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DS Daily: On Game Night

This topic is really aimed at those folks who attend our weekly Game Nights. Are you among them? If not, why not? We'd love to have you! But really, we have some questions for you -- and for all of our readers who get their Wi-Fi on. What are some of your favorite games to play online? How do you feel about our typical rotation? What current games would you like to see added in? We might not be able to add them all, but we'll consider it. How about upcoming releases you think might be good choices?

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1-03-2008 @ 9:33AM

Hunting_Phoenix said...

I show up once in a while. First, until very recently, I didn't have a wireless setup that worked with the DS. I use WPA, and the DS doesn't support that. A second ($5 after rebate) router solved that, once I learned how to set it up as a part of my existing network. Secondly, I only had one WIFI game until recently, since I'm on a budget. These issues are obviously not something DSFanboy can address, but they might be representative of other people.

The things that I don't like that might be changeable are as follows. I don't like the voting for a game theme. I might not have that game. I know it isn't exclusive, but still, it doesn't encourage me to come if I don't have or don't feel like that game. Next, I don't like the IRC based organization well. It's a pain to get friend codes, etc. I would prefer a place where you could post your FC for games you might want to play, and a place for each game. That way there is an easy to get list. A forum post for each game or something. I'm also not a big fan of IRC, since I've just never used it a lot. I am proficient, but that's about it. Could we have a chat using another program? Even if we stick with IRC, having rooms for each game might be nice, in addition to a general chat room.

These are my thoughts.


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Jose El Maton2

1-03-2008 @ 9:50AM

Jose El Maton said...

To answer your question of why not, well, I can't connect to my WiFi with my DS! Anyone, help me, please!

I have a PSP, PS3, laptop and PDA (had) that connect just fine. I know it's an old problem, but it just doesn't work. I even temporarily took down my firewall to see if I could connect like that and I couldn't. Respond, bitch! (No offense, just an old Electron Zone reference.)


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1-03-2008 @ 10:05AM

SonataNo8 said...

Do some research on your router, it may be incompatible with the DS. If that's the case they have a USB dongle you can use with any internet capable PC to get the DS online.

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1-03-2008 @ 10:02AM

SonataNo8 said...

I showed up last week for the 1st time. I'm not really a big fan of IRC, it may be a bit archaic to draw in new players. I think simplicity would do a lot to improve the turn out of game night. A more accessible chat interface and maybe a database where players can enter their games and friend codes would help, I think.


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1-03-2008 @ 10:05AM

Gina said...

I, as well, can't connect to my wireless network with my DS. I was connecting through the usb dongle but circumstances now keep me from doing that. What's up with Nintendo only supporting WEP anyway, for cryin' out loud?! I'd love to know how to set up my network to allow my DS to connect without sacrificing security.

As for why I didn't come when I could connect, I was always confused on how it actually worked. I am new to all the FC's and playing targeted people/groups over the Wi-Fi, and I don't remember seeing a tutorial. I could have missed it somewhere in the post, I'm sure.


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1-03-2008 @ 10:56AM

Hunting_phoenix said...

You could use WEP and then MAC Address filter to only let specific computers and devices connect. I tried that first, but the router I had then (a US Robotics) just wouldn't work.

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1-03-2008 @ 11:20AM

Gina said...

I'm interested in your two router setup. Do you have WPA on one router for all your computers and then a second router with WEP/MAC filtering for the ds? I've been trying to research how best to do all this but I'm having a hard time figuring it out. :P I read something about making a second router an access point but I don't know how to put it all together.

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1-03-2008 @ 11:55AM

Hunting_phoenix said...

I have one router with WPA, then a second without encryption but it is MAC filtered.

The DSL Modem is connected to the WAN port of Router 1. An ethernet cable connects Router 1 LAN port to Router 2 LAN port. This is important! I don't know why, but if you connect to WAN on Router 2 it won't work.

Router 1 handles the computer network (and the Wii since it supports WPA, which is good since you might send credit info to Nintendo over the Wii's connection).

DSL Modem IP:

Router 1 settings:
DHCP Server: ON, IP range
Wireless: "Teletran_1", WPA Encryption, could add MAC filtering too.

Router 2 settings:
DHCP Server: OFF
Wireless: "NintendoNet", No encryption, MAC filtered only to allow my DS.

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1-03-2008 @ 12:41PM

Gina said...

Thanks for the info! Your explanation was simple enough for me to understand. I'll look around for a deal on another router and give all that a try. I might grab you later if that's okay. Are you subscribed to this post?

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1-03-2008 @ 12:48PM

Hunting_phoenix said...

Sure, you can contact me. I don't know how to "subscribe" to these posts though. My comments are checked to email me when someone replies, is that what you mean?

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1-03-2008 @ 1:00PM

Gina said...

If you're getting emails letting you know I replied, then I guess we're good! :) Thanks again

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1-03-2008 @ 1:32PM

Hunting_phoenix said...

I'm not, since we're replying to your post. I just keep checking back. :)

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1-03-2008 @ 10:55AM

DanyG said...

How do I join the group ? What time? What game? How can I find the players? Thanks...Dany


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Alisha Karabinus14

1-03-2008 @ 12:20PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

Check the weekly Game Night posts (there's one up today!) for the information on how to join up.

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David Hinkle15

1-03-2008 @ 12:28PM

David Hinkle said...

Every Thursday, we do the poll results:

Today's example

Then, on Friday, we reset the poll for the next week.

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1-03-2008 @ 11:46AM

Wii-Maniak said...

Yeah I play, Mario Kart DS (BEST GAME EVER!!), Star Fox Command, Legend Of Zelda: PH online and Planet puzzle league FTW!


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1-03-2008 @ 12:23PM

Georgemoe said...

Downloaded mIRC a few weeks ago and tried to locate the rooms for GameNight. Couldn't find anything or anyone to do with GameNight. A real PITA.

The wife and I can both connect to WiFi no problem but unless a better (DSFanboy) venue is created to exchange FC's, we'll never get into the WiFi stuff.

To top that off we are both consumed with Puzzle Quest right now, non Wifi. She on the 360 and I on the DS. Wish that was WiFi.


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David Hinkle18

1-03-2008 @ 12:25PM

David Hinkle said...

Once you boot up your IRC client and join the freenode server, all you have to do is type in "/join dsfanboy" into the text field and hit enter. Then, you'll join our group.

If you need an alternative to mIRC, then give Chatzilla (the plugin for Firefox) a whirl. Just google it and you'll find.

Best of luck on joining us!

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1-03-2008 @ 12:46PM

Gina said...

Also, right now I can only use my Wii to connect to the net and browse. Therefore I can't download an IRC client. Anything that would work using the Wii browser only? (Using the Wii and wireless usb keyboard to type this, btw.)


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l'esprit de l'escalier20

1-03-2008 @ 1:10PM

l'esprit de l'escalier said...

i don't play because i work in the afternoon. if i didn't work in the afternoon, i'd be there every week! if the session was a bit later on some nights, i'm sure more west coasters would be able to join (i see that its held at 4PM this week for people on the west coast - that's pretty early!)

is there a possibility of having a weekend game night too?


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