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DS Daily: You suck!

At least, we assume there's one game at which you totally suck. We've all got 'em. Maybe it's not consistent, but at least some days you get continuously smoked. But what's the game? Maybe you can't face Contra 4, or you are continually last (and weeping) in Mario Kart DS. Maybe you've given up on Tetris or Planet Puzzle League. Whatever the game, we want to hear about your shame. We'll commiserate. After all, with so many of us hanging around, you're probably not alone over there in your big ol' pail of fail.

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12-24-2007 @ 9:32AM

Halamar said...

Wario - Master of Disguise. All of the drawing of little symbols with my horrible handwriting gets me every time. I try and do the checkmark to turn to the thief and it turns me into the artist. Slightly frustrating.


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12-24-2007 @ 9:37AM

Afterlifer82 said...

I suck at every Mario Kart ever released, always have and always will.


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12-24-2007 @ 9:44AM

protoflex said...

contra 4 is a killer....
last in mario kart...

PS: Blessed Christmas ds fans!!


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12-24-2007 @ 9:55AM

Hame said...

Adance Wars DS. I just don't get how you're suppossed to win. Up to about mission 7 or 8 I'm fine, but after that (when the enemy starts to have an infinite number of troops) it just constantly ends in stalemate until I give up in hopelessness. I guess I just suck at strategy games.

It's like:

My go: I move my tank
Their go: They kill my tank
My go: I move my soldiers
Their go: They kill my soldiers
My go: I move my helicopter
Their go: They kill my helicoptor



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12-24-2007 @ 11:15AM

Hame said...

Oops, I meant Advance Wars not Adance Wars.

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12-24-2007 @ 10:17AM

hvnlysoldr said...

I find my skills at games, and some skills in life, grow in acceleration. Such that if I really suck at a game I suddenly hit a burst to become better at it. Though I can still not be good enough to reach the end I do accelerate and become slightly better in leaps. So there really hasn't been a game I've sucked at. Except one licensed game with Wolverine.


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12-24-2007 @ 10:49AM

Waffala said...

Yeah, that's kind of how I am too, just sudden spurts of ability to play. Of course, the ability wears off after a while because I'll end up playing something else once I get as far as I can, then end up back where I started, stuck on the first level.

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12-24-2007 @ 10:42AM

ssuk said...

Lost in Blue... Just can't get into the game and can't seem to find what to do before I run out of energy... It annoys me slightly...


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12-24-2007 @ 11:13AM

Jakku said...

Mario Kart DS. Youve all seen me get owned in mario kart :P.


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12-24-2007 @ 11:36AM

tamriel said...

Oh! I thought I was good at Tetris until I have gotten my a** handed down to me, ripped with multiple new holes. Also, I could not get passed the 5th or 6th surgery in Trauma Center (the one where you had to suture aneurysms or something): even after drawing out the Healing Touch, five wounds would pop up at the same time, which I have always been unable to prevent from blowing off. I rued that so much I traded it in.

I still play Tetris, though. Alone. :-)


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12-24-2007 @ 11:39AM

matt said...

i cant beat that mission either. its so hard

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12-24-2007 @ 11:44AM

Dig said...

I am terrible at Advance Wars. With the first game on the GBA, it is the only game that can consistently convince me it needs to be thrown across the room. The thing is, I loves me a good Strategy RPG any day of the week. I'm a huge fan of the Disgaea series, Phantom Brave, and various other titles that come out of Nippon Ichi on the PS2. I guess it's something about how I can't play old missions to create a level 57 supertank in Advance Wars that makes the game so infuriatingly difficult for me.


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12-24-2007 @ 12:01PM

rosethornn said...

I can't face Contra 4. It just requires mental conditioning the likes of which my short attention span for such things doesn't care for.

I love Metal Slug, but Contra just isn't the same. ._.


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12-24-2007 @ 12:20PM

izzy said...

Meteos, but I think it's that game that sucks, not me.


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D Haines15

12-24-2007 @ 12:24PM

D Haines said...

For me, it's two games: Mr. Driller Drill Spirits, and Super Mario Bros. 3.

I owned and loved Mr. Driller Drill Spirits. It had a neat art style, colorful graphics, and a fun and interesting puzzle engine. But in two years and countless times I'd played the game, I managed to beat a whopping 1 LEVEL. That's it. Just one. Then I would package it up neatly in it's box and hide it (and my shame) in a drawer.

And Super Mario Bros. 3... Maybe I'm just spoiled on modern platformers, but this game just beats the hell out of me. My girlfriend makes it look incredibly easy, but no matter how many times I play the levels I just cannot figure them out.


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12-24-2007 @ 1:54PM

HK said...

Advance Wars for me too... It took me about a year and a half to get to mission 23, but I keep getting schooled. I haven't really played it for a few months cuz i just want to punch the game in the face, but I'm gona try to beat it during the holidays.

And any of you play TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare? That game is brutally hard for me... I just want to unlock Turtles in Time!!!


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12-24-2007 @ 2:02PM

Brittany said...

Totally Mario Kart... I was awesome on the super, didn't have a 64 for a long time so I still stink at it, I was good on the Gamecube version... but man oh man do I ALWAYS get last in Mario Kart for the DS... I think I'm getting better though, slowly but surely... :( but I got it when it first came out and I remember playing my boyfriend the first time he had played it and he still owned me


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12-24-2007 @ 2:06PM

Lucky2 said...

I suck at most games I own. Except RPGs, that's part of the reason I love 'em so much. But... platformers, especially, and more actiony-type games.

Metroid Prime Hunters, Megaman ZX, even New Super Mario Bros (took me a MONTH). I SUCK.

I still play more games than I should.


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Matthew Hilario19

12-24-2007 @ 2:56PM

Matthew Hilario said...

i can snake in mkds.
i can t-spin in tetrisds.
hell i can even do a 50-chain in planet puzzle league.
but contra 4? i can't even beat stage 1.


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Spectre (MPH)20

12-24-2007 @ 8:19PM

Spectre (MPH) said...


anyways...contra 4 gave me the hardest ****ing time.... but i finally owned it about two days ago. all 40 challenges + story mode on hard.

ahhh....victory. tastes great.


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