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DS Daily: What's in it for you?

Everyone has their own reasons for buying a system. Sometimes, it's simple faith in the manufacturer. Many of you probably either bought, or planned to buy, a DS at launch. For others, it takes waiting for either enough games to make it worthwhile, or a particular game, to move a system. What brought you into the world of the DS, and what drives your continued dedicated to the handheld?

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11-05-2007 @ 9:31AM

Raru said...

I hate to be bored... In fact I have an Anti-Boredom bag that I carry with me... Its an over the shoulder Messenger bag.

Inside you will find 3-4 Various Manga, 1-2 Books, Pen and Paper, 1 bag of gaming dice and of course...
My DS lite with Head Phones, Charger, various games and most importantly the R4DS Card with 2 gigs of memory to hold various PDFs, MP3s, Anime, Movies, Whatever media I so desire... My DS is the focal point of my Anti Boredom Kit. Soon I'll be getting The Triple Power Pack Addon for the NDS lite that will give me a total of 40ish Hours of play/viewing time!!! ^____^


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Pizza Pasta2

11-05-2007 @ 9:41AM

Pizza Pasta said...

I decided to get a DS when New Super Mario Bros. came out.

I had to have it when I read the reviews and saw the screens for that game. I was really excited about a new 2D Mario game, something that I hadn
t played since the release of Super Mario World.


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11-05-2007 @ 9:42AM

nil said...

I bought the original DS at launch. I even pre-ordered it. Several factors lead to this decision - Nintendo's history in the hand-held market was no small part of it. I was interested in such an odd system and figured that developers would create some really unique games for it. Sega's Feel the Magic was the final straw - it proved that the DS would force developers to rethink game development and I figured that would be a good thing.


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11-05-2007 @ 9:43AM

onepointfivevolt said...

What brought me in: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.
What keeps me: the best games around today, on any system. Plus: more Castlevania, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy ports... what more could I want?


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11-05-2007 @ 9:46AM

NeoteriX said...

I got the DS this past summer. It seemed like the system and game library finally reached a high level of maturity. Also, I really liked the idea of a gaming system that was fully featured, sleek, and portable.


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11-05-2007 @ 10:09AM

ardzeii said...

What brought me in? POKEMON! :D

The unique touch-screen + handheld + dual-screen 3-punch combo made me love the DS even before it was released. Although I had to delay buying one not until the Lite was released because... It took me time to save enough money. Hehe.


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11-05-2007 @ 10:10AM

mags1587 said...

I went on vacation with my family. During the plane ride, my brother and I switched handhelds -- I had a Game Boy Advance and my brother had a DS Lite. I played Mario Kart DS for the entire 5 hour plane ride. I was hooked.

Since then, the sheer variety of games for the DS has kept me hooked. Any type of game I want to play I can find on the DS -- games like Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros., or Zelda; puzzle games like Tetris or Picross, and completely different games like Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, or the Brain Age games.


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Ihar `Philips` Filipau8

11-05-2007 @ 10:11AM

Ihar `Philips` Filipau said...

I bought DS solely for Tetris.

I'm wary of console platforms, since they usually deviate too much off for general public, growing its own crops of fanboys. Eventually games (and platform as a whole) become hardly relevant to anybody outside.

Also, compared to PC gaming, consoles have generally less games and most of them are relatively expensive games. On PC it takes half of an hour to dig up bunch of interesting inexpensive games to fill your evening with something new. On consoles... skipping franchises often leaves newcomer with no options. Buying games at decent price also can be major PITA.

For that reason, my adult (or not? ^_^) choice was to spend once 140€ + 40€ on DS + Tetris. Rest was and is really optional.

What keeps me on DS right now: Luminous Arc and Battle of Prince of Persia. Two good games for RPG/card games fan I am.


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11-05-2007 @ 10:39AM

InvisibleMan said...

When I moved to the city while continuing my work in the suburbs, I knew I would spend many hours traveling between worlds. Nintendo already had my faith with the GBA, so it was a no-brainer for me to get the DS as soon as it came out. It wasn't an easy decision, though: I had a hard time choosing between the DS and the PSP at the time! Now I know for sure that I made the right choice...

When the Wii came out, I thought my use of the DS would decrease considerably. To my amazement, it has actually grown! Nintendo developers, as well as its 3rd party developers, have definitely put more dedication and immersive gameplay in the DS titles than they have on console titles.


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11-05-2007 @ 10:59AM

HK said...

I had my GBA for a while even after the DS came out. I didn't really want to spend more money for another system that played GBA games. But then I played the new Super Mario Brothers, and I got hooked. It was the most amazing game ever.


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11-05-2007 @ 11:05AM

Migoto said...

Kanji training games.


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11-05-2007 @ 11:26AM

ethan42404 said...

I had originally bought a PSP when it first came out - and was sorely dissappointed. Soon after I traded it in (though there now seems to be some good games for it - I'd rather use my money to buy more games for one console) and vowed not to get another hand held. I've owned many - Game Gear, the original Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance... and really only liked the original Gameboy. But I love the idea of portable gaming.

