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Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book trailer

Everyone loves the chocobo. And why not? He's got his own theme music, he's the best ride in all of Final Fantasy, and then there's the whole "Wark!" business. No one can resist the fluffy giant chicken. You think you can? Oh, brother, we have something for you. It's the new Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book trailer, and it is cuteness personified. No matter how crusty or curmudgeonly you think you are, this trailer is guaranteed to make you murmur, "Aww," at least once. And hey, these days, it's hip to be sensitive. Just let it out, man. We won't tell.

The trailer is embedded after the jump, and it really is just as precious as ... well ... things that are extra precious, like babies and gold rings with scribbles. Even malboros, one of the most fearsome enemies in the FF-verse, seem totally cuddly, despite our memories of their bad breath.

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Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book gets Japanese date

While there is still no word if the US will see the Square-Enix Final Fantasy spin-off, Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book, those who plan on importing it anyway will be pleased to hear that it got a release date.

Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book will reach Japanese shelves December 14, 2006.

With the web site up and screenshots a plenty, we hope to hear more about the title coming to the States. Square certainly is showing the love for gamers this year. This Fall has been a Final Fantasy overload and now they are hitting us with spin-offs. Square, we love you.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Tons of Chocobo site updates [Update 1]

Besides finding a few really silly and sad pictures of people dressed up as chocobos, we also discovered that Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book's site has a lot of updates.

Little yellow chocobo supported by a stick will take you on a tour of his world and even introduces you to a few friends. Yes, the site is still in Japanese so unless you speak it fluently, you're in the same boat as we are.

There are a ton of images to look at and a nice yellow wallpaper to help you go down to crazytown after staring at it for a good five minutes.

While there is still no word on whether or not this will reach the States, we still feel that another addition to our FF chocobo spin-off collection wouldn't hurt.

[Update 1: Oh, those pesky typos!]

Square Enix loves the DS

At this month's Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix is gonna be all about the DS. Half the playable titles they plan to show are for the Nintendo handheld. Now that's what we call a coup.

Look for lots of news and video later this month from Chocobo no Mahou Ehon (Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book), Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, and Final Fantasy III.

We know you're especially excited about that last, since we never bring you Final Fantasy III news. Ever.

Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book Screens

Go Nintendo has three or so screens from Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book.

The game definitely has an interesting look to it and you would be better off translating the original Japanese site the images are from to get a better feel for what it's all about.

In spite of all the spin-offs from Final Fantasy, we can't help but want to play this one. There have been games based around the chocobo's before and we are excited to see where they are taking these lovable creatures next.

A bounty of DS scans

Gotta love those fans who are so dedicated when it comes to sharing their pretty-shinies with the rest of us. These Famitsu scans of Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book surfaced at NeoGAF amidst a bevy of other drool-worthy images. Luminous Arc and Ninja Ja Ja Maru-kun: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword are also featured, along with Chocobo, at Go Nintendo. The original post boasts some peeks at Harvest Moon and Gundam titles as well. Surely there's something to rev every motor there!

[Thanks, creamsugar!]

Chocobo's Magic Picture Book starter site

A pair of big blue eyes and some feathers falling from random places is all you get from Square's teaser site for Chocobo's Magic Picture Book.

If you don't read Japanese you can at least poke around Chocobo's eyes and listen to his theme song until you want to scratch out your own eyes.

But don't sharpen your fingernails just yet! We can tell you that the site does say that its official launch date is in September.

Did someone say Tokyo Game Show appearance maybe?

See also:

Wark! Chocobo coming to the DS

Can't get enough super golden chocobo? If the greens-loving birds are your favorite aspect of the Final Fantasy franchise, then the upcoming Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book is sure to hit your must-have list. Does that name sound like a '60s rock song to anyone else? "Fantasy will set you free ...."

There aren't yet many details on gameplay or story, but the premise is this: an intrepid young chocobo and his trainer, Shiroma, dive into the title's magic picture book to save their friends from the ever-nefarious black mage. Apparently many of the canon characters from the Final Fantasy series will make an appearance. Sure, there'll be moogles everywhere, kupo, but we're hoping for Wedge and Biggs.

The game, which will be released in Japan this winter, reportedly uses the same 3D engine as Square Enix's other DS offerings.

Final Fantasy III trailer

The official trailer for FInal Fantasy III is hosted, for your viewing pleasure, over at Game Brink. The trailer is low on the gameplay footage, yet features some sweet CG footage of chocobos running along a cliff complete with airship emerging from the clouds. Of the gameplay footage that is shown, some interspersed segments of exploration, dialogue segments, and battle footage make up the majority of it. Also, the site has some footage from E3 you can check out.

[Via Joystiq]

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