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Star Tribune: DS is easy to pick over the PSP

Ah, mainstream media. How we love your misinformed nature and incredible ability to point out the obvious. Like, how the DS is way better than the PSP. You've really showed your clairvoyance, Miss Cleo.

We will agree that choosing between the DS and PSP is a lot easier than choosing between the current generation of consoles, however. In terms of price, it's a smaller commitment and it's easier to decide between two, rather than three. But one thing the DS has (like its console cousin, the Wii) is an appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life.

What are some other things you love about the DS? Why do you think it's better than the PSP (we have a feeling you're going to say "the games")? Or, don't you, and you're merely reading DSF to learn more about your enemy for the impending battle between fanboy armies?

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11-20-2007 @ 5:47PM

boxmyth said...

I used to have a PSP, and the battery lasted almost long enough for a productive bathroom break. My DS battery only needs charged once every Rapture.
There's that, and Zelda. There is no Zelda on PSP.


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11-20-2007 @ 5:53PM

TheCoats said...

1-its not a bunch of movies and no games
2-nintendo may have failed us rarely but this is just awsome to have......The originality is a plus
3 of course the games
4- the online gameplay is alot more useful (i dont think i have ever used my psp to get online and play a game)

there is only one thing about the psp that beats the's web browser is killer compared to the opera we get........but i wanted to buy a game system not a internet browser


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Pajama Party!3

11-20-2007 @ 6:07PM

Pajama Party! said...

Wow. It's n wonder so many people think the gaming media is in a total shambles. I've seen less flamebait-worthy topics on GameFAQs.

I'll say this about the DS and PSP: anyone who thinks that one is clearly better than the other is a fucking moron.

The two systems compliment each other perfectly. The DS may be great, but I think the fanboys who write for this site (and those who read it) tend to get so swept up in sales figures that they lose sight of the fact that the DS is far from perfect.


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11-20-2007 @ 6:10PM

Brello said...

I like them both. What can I say? Their strong points are so different it's hard to even compare the two.


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11-20-2007 @ 6:16PM

Fank said...

I like it because I've pressed enough buttons on the toilet in my life. I wanna rub and touch stuff on the toilet since I'm grownup now.


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Byron Fortescue6

11-20-2007 @ 6:22PM

Byron Fortescue said...

The only game that blew me away on the PSP is LocoRoco, I wish it came to DS too.. *hopes*.. The giant screen resolution on the PSP is nice too, but still.. It has too little diversity in games and doesn't have a touchscreen of course.. And a solid state memory system is always better then a mini-cd, I always hear people moaning about the loading time on the PSP.. It has better 3d graphics though, but the DS is quite capable of 3d as well, and I think limitations make a dev more creative.. I think the DS wins when you compare everything and probably because there are so many (good) games already available for DS..


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Pajama Party!7

11-20-2007 @ 6:34PM

Pajama Party! said...

Fuck it...

The ignorance that is already displayed in this thread coupled with the ignorance that will no doubt be on display should be making the folks at Joystiq ashamed of themselves for ever posting this drivel.


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11-20-2007 @ 6:52PM

Jason said...

I was a total psp fanboy when the two handhelds came out, got one on day one. I just bought my DS 6 months ago. In those 6 months I've played more DS than I ever played PSP. I still like my PSP but it's games aren't really portable like the DS games are. You have to dedicate time to the psp games (loading); with ds you can just pick up and play many of the titles. Also the ds lite is just right for my pocket, the psp is not. I'd have to carry a man-purse to bring my psp with me.


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James Ireland Worrix9

11-20-2007 @ 7:07PM

James Ireland Worrix said...

Remote play, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Disgea.
PSP all the way.


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11-20-2007 @ 7:07PM

mko said...

it's cheaper
battery lasts longer
Nintendo Games (Mario, Pokémon, Zelda)
Did I say it's cheaper?


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11-20-2007 @ 8:09PM

Bluebreaker said...

