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DS Daily: 20

Did you ever make it? We mean the optimal score in Brain Age, of course. Tragically, the lowest this blogger ever hit was the low-to-mid twenties, but surely that comes from being a drooling, Castlevania-obsessed blogging type (and also, apparently, old-brained). Did you get all the way down to twenty? Did you pump your fists in the air and cheer? That can be embarrassing when you happen to be in public. Or are you more like me, sad and pathetic, staring through the glass at all the younger, smarter, better people? It's okay. It's not too bad here on the outside.

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11-27-2007 @ 9:13AM

onepointfivevolt said...

Castlevania-obsessed AND running through My French Coach? You're my kind of girl, Alisha.

The lowest I made it on Brain Age was about 26, and that was after a few days... then I got annoyed with keeping up with it, and just quit. I was satisfied.


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Alisha Karabinus2

11-27-2007 @ 2:04PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

What can I say... I'm all kinds of awesome. ;) Of course, I may be biased....

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11-27-2007 @ 9:21AM


Twenty one was the lowest i ever scored. After overdosing on the brain age quizes i became super acute almost too perfect, so something happened(I think i lost the game in my house) and i stopped and when i did i crashed hard.


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Bill McCai4

11-27-2007 @ 9:38AM

Bill McCai said...

I hit 24 quite a few times on brain age 2, but to be frank i got a tad bored of doing the same things each morning. Sure, some were entertaining, but there were a fair amount of tasks that were either way too easy or irritatingly poor. In the end i'd rather fill that daily 15 minutes with animal crossing activities.


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11-27-2007 @ 9:43AM

Waffala said...

The best I ever did was 26, but it also happened to be the day I had the most caffiene I've ever consumed at one time, ever since then it's continued to go up, my hands just don't seem to be fast enough.


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11-27-2007 @ 9:51AM

kevin said...

I hit 26, and I was satisfied since that's 2 years younger than my real age. I agree, the tasks did get a little repetitive - and this coming from someone with repetition disorder tendencies.


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11-27-2007 @ 3:01PM

kevin said...

I forgot to add... I still play Brain Age 2, but only for the Sudoku.

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11-27-2007 @ 10:06AM

NoodlesNinja said...

Well, my wife did get 20, twice in a row at that, and then she gave up (and I can understand her).
To make it all the more annoying, she got that score after just 3 tries.

As for me, I was struggling to get below 40.


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11-27-2007 @ 10:19AM

pman1225 said...

I hit 20 a looooooooong time ago.
P.S. Best time for 20 calculations: 13 seconds.


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11-27-2007 @ 10:20AM

Pknel said...

The lowest I got was 21. My little sister was struggling to get below 30 for a while and then one day she magically got down to 20. That's the day I quit playing. Stupid Dr. Kawashima hitting on my little sister.


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11-27-2007 @ 10:59AM

triften said...

I sold Brain Age 2 long before I reached an accurate score.


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11-27-2007 @ 11:35AM

Dito said...

I bought my DS on Black Friday (11/23). On 11/23, my Brain Age was 59. Yesterday, 11/26, my Brain Age was a perfect 20.

I got to 20 in 4 days.

Sadly, I'm not too interested in keeping it up. I expected the improvement to be much more gradual. I don't think I'm really THAT sharp.

Or maybe I am. Hm.


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11-27-2007 @ 11:35AM

Brello said...

The only time I hit 20 is when I told it I couldn't speak, and it let me do the math problems instead. Those are simple, so it was cake. Or perhaps cream pie. Like the ones I all too recently threw at Richter.


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German S.14

11-27-2007 @ 11:39AM

German S. said...

i had a gradual, steady growth to twenty. now i'm maintaining 20 - 24. (i am 23)


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11-27-2007 @ 11:51AM

TheCoats said...

i hit 21 alot but never the big 2-0


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Damian G.16

11-27-2007 @ 12:05PM

Damian G. said...

I hit 20 easily, but I was 17 at the time, so...


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11-27-2007 @ 1:52PM

Kam said...

21 and 22 and the lowest I've gotten, and I stick around that area, I seldom get as high as the 30s, but every once in a while I'll get one. I've never gotten the "golden score" of 20, though.


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Alisha Karabinus18

11-27-2007 @ 2:05PM

Alisha Karabinus said...

Woo, I feel better. I thought for sure all the comments would be of the LOL YOU NOOB I HIT 20 WITH NO PROBLEM. Yay for us being all not-perfect, eh?


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11-27-2007 @ 2:41PM

ARG! said...

i hit twenty once and I've been aging ever since.


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11-27-2007 @ 4:20PM

Duo said...

I hit 20 once. I don't think I've played the game since then =\


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