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DS Daily: How about EA?

It's no secret we're ten sorts of excited about the coming of Sim City DS, but despite the unabashed fun of city building, we know a whole lot of folks who aren't terribly excited about EA pledging to increase development for Nintendo. It's a tradeoff, it seems -- we want games like Spore and Sim City, but everyone loves to hate EA. Does it balance? Is it worth slogging through a bevy of less beloved EA games to get the gems that crop up? How do you feel about EA and Nintendo setting up as best good friends?

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1. Maxis, you want Maxis games.

Posted at 9:07AM on Feb 5th 2007 by Louis

2. I'm cheesed off at EA for pulling the crap with the Madden titles, and I'll probably never buy those titles from them, sure (although renting '07 for the Wii makes that a difficult statement). Their approach of (seemingly) throwing money at easy-to-produce games and hoping for a good return is annoying, too.

That said, without EA, I can't enjoy Spore or the SSX titles. They're an evil we have to bear, sometimes, because it's not like boycotting Wal-Mart, where you can get things elsewhere. Will a part of me die every time the EA logo appears on screen? A little, maybe, but there's no point in denying yourself a fun game.

Posted at 9:27AM on Feb 5th 2007 by Josh

3. @#1 - if only it were just that easy, eh?

Posted at 9:42AM on Feb 5th 2007 by Alisha Karabinus

4. ho ho ho! what a tough question!

I'd suggest ignoring crap titles and drooling over the delicious ones :) Sim City DS! YES! Wii Madden! No!

EA + Xbox 360 has taught me to VOTE WITH WALLET, and that means ignoring the stupid stuff =) More development for any console means good things. Imagine the wii, 360 and PS3 all played each other games? damn. ;)

Posted at 2:23PM on Feb 5th 2007 by erectus

5. I actually like Madden on the Wii. Its fun to be more Involved but even still I think the motion could be better. I really want spore and EA has the burnout games also. I dont hate EA as much as thier sports franchises anyway (not counting EA Big of course.) Madden needs help but I honestly think it could be madden on the Wii that makes Strides in the gameplay department more so than any other version. Ill like EA and Nintendo getting cozy, maybe nintendo can teach them how to make good games with all those licenses. :)

Posted at 8:40PM on Feb 5th 2007 by timcat

6. Even if I trust the developers creating the game, I don't trust EA to give them the time and resources they need to make it a quality title.

Also, if I'm buying the title for online play and it says EA on the box, then I put the box back on the shelf and my money back in my wallet. I don't pay full price for a game only to wait barely a year before they yank support. Or for them to decide that I need to buy an expansion if I want the new BFG everyone else is killing me with.

I don't love to hate EA. I just hate them.

Posted at 8:18PM on Feb 6th 2007 by Brett

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