more?

The morning's whisperings, hushed under raucous E3 speculation, indicate that the Enamel Navy DS Lite's days could be numbered. Supposedly, Nintendo will be halting all production of the Japan-and-China-only version of the handheld by the end of the month.

We don't favor its termination, but considering Nintendo's recent introduction of two new tints to the DS Lite line, Metallic Rose and Gloss Silver, trimming the number of available colors might be in the company's best interest. Expect to see import and auction prices for this endangered edition shoot up to the heavens.

Farewell, Enamel Navy! We hardly knew ye.

Everyone on the Internet should buy Spelling Challenges

Well, this is a start to solving the Internet's problems. Next up: Learning the Difference Between "Your" and "You're" Challenges!

We've received some screenshots of Crave's Spelling Challenges and More!, the spelling-based game show game with over 25,000 words to spell. We can see a sort of Jumble-style anagram game called "Mish Mash" and a "Bomb Blast" game that gives players a limited time to pick out a correctly spelled word from a group of horrible mistakes.

The game uses a very simplistic, clean presentation that we find appealing. Not every educational game needs a charismatic floating head.

Gallery: Spelling Challenges

[Via press release]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games screens

Everyone's eager to see what Sonic and Mario's first collaboration will look like, right? Well, here it is! The DS version, anyway. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games looks pretty okay! We don't really know what else to say about it. It's in 3D, and includes, at the very least, long jump, archery, hammer throw, and some kind of track event.

Sonic and Tails are participating in the manner of the ancient Olympians-- nude. We don't know if they've covered themselves in olive oil as the Greeks did, and we hope we never find out. We hope nobody ever finds out.

Kururin Doughnuts randomly appears on Gametrailers with English subtitle

Is Kururin Doughnuts getting localized? You probably don't remember this as the donut-starring platformer with bonus dessert recipes that we highlighted back in March. It was released in Japan last week, and now some gameplay footage has appeared on Gametrailers.

The mere existence of the video on Gametrailers isn't conclusive proof of anything, since undeniably Japanese clips of Stock Trader Shun, Let's Try Fortune Telling DS, and our favorite, Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, were uploaded on the same day. But what piqued our interest was the subtitle given to the game: Enchanted Pastry. It's not just a translation of the Japanese subtitle, Okashi na Recipe (Recipe for Sweets)-- so where did Gametrailers get it? Either they made it up or there's a US trailer involved. Or something else. Enjoy some video after the break!

[Via Game|Life]

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Touching is good at Safeco Field

The Seattle Mariners baseball team is trying a new pilot program at Safeco Field that lets fans watch replays and live feeds of the game, answer trivia questions, and even order food from the relative comfort of their sticky bleachers. Sound interesting? Oh, we forgot one detail: all of this uses the DS.

For a $5 fee ($30 for 10 games), access to the Nintendo Fan Network software is granted. Two download points in the stadium broadcast the software wirelessly.

We're glad to see Nintendo getting some mileage out of that baseball team they bought. They've certainly got our interest with this context-sensitive non-game. We want to go to a baseball game now.

[Thanks, Dave and Matt!]

Animal Crossing styli to help Tom Nook pay for his hot tub

Hey, a thing with Animal Crossing characters on it! Must buy! Seriously, Nintendo did a bad thing by making a game full of super-adorable characters and then designing it such that players are required to interact with these characters on a daily schedule. Then, when you see Tutu or whoever on a toy, you feel more compelled to buy it because you've formed somewhat of a relationship.

We recognize this manipulation, but it still works. We may have to buy that Snowman stylus. We love the snowman.

User-created content in N+

Metanet just announced the winners of their SUBLIME (Submit Unique and Brilliant Levels to Metanet Event) competition, in which they asked fans to do their work for them design new levels for the DS, PSP, and XBox Live Arcade versions of N+. 29 user-created levels made the cut for the DS version, including "Endless Flight?" seen above. User-created levels on the retail cartridge? So awesome.

In addition to the honor of having their level in the game, winners get a free copy of N+. As cool as this contest is, we hope it isn't a substitute for an in-game level editor.

[Via GameSetWatch]

Namco Museum screens are as new as Namco Museum screens can be

We've seen countless releases of the Namco Museum collections over the years. We remember feeling quite special about the Playstation versions-- they were the real versions of real arcade games! At home! But now the Namco Museum series is, itself, old. How old?

Valkyrie no Densetsu (1989) was eight years old when it was released on Namco Museum Vol. 5. The original Namco Museum Playstation game is eleven years old. In other words, Namco Museum is now older, in relative terms, than a game that was old enough for Namco Museum.

Speaking of the Playstation editions, the new Namco Museum DS has something not seen since those days: an actual museum mode, in the form of a trophy collection and music player, as well as scanned instructions and flyers.

Relatively newer features include bottom-screen maps and hints for Galaga (?), Xevious, and The Tower of Druaga. Of course, the most exciting relatively-new thing is Pac-Man Vs., which, now that it won't require so much of a financial outlay, we may actually try with another person.

Gallery: Namco Museum DS

Find painting zen on the DS

Mercury Games is planning to release a series of Ertain's non-competitive DS games in the West as "Zen Games." The first game scheduled is something that recently popped up at the Renchi sale, in its Japanese incarnation as Kokoro wo Yasumeru Otona no Nurie DS. It'll be called Paint by DS here, and its user interface appears to have undergone a cosmetic makeover. Since it obviously has the same pictures, we assume that the minigames and puzzles are still there as well.

We were pretty interested in the Japanese version (as some of you seemed to be), so we're pleased to have the chance to check this out whenever it comes out in the US. It'll be out in Europe on the 24th of August.

[Via Game|Life]

What a horrible summer not to be going to Comic-Con

NECA, the company responsible for the awesome Castlevania figure prototypes, has a new Simon Belmont figure on the way. It's a somewhat more faithful sculpture of Simon as he appeared in the first Castlevania on the NES. Unfortunately, only 1,000 units will be produced, and it will only be available at the San Diego Comic-Con.

We totally want this, and we are all about pixel art, but we must say that this figure, with its rounded edges and inexact paint job, looks a little more like a cookie to us than an action figure. Which actually gives us an idea!

[Via NeoGAF]

A DS Lite dock and a photo of a depressed dog

Japanese manufacturer Sakurado combined into one device two useful features: a cradle to charge your DS Lite with and a photograph of a disconsolate golden retriever. If his doleful eyes and floppy ears become too much for your frail heart to take in, you could always drop another snapshot into the picture frame instead, but you'd first have to endure the pitiful whines of a puppy who's been punished unjustly.

The fused dock and photo stand is available at select Japanese retailers for about 1,420 yen (approximately $11.50), offered in white, navy blue, light blue, pink, and black variations. Interestingly, the charging stand uses the DS Lite's adapter for power, rather than its own proprietary plug. Check past the post break, empty leash in hand, for a comparison image of the cradle's various colors.

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DS Daily: Machismo

Ever lie about what you're playing? Say, for instance, you're playing Pokemon, which is widely regarded among the non-gaming population (and certain contingents of the gaming population) as for babies, and you, as a non-baby, are asked what's in your DS by a friend.

Do you say something distinctly un-baby-like, like Brain Age or the tough-sounding Tank Beat? Or do you stay true to yourself and happily announce that you're training your new Wurmple? Are there other situations in which you consider lying? If, for example, you are playing Brain Age and you're accosted by a gamer friend who hasn't joined the non-game revolution? Or if some bloggers survey their audience and you're playing something that you don't think is appropriately cool?

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