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E-books get massive subway ads in Tokyo

Nintendo wants Japanese subway riders to read more e-books, apparently, as these giant ads for software DS Bungaku Zenshuu are popping up in the Tokyo underground. The above Shibuya advertisement shows that Nintendo is committed to the Genius Sonority-developed title, which hit Japanese retail shelves last week.

Would you find an e-book reader helpful on your DS?

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10-24-2007 @ 12:44PM

Clandaith said...

Yes, having an eBook reader would be helpful. I would love to have it.


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10-24-2007 @ 12:58PM

Foodie_Monster said...

Definitely. The DS, with 2 screens and the ability to hold it like a book, would be a great e-Book reader. I remember reading the whole first book of Douglas Adam's "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" on my 2G iPod, with black and white screen and tiny fonts. And it was definitely doable. I can only imagine that the experience on the DS would be a million times better.


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Micah Neumark3

10-24-2007 @ 1:02PM

Micah Neumark said...

The problem with eBooks are that the publishers are so restrictive, so most of the books I would want are not available. eBooks in any form would be useful though, if more books (by more I mean that any book I think of off the top of my head should be available) were available.


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German S.4

10-24-2007 @ 1:13PM

German S. said...

i would LOVE to read 'On the road' on my DS.


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Xian B.5

10-24-2007 @ 1:26PM

Xian B. said...

If I say yes are you going to write "Moonbooks" all over my face while I'm asleep? Real mature, guys.

The problem is twofold. One, I wouldn't want to pay for the books, so just sell me the reader and put the books online for free. (This would require publishers be on board, which would never happen.) And two, I don't want to read novels on my DS. I would love to download reference books to it, though. As many as can fit.


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David D.6

10-24-2007 @ 3:26PM

David D. said...

As already said, homebrew has this beat. I know that the M3 Perfect has some very nice eBook view modes in its modified Moonshell...


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10-24-2007 @ 5:23PM

Foodie_Monster said...

David D.: I have an R4DS, which is essentially the same as the M3. What eBook formats does it support? I think it'd be great if it could do PDF or at least DOC, but I doubt it...


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10-24-2007 @ 11:17PM

jam said...

I've got an R4 and there are some really good programs you can get for ebook reading. My favorite is ReadMore at the moment, there is also Dolphin Reader which is a better harder to set up but a little more stable.

I've read the last Harry Potter book, all 3 'His Dark Materials' books and Stardust on it and it's perfect, especially reading in the dark and not having to carry around a big book in my bag!


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