What I want to know is how Nintendo towers over hand held sales even back to the Gameboy/Game Gear days? That had a color screen, yet Nintendo trampled them. Are the games Nintendo has really that more appealling to other people? I mean I buy stacks of DS carts myself but I wonder how other people feel.


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11-20-2007 @ 8:49PM

NeoteriX said...

"I'll say this about the DS and PSP: anyone who thinks that one is clearly better than the other is a fucking moron. The two systems compliment each other perfectly."

Yeah well, the only problem is that the article is directed at parents who don't know anything about games and well, they're not going to buy *both* game systems for their little Johnny or Suzie.

So yes, for this audience, there needs to be a choice. One choice.


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11-20-2007 @ 9:14PM

Jacob said...

Pajama, there's no need to be so uptight. If we like the DS better than the PSP, so what? Is that a reason to get all mad and defensive? Chill man.

Anyhow, I do like the DS better than the competing systems. I guess for whatever reason that makes me a moron(?) I think the PSP lineup has come a LONG way since launch, but I don't think its quite diverse enough yet. The great thing about the DS is that I can have Advance Wars, Metroid Hunters, Mario Kart, and then a few rounds of Sudoku all on the same system. Perhaps I'll even take lawyering for a spin. Or upgrade my house in Animal Crossing. On any given day theres a lot of good, appealing games to choose from, plus the strong support of Nintendo through quality titles.

The DS just has a great lineup that appeals to me. Thats why I like it a lot. Its not perfect, no system is. But it offers the best portable gaming experience in this gamers humble opinion. Plus, I like the new direction its taking.

That's not to say that the competition doesn't have its merits. It just has very little that appeals to me.


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11-20-2007 @ 9:40PM

Katotetu said...

I own both a DS and a PSP, and I'll agree that the DS has better games. However, the PSP is hands down the better piece of hardware. You get what you pay for. Don't rule the PSP out though, there's some fun stuff for it. (FFTactics, anyone?)


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11-20-2007 @ 9:48PM

ArcadeFire said...

@Pyjama: You still continue to post here and all that. Not only that, but you never quite justified WHY they equate each other. Don't simply assume that people understand your arguments. If you ever took English in high school you would know that.

The DS is a gaming system and it does a damn good job of it. The PSP is a multimedia gaming system that does as good a job doing what it's made to do. If it was solely a gaming machine, then the DS would win x-fold.

Now that wasn't so hard, was it sweetheart?


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Muhammad M16

11-20-2007 @ 10:06PM

Muhammad M said...

It seems obvious to me that not many people on this thread have homebrew enabled downgraded psps. I


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11-20-2007 @ 10:13PM

yoface said...

I hate to point out the obvious. Slips in pocket, don't have to worry about the screen, has a nice handful of great games. The psp has the games but lacks the other two.


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11-20-2007 @ 10:38PM

yoface said...

I hear some claim that the DS has better games.. they appeal to me more but I looked at some numbers and the psp comes out with more 5 star games, and more average games. DS has a higher percentage of games that are pieces of.. well.. you know.

Here are the numbers

DS Out of 333 games

green 25%
yellow 61%
red 14%

PSP Out of 335 Games

green 30%
yellow 63%
red 7%

This is based off of the average score given to the game over at metacritic.

And a lot of 360 fanboys say ps3 doesn't have good games. Well the thing is they are both even with five star rating games. That is only based of how many games they have and you look at their percentage of games that have a high score. 360 obviously has a lot more but it's been out longer.


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11-20-2007 @ 10:43PM

yoface said...

oh did i just right that? Well... nevermind. DS has more 5 star games based on percentile of all there games combined. I wasn't paying attention. It's almost even I would say for both systems.. like it's almost even with the ps3 and the 360 but I'm sure the 360 has more 5 star exclusives than the ps3


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11-20-2007 @ 10:46PM

yoface said...

My calculations suck.. I again meant the ds has more 5 star games.

Let's not talk about what you like about the ds and instead talk about how I'm a royal screw up. In the name of derailment.


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