Then after reading the many praises of Puzzle Quest on Penny Arcade I downloaded the demo. It didn't take long before I knew I was going to buy that game - but for what system? I really didn't want to go for the PSP again, so I started doing research on the gimicky DS (I had certainly felt like it was a gimick when I first heard about the touch screen - nevermind that I have a Palm where you touch it with a stylus)... and found there were lots of games out (and coming soon) that I was really interested in. And the rest is history. The DS is my favorite hand held ever.


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11-05-2007 @ 11:38AM

Georgemoe said...

The wife and I are new to the DS (Lite). Our background has a smattering of gaming in the casual sense. We got a 360 about a year after it debuted but never got into it hard core. XBox Live Arcade had more interest for us than the mega titles and all the button mashing. I guess I felt I needed a 360 as an addition to the home theater.

Two weeks ago I saw a Brain Age 2 commercial. Since we've had little play on the 360 the last couple months, the wife was livid that we were investing money into a 2nd game system. It was hard to explain to her but I dragged her to Toys-R-Us anyway for the purchase. Within four hours she was hooked. What was my purchase initially became her property and she was more than willing to eat crow.

We share the DS now and have BA 1 and 2, along with Big Brain Academy, Mario Kart, and Tetris. Since she's taken over, I haven't had much MK play lately. I bought the Tetris for her because that has always been her all time favorite but it has taken a back seat to Brain Age and Big Brain.

I've been reading this blog every day, researching older games that are mentioned. Fun stuff. We expect to add a 2nd DS (so I can get mine back) sometime this holiday season. We also plan to get all three Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk, PicCross, and other games. I'd also love to see an Italian language title at some point. One game I enjoyed on 360 Arcade was Catan. I know a DS version called Settlers was/is available but it is terrible (so I read.) If something similar to the Arcade version was availabe for the DS that would be great!

Last thing is I also plan to get the browser only to use in a pinch here and there. Sick of carrying my laptop around when Im away from the house.



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Dante Diablo14

11-05-2007 @ 11:39AM

Dante Diablo said...

I was on the edge of buying a DS for months, but I heard rumors that the DS lite was on it's way, so I held off. The Sunday morning it hit stores, I was lined up in front, waiting for them to unlock the doors of my neighborhood target. I picked up the DS lite, New Super Mario Brothers and Brain Training. I've been a happy customer ever since.


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11-05-2007 @ 11:56AM

Wednesday said...

Being a girl, I wanted the DS as soon I saw Nintendogs. My husband bought me a DS phat the first Christmas it was out. I love it. We have a PSP, a 360, and a Wii, but my DS gets the most use. I love toting it around with me everywhere. I love puzzle games, they are the perfect way to spend your time in the doctor's waiting room.


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11-05-2007 @ 1:34PM

Goldilocks said...

My husband and I had his-and-her colored GBAs. He then recieved a DS around the time it was released for Christmas from his pretty-cool parents. It came bundled with a copy of Spiderman and I was not interested in playing it at all. So the DSPhat sat dormant on a shelf for over two years, basically unplayed and unloved.

Then, more and better games were being released. We bought some, played them and instantly fell in love. Apologizing to the mighty DS for neglecting it so long, we bought it some friends; two DSlites.

Of course the Phat was a little envious, the Lites get more play time. Now the phat has devious plans to become an evil homebrew-machine with loads of fancy tricks the Lites will not have priviledge.

Muwahahahaaa! Battles will commence. Who will be the playing-est of all?


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11-05-2007 @ 2:08PM

MidnightScott said...

I never played a DS before I got one. The touch screen and having 2 screens got me interested. However, the only game I got that Christmas 2004 was Asphalt Urban GT. Then in March I got Pokémon Dash. Now I own 45 DS games, and even a Pokémon Dialga & Palkia Limited Edition DS Lite that cost a wallet ($330 in a bundle pak from

DS is probably my favorite of all time as it has so many awesome games and unique ways to play them.


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11-05-2007 @ 4:26PM

Safiel said...

I bought one just a little while after launch. For a good long time, I just didn't really think that it was worth it, but I've always had a gameboy and have always loved the system. It's always about the games, and they finally did show up! I've got a library now of about 40 games and there's a ton of ones that just came out or are on the horizon that are calling :)

For a while now, whenever a new gameboy came out I sold the old one to pay for the new one (so no more gba original, color, or original ds). I've found that by keeping them in good condition and selling them at a reasonable time I can pay for most of my new system.


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11-05-2007 @ 6:41PM

Fiefdom said...

I don't know why I bought a DS. I got it at launch but there was really nothing out at launch. I used it as a GBA until the latter end of 2005 when a lot more games I had an interest in were available. It wasn't a waste of money at all but I probably should have waited. :P


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11-05-2007 @ 10:56PM

James said...

Funny story: I was going to give myself a DS Lite for my birthday, since they came out a few days afterwards. The day before they launched, I did a bunch of reading and determined that the PSP would run an SNES emulator a good deal better than the DS, so I went out and bought one of those instead. A year later (this year), I finally got my DS Lite for my birthday. I managed to last a year without playing the two Castlevanias and various RPGs and puzzle games that looked so good, but when they announced Phantom Hourglass, that was the last straw. I've barely touched my PSP since June (my birthday). I guess that says everything.


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