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The DS Life: Missed Connections

Aug 27 - Girl At Keisei Takasago Station - m4w - 37 - (Katsushika) pic
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Date: 2008-08-27, 11:59PM JT

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Asylums, nurses, and gore: Dementium's awesome Japanese launch event

Dementium: The Ward launches in Japan today, and Japanese publisher Interchannel-Holon could not have found a more perfect venue to promote Renegade Kid's horror title*. "Alcatraz E.R." is a novelty restaurant in Tokyo's Shibuya ward with a mental asylum theme where patrons must announce their blood type before entering. They are then handcuffed by girls dressed as nurses who serve up food in surgical trays and drinks in hospital drips.

In other words, it's a totally amazing and ideal place for a Dementium promotion. Hit the break for more gory pics of the press-only event (our invites must have got lost in the mail).

* Admittedly, they could have used an actual abandoned psychiatric asylum, but that probably comes with its own issues.

Gallery: Dementium: The Ward

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Japanese English trainer offers up real scholarship money

This is one of the better promotions we've ever heard about. DS title Moe Sta is a game geared toward the folks that can't speak English, but want to. It teaches, and it's in that spirit that the developers of the title, Mirai Shonen, are going to hook up two lucky students with some education assistance.

If you use the title to learn English and pass the Tokyo University entrance exam, they'll hook you up with ¥500,000 (US$4,600) to go towards your education. While that may not be much to most of you, it might as well be a mountain of gold to college students.

See also: DS takes Kyoto, education style

[Via Kotaku]

Nintendo pressures Akihabara vendors to pull R4 carts

If you've ever been to the Akihabara district in Tokyo, you probably know that stores there stock R4s. Well, at least they did stock them. Many Japanese retailers, including the online ones, have been pressured by Nintendo to discontinue their support for R4 carts. The extent of Nintendo's threats weren't made clear, but it's likely that they would no longer provide their products to these stores if the retailers didn't remove R4s from their inventories.

Nintendo is being naive if they think this is going to help alleviate piracy issues. People who want to pirate games will find a way to pirate games, whether the equipment to do so is out in the open or not. The R4 cart is also not the only means for people to download games -- we're sure Nintendo knows this.

All the same, we can sympathize with Nintendo. The fight against piracy is an uphill one, at best, and since there's not much that Nintendo can do about it, they're doing what they can.

[Via Kotaku]

E-books get massive subway ads in Tokyo

Nintendo wants Japanese subway riders to read more e-books, apparently, as these giant ads for software DS Bungaku Zenshuu are popping up in the Tokyo underground. The above Shibuya advertisement shows that Nintendo is committed to the Genius Sonority-developed title, which hit Japanese retail shelves last week.

Would you find an e-book reader helpful on your DS?

[Via Game | Life]

Nintendo at Tokyo Game Show 2007?

The talk around town is that Nintendo might have a significant presence this year at the traditionally Sony-dominated Tokyo Game Show, going so far as to secure a booth. The video game trade show hasn't made much of an effort to include Nintendo in the past, as the company stuck to the Space World expo and its own events to make announcements. But with the Wii's current momentum and Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Sky set to appear on the Nintendo DS, leaving Nintendo out of TGS just doesn't make sense.

Wired's Chris Kohler has an interesting post on how Nintendo's attendance at the September event will affect the console market in Japan and what the company might present at the convention. Playable DQIX demos of seem given, but we're sure that Nintendo has a lot more planned for the biggest dedicated video game show in Japan. What games and announcements are you looking forward to hearing about?

TGS 2006 wrap-up: the DS, videos, and you [update 1]

Now that the Tokyo Game Show has come to a close and you've been assaulted with numerous videos, we can all finally take a deep breath and carefully scrutinize all of this new data following the event. For Nintendo having no presence of their own at the show, the Wii was out in full-force. Before we get into what we liked and didn't like from the show, let's recap on what the show brought us, for both the DS and Wii:
So how did Nintendo do? As for the Wii, it had a smaller presence through third-party publishers this year. Konami had the award-winning Elebits on-hand for eager attendees, as well as Sega tossing down the red carpet for their mascot with Sonic and the Secret Rings. Nintendo failing to make a unified presence themselves could've hurt their momentum going into launch, but we aren't worried. If we should be, then why?

We can't forget about the DS, either! Even though the DS was literally bombarded with nothing but RPGs, it still had a great show. A slew of new content will keep the already incredible platform from going stale. Those with an insatiable appetite for turn-based battles and potions will get their fix with Square-Enix's incredible lineup of RPG games to come.

For all of Joystiq's Tokyo Game Show 2006 coverage, click here.

[Update 1: Added in the interview with the Final Fantasy III developers.]

The one TGS booth to rule them all: Phoenix Wright courtroom

It's things like these that make us wish we were in the land of the rising sun. Our love of Phoenix and his "mad lawyerin' skillz" have kept us warm through many a night as we clutched our copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney against our chest and fell into a sound sleep. We've also constructed a wonderful shrine in our garage. Capcom issued a restraining order, but luckily that doesn't apply to posting entries in online blogs!

The pictures over at Famitsu show one heck of a courtroom mock-up. In fact, barring any items out of stock at our local Home Depot, we're fairly certain that we've found our next home project. It'll be kind of hard to do, what with us needing to keep these mandatory Joystiq employment ankle bracelets on at all times, but we'll manage.

Also, be sure to check after the break for a trailer for Justice For All from TGS.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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Square Enix loves the DS

At this month's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix is gonna be all about the DS. Half the playable titles they plan to show are for the Nintendo handheld. Now that's what we call a coup.

Look for lots of news and video later this month from Chocobo no Mahou Ehon (Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book), Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, and Final Fantasy III.

We know you're especially excited about that last, since we never bring you Final Fantasy III news. Ever.

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