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DS Daily: Talk amongst yourselves

Since we're taking it easy around these parts today, we're going to encourage you to do the same. Let us know how your gaming is going, or if you gave or got anything DS-related for the holidays. Or, hey let us know what we're missing lately that you're curious about. While we certainly don't make the news, we can always try to meet your requests. Keep us informed by sending tips or letting us know what interests you ... and this is a good day to start.

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12-25-2007 @ 11:41AM

hvnlysoldr said...

Anyone know a good cheap wireless router? I want some more online gaming and access to the VC.


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12-25-2007 @ 4:37PM

William said...

D-Link has some good ones. That's a start, at least ;)

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12-25-2007 @ 12:26PM

Frastoglegnia said...

Frastoglegnia said...

To answer your column's request:

1. I'm curious as to why dsfanboy writers are three times more active than pspfanboy writers, who aren't lazy but *seem* that way by comparison. Case in point: This story. DSFanboy writers haven't anything to report here, but they're making sure new copy appears regularly on the front page. That shows commitment. Given the fact that this isn't news and PSPFanboy could do the same thing, I wonder why those writers don't. Are these concerns editor- or popularity-driven? Do they vary from site to site based on personal style, or does the greater popularity of the DS and larger number of stories dictate that writers work faster to cover the stories and hold the larger readership's interest?

2. I'm curious why I haven't seen stories on dsfanboy about the scarcity of DS hardware. For the past two weeks, vultures have been able to charge impossible amounts for consoles, while retailers and etailers struggle to receive enough. The illusory scarcity of the Wii and DS, which is created in part by parasitic third parties -- make two of the most ubiquitous consoles in the world seem unattainable to ordinary families. Take a look at Amazon right now -- they haven't had DS consoles is two weeks, nor have other online retailers. Perhaps this is beyond Nintendo's control; perhaps Nintendo is creating demand; or both. As things stand, the brave new world of shopping is that vultures buy out supplies in order to create wildly expensive pricing and negate the possibility of finding a bargain. Retailers aren't allowed to pursue markup past a certain point -- amateur resellers shouldn't be allowed to, either. We dissuade false trends created in the stock market -- why are greedy individuals allowed to ruin families' shopping experience by effectively destroying Nintendo console availability for all but the wealthy and the desperate? Orchestrating false demand by buying up and reselling supply is the new prime mortgage scam; eventually, it will result in chilled retail and consumer disillusionment. Can companies like Nintendo do more to accommodate ordinary families and fans, or is extortion by rerouted merchandise the unavoidable effect of online commerce?


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Fullmetal Salchemist4

12-25-2007 @ 2:39PM

Fullmetal Salchemist said...

I don't think there have been posts on the shortages because it's the Christmas rush, and pretty much anything and everything is selling out. Despite insane sales, supply is usually plentiful, and in about a week or two, shelves will be once again stocked with units.

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12-26-2007 @ 5:13AM

Matdredalia said...

Not to be a terrible little sexist, but it might have something to do with PSP Fanboy's Site Lead being a guy, and DSFanboy's site lead being female (which I think is so unbelievably kick ass it's not even funny).

I'm NOT saying that I think male/female differentiates the commitment at hand, but rather that women tend to pay more attention to detail and are more likely to *remember* something as simple as keeping new content up.

Maybe I'm nuts, but that's the only real reason I can think of. But then again, I don't pay much attention to PSPFanboy, as..well, not to be rude, but, I hate the PSP lol.

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Alisha Karabinus6

12-26-2007 @ 9:22PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

The last time I checked, pre-holiday, some models were in stock on Amazon and some were not. I never saw them run out completely. Sometimes we miss stuff -- if you notice that they're out, send us a tip! God knows we love any occasion to trumpet the success of the DS. ;)

As for PSPFanboy, or any other site, all I can say is that every site is different. We're all under the same umbrella around here, and have the same general rules, but everyone has a different opinion and approach to things like the holidays. Me, I beat the writers and make them forego family time and post. Uh, I mean, as Matdredalia said, I'm totally awesome. Right, that's it. Yep.

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12-25-2007 @ 12:49PM

j said...

how do u get an actual user account for this site..... ?


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Fullmetal Salchemist8

12-25-2007 @ 2:38PM

Fullmetal Salchemist said...

You have to click the "Upgrade Your Account" button. Last time I checked, it was $9.95/month.

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12-25-2007 @ 11:38PM

j said...

sooo there's no free acounts on this site?

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Alisha Karabinus10

12-26-2007 @ 9:19PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

Fullmetal Salchemist is jerking your chain. You have to post on Joystiq once to get a password sent to you. Why? I dunno, our dev team hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet. It's a bit of a pain, but they do a good job generally, so can't really complain. :)

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12-25-2007 @ 3:28PM

Saphion said...

I'd just like to say all the DSfanboy writers are several kinds of awesome.

I'd also like to say a Phantasy Star Online DS would be the greatest achievement of all mankind, and that SEGA are idiots for not doing it.

That is all.


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12-25-2007 @ 4:40PM

William said...

Well, I like to know what games are out there, so the "Games released this " posts are welcome.


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12-25-2007 @ 4:48PM

markhill66 said...

I have a question. Has anyone ever actually finished an entire Phoenix Wright game? I'm working my way through the second one right now. I like it, but it's so long and there is so much readiing that it's hard for me get motivated to play it.


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Fullmetal Salchemist14

12-25-2007 @ 7:50PM

Fullmetal Salchemist said...

Uh... yes. I have finished all three Phoenix Wright games. Too much reading in Phoenix Wright? That's like complaining that there's too much sneaking around in Splinter Cell, or too much jumping in Mario.

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12-26-2007 @ 5:16AM

Matdredalia said...

Well, hrmm...I don't have any complaints, nor any real suggestions. However, I was wondering why we don't see more posts about what you guys are playing? You'll make offhand references in some posts about being stuck on a certain new release, or things like that, but what about post discussing the hardships and trials you're facing in a game or just gushing about it because it rocks? We see lots of reviews, news on what's up and coming (you know, trailers, fanscans, etc), but nothing about ya'lls personal gaming, which I think would really add to the blog.

And as for being worried about giving away spoilers, you could just put any below-the-break and just say "SPOILERS AFTER BREAK!!" or something.


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12-26-2007 @ 2:01PM

Wonderflex said...

I got an R4 for my Birthday/Christmas, and I'm rather happy with it.


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Benjamin L.17

12-26-2007 @ 3:22PM

Benjamin L. said...

Anybody know if Izuna2 will makes it's way to the states?


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Alisha Karabinus18

12-26-2007 @ 9:19PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

It seems likely!

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Mechyslav P.19

12-26-2007 @ 10:57PM

Mechyslav P. said...

I cannot find Mario Hoops 3 on 3 anywhere. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I would really appreciate it


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12-28-2007 @ 12:00AM

algarcia said...

Belkin 802.11g, 40bucks on amazon


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