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WRUP: Grab some baby oil edition

Why would you need the baby oil? To grease up that buff chest of yours, of course! As you navigate many a hostile environment, keep your hands clenched tight around your trusty gun. Oh, gun ... how you never let us down, keep us safe at night. This is our gun, there are many like it, but this one is ours.

There were some other interesting releases this week, but for us, none ranks higher than Contra 4. But, maybe you're of the mind that you'd rather play something else? We can't possibly understand why, but we'll promise to try, if you let us. So, what are you playing?

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11-16-2007 @ 3:09PM

klintor said...

...Odin Sphere.


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11-16-2007 @ 3:17PM

Clandaith said...

My R4 should be here today. So, I'm playing with Homebrew this weekend.

That and finishing staining my backyard deck to please my wife. ;)


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11-16-2007 @ 3:35PM

Tyler said...

Playing Tales of the Tempest and Tales of the World 3 Narikiri Dungeon 3. Hoping to win Front Mission and DQM: Joker!!


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11-16-2007 @ 3:41PM

TheCoats said...

ive had contra 4 since the day it came out and have loved every second of it.......its incredibly challenging.......i just today am able to complete easy mode without continuing.....and it was close/VERY HARD!!!!!! was just 40 percent luck and 60 percent memorizing not really a huge fan of sidescrollers and i know this game is aimed more towards the hardcore nintendo roots people (yes ive had a nes since i was 3 but i dont consider myself hardcore roots in nintendo.....i was more of a sega kid (back then)) so i thought this game wouldnt do much for me but i was dead wrong this game is AMAZING.....and very beautiful...alot more then i could have expected....


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11-16-2007 @ 5:08PM

Ben said...

Still blasting through Front Mission! And some Izuna here and there...


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11-16-2007 @ 5:26PM

achikochi said...

Almost finished with Dementium and have been playing Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 online. Mostly getting my but kicked while getting the feel for the game again after so many years. Contra is next!!!


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Jesse Muller7

11-16-2007 @ 6:37PM

Jesse Muller said...

I will be getting my DS today (it's my birthday), so I will be starting with Mario Kart and Zelda..

I don't like hard games anyway, so I'm guessing I will pass on this game..


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11-16-2007 @ 7:58PM

tamriel said...

Puzzle de Harvest Moon. Well, it'll have kept my interest for at least a week.


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11-17-2007 @ 9:03AM

Gerwurztraminer said...

This week I'm playing Contra 4 and Super Mario Galaxy. A rare occasion that I play not one, but two new games the week they come out (thank you TRU gift card). I'm also still playing FFIII. Somewhat.

As for Contra 4, the few levels I've played have been fun and my first run on Level 1 in Easy resulted in the need to continue. However, my next run through I didn't die at all (it was Level 1 Easy after all).

I eventually beat NES Contra without the need for 30 lives, so I'm sure I'll have Contra 4 down in no time (a couple years or so).


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11-17-2007 @ 12:15PM

elend said...

Already ordered Contra 4, but since I am located in germany, I still have to wait a bit, for it to arrive. I wanna play it so badly. :o


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11-17-2007 @ 8:58PM

van said...

contra 4 on the ds
castlevania x and final fantasy tactics on the psp (funny, I only buy re-makes on the psp...)

and speaking of, has anyone figured out the 99 life code on contra? There's rumors!


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11-18-2007 @ 7:04PM

nintendolover said...

Contra 4!!!!
I am getting it soon.

Now, I am playing Gunpey DS and Warioland 4 for GBA.


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