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DS Daily: The price is right?

¥18,900, or roughly $180. That's how much the Nintendo DSi will cost when it launches on November 1st in Japan. For North American importers, that's a $50 hike for a system with a few extra functions, but also with its GBA compatibility removed. At the same time, it's not a dramatic leap for Japanese consumers -- ¥18,900 is just ¥2,100 ($14) more than what a Lite costs there.

In your view, is the DSi fairly priced? And what's the highest price you would be prepared to pay when it arrives in your region next year?

Gallery: Nintendo DSi

DS Daily: What has Nintendo got planned?

Folks, it's time to whip out your crystal ball and join us in a bit of pointless (but hopefully fun) speculating about what MEGATONS will be announced tomorrow at Nintendo's Media Summit. We know there's compelling evidence that we'll see a DS redesign, and while that does seem very plausible, it's far from the only possibility.

A quick poll of the DS Fanboy team revealed quite diverse expectations. I'm banking on Professor Layton dates for not-Japan, JC reckons there'll be a bunch of stuff about Cooking Guide, while Dave thinks there could be an iPhone-style apps store for downloading titles directly to the handheld, and/or a new Channel to go along with the new DS (or a revision to the Nintendo Channel to support it).

Oh, and we all predicted a DS redesign. But to heck with what we think: what bombs do you expect to drop in the next 24 hours?

DS Daily: Has Chinatown Wars surprised you?

A bunch of new Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars details appeared yesterday, specifically the kind that would make the Daily Mail's hair stand on end. According to various magazine spreads, you'll be able to sell drugs (with their real names), tattoo fellow gang members, and hotwire cars. Rockstar itself has said Nintendo ruled out a GTA game for a younger audience.

As opponents of censorship in most cases, we were delighted that Rockstar has been granted such artistic freedom in Chinatown Wars, but also rather surprised. Anyone else with us, or did you expect such controversial content all along from Rockstar, even on the DS?

DS Daily: Ongoing costs

While DS games are mercifully cheaper than software on the home consoles, the sheer volume of must-have titles can make owning the handheld an expensive pastime.

So we've got a bit of math for you this morning, to keep that DS Fanboy-reading brain of yours sharp: on average, how much cash do you lavish on your DS per month, in terms of games, accessories, and other DS-related stuff? Is it more or less than you spend on other consoles? Have you just frightened yourself?

DS Daily: Phantasy Star ZOMG

Despite it only existing in scan form, we're already absolutely ga-ga about Phantasy Star Zero, Sonic Team's new online RPG that will use an ingenious, Pictochat-style chat system. If you're as ridiculously excited as we are, then you've probably played one of the glorious Phantasy Star Online titles on the Dreamcast, GameCube, or PC.

So today, because we just can (and because we can't think of a decent question), we're opening the floor to Phantasy Star Online chat in general -- feel free to regale us with your favorite memories of previous PSO games, your hopes for the DS version, or, if you want to be a total spoilsport, how the online games ruined the series for you.

DS Daily: Celebrating villainy

Villains: easily some of the most interesting characters in the gaming kingdom, more often or not thanks to their megalomaniacal tendencies, difficult relationships with fathers, and the plain, simple fact that being evil pretty much rules, man. But who's the best bad dude on the DS for you? The devious Don Paolo? The crooked Caulder? The hard-to-take-seriously Bowser?

And no picking Dracula. 'Cause we totally just did. Ha!

DS Daily: In the public eye

As portable gaming reaches more and more people, so an increasing number of DSes and other gaming devices begin to appear in public areas. Nowadays, it's perfectly typical to spot at least a couple of gamers on the morning commute to work, or in your local Starbucks.

It wasn't always like this. Years ago, this blogger can recall how whipping out a gaming device in public would occasionally prompt odd looks, or even smirks from others. It's not quite as noticeable nowadays, but it does occur now and again, and there are still places I probably wouldn't play my DS -- in a bar, for example.

So here's what we want to know: what sort of reactions do you get from playing your DS in public? Where would you still not play it? And are you left frustrated by such reactions, or do you simply not care?

DS Daily: Do you plan on catching this?

Click to embiggen.

Pokémon Platinum will hopefully be arriving in the States at ... some point later this year, but until then Nintendo needs to get us in the right frame of mind for parting with our monies. To this end, the company is releasing the above limited edition Onyx DS Lite with Dialga and Palkia art, along with a pile of appropriately themed freebies.

