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Final Fantasy IV boxart gets final

Famitsu dropped a megaton on us: Final Fantasy IV boxart. We know, we fell down when we found out about it, too. In fact, our bottom still hurts from the force at which it slammed to the ground.

Personally, we're liking the character grouping in the center, but could do without all of the blue everywhere. We understand it's cloudy, but sheesh. Toss some color in for us outside of Japan, please!

Gallery: Final Fantasy IV

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12-18-2007 @ 1:43PM

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the floating onion and i think it looks pretty good.


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12-18-2007 @ 1:43PM

Pharmakom said...

It looks like it stars the cast of Detroit Metal City.


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12-18-2007 @ 1:49PM

Lupe said...

What happen to the cool lil Final fantasy with the multicolo emblem behind it, I love that style ;_;


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dan stabbingworth4

12-18-2007 @ 1:51PM

dan stabbingworth said...

Ahhh Square, masters of getting me to buy a fourth copy of FF4.


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12-18-2007 @ 2:09PM

Zach said...

That's fugly.


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12-18-2007 @ 2:09PM

Mekky said...

Could anyone tell me if FFIII on DS was any good, I'm thinking of getting it and maybe this when it is released, too.


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12-18-2007 @ 2:22PM

XDragon said...

Its a decent game but not one of the better games in the series. 1, 4 and 6 were my faves of the old style FFs (which I like much better than the newer FFs). 7 and X were the 2 better newer style FF games.

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12-18-2007 @ 2:25PM

Eddie said...

Do FF games normally have Japanese characters on the cover? That's weird.


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12-18-2007 @ 2:26PM

Eddie said...

Or is this the Japanese boxart (of the game released today)???
Sorry... very ignorant here.

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BPM - The Revenge10

12-20-2007 @ 1:20AM

BPM - The Revenge said...

Yes, the JP boxarts usually have the titles in both English and Japanese.

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12-18-2007 @ 2:33PM

Brello said...

That artist is certainly consistent--to the point of being boring.
Oh well, we'll get the even-more-boring "words on a white background". Rather than make drawings for the non-japanese characters, just leave it blank! Brilliant! *facepalm*


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12-18-2007 @ 2:50PM

troy said...

The color scheme is culturally relevant to Japan.


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Tamer Brad13

12-18-2007 @ 7:40PM

Tamer Brad said...

Dear Amano haters: :(


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12-18-2007 @ 7:45PM

Kefka said...

Erk, can't say I like it too much. It looks like some kind of bad KISS cover band with a giant onion on drums.

If this is the US case, I might be tempted to wait for the Aust release for once... >.>


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12-19-2007 @ 3:30AM

Bluebreaker said...

I wish they could of done something like the FF4GBA art with Rosa, Cecil and Kain on it. I kept the box because it was so pretty.


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Tamer Brad16

12-19-2007 @ 5:57AM

Tamer Brad said...

Better this than some rehashed anime-style art. Quit whining, you clearly don't know talented artwork when you see it. The artist for this cover has been the artist for pretty much every FF ever, so you're basically saying, "hey, the dude who's behind the entire art direction for this series is kinda lame."


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12-19-2007 @ 1:28PM

stallturn said...

Looks like bad envelope art from a certain game publication.


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12-19-2007 @ 9:35PM

puglife said...

Um, the guy who produced that cover is one of the reasons why Final Fantasy even exists.

After mom disables Net Nanny, Google it sometime.

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12-20-2007 @ 8:44PM

stallturn said...

The art on the other games was fantastic, this one is awful. Every artist has their masterpiece and the not so masterpiece. This one is the not so masterpiece.

By the way, thanks for the suggestion on getting mom to disable net nanny, that was a good idea.


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