Our Pokémon-branded calendar confirms that this is launching tomorrow in the States, so who's picking it up? And has anybody else managed to pick it up early, like jammy DS Fanboy reader Tom?

Gallery: Pokemon Platinum

DS Daily: Revisiting old friends

When was the last time you returned to a DS game that long sat neglected in your collection? (Okay, so the answer to this probably isn't Ping Pals; and if it is, consider yourself a buffoon.)

Had you already completed the game in question, or did you purchase it and get immediately sidetracked by something else? Are there any older games you plan to return to in the near future? This blogger is currently on his third trip through the Yggdrasil Labyrinth in Etrian Odyssey (hence this topic) -- I never completed the title in two previous attempts, but I'm determined to not get distracted this time!

Gallery: Etrian Odyssey

DS Daily: 'Is ... that it?'

As gamers, we've all experienced it: the slightly crushing disappointment of finishing that special game, the one we wished was just a few hours longer, or simply more replayable.

What was your defining "Is ... that it?" game on the DS? For this blogger, there can be only one: Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Ten hours of glorious puzzling, a charming, twisty storyline, and barely any replay value to speak of (apart from the weekly downloadable puzzles, though it isn't the same!).

Gallery: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

DS Daily: License to thrill

In yesterday's edition of Bury the Shovelware, Kaes dug a shallow grave for Sensory Sweep's atrocious game adaptation of Jackass. Nobody here was surprised. Throughout pretty much all of gaming's history, licensed spinoffs of anything -- be they movies, TV shows, comics, or any other non-game property -- have turned out to be utter dreck.

There are exceptions to the rule however, and it's those we want to ask you about today. Which license-based games really struck a chord with you and defied your expectations of what a movie/TV show/comic tie-in could offer? We know the DS is short on these, so we'll let you choose titles from the GBA library if you so wish -- such as this, for example.

DS Daily: E3

As the sun sets on another E3, we thought today's DS Daily would be the ideal spot to round up all of your thoughts on the DS-related happenings of the last three days.

The biggest news -- insofar that it will probably interest the most people, anyway -- is the announcement of a Grand Theft Auto game for the handheld, a genuine bolt from the blue. Another Guitar Hero is relatively big (if totally predictable) news also, and we were personally delighted by the announcement of Wii-to-DS connectivity for Animal Crossing: Wild World, and the localization of Rhythm Tengoku.

What about you? Highlights? Lowlights? Favorite moments? Most shocking omissions? We like numbers, so give the DS's E3 a mark out of ten if you like!

DS Daily: Taking it in

E3 is simultaneously the most chaotic and thrilling date in the gaming calendar, a relentless whirl of news, soundbites, speculation, and even megatons.

But how do you, as a reader, absorb it all? Are you the sort of individual who pores over live feeds of conferences and refreshes the DS Fanboy page every ten minutes as the outside world ceases to exist? Or are you a more chilled consumer, the kind who likes to kick back and simply check up at the end of each day? Exactly how much do these gigantic, massively hyped industry events drag you in?

DS Daily: Hitting the streets

My aversion to communicating face-to-face with other people means that I've rarely seen the inside of a bricks 'n mortar videogame store since ... well, since I worked in one last year! I also have a keenness to keep as much of my money as possible -- we all know that shopping online can guarantee excellent bargains.

On the other hand, I occasionally miss the days of rooting around in GAME's bargain bin and finding F-Zero X incorrectly priced at £0.99. I used to find some enjoyment in collecting loyalty points, of scooping neat pre-order bonuses that were exclusive to high street stores, and of having new stuff in my hands instantly.

Do any of you fine folk still prefer shopping at your local games emporium? If so, what are the perks for you? Are there perhaps specific products you will only buy at said stores? And a broader question: what do you think high street retailers could do to combat the growing threat from their online rivals?

DS Daily: FPS

The latest footage of Renegade Kid's Moon convinced us (and IGN's Matt Casamassina) that the game could be something special, though a few of you evidently still need some encouragement. In the comments, reader John B. argued that no matter how much impressive technology Renegade Kid throws at Moon, it wouldn't be enough, because first-person shooters just don't work as well on the DS.

We're of the opinion that the handheld currently lacks a great FPS, but do you think the DS will ever see a triple-A game in this genre, given its obvious technical limitations?

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