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WRUP: Don't be that jackass edition

Looking over this week's releases, we're left with nothing new that we want to play. Sure, there's Jackass: The Game, but we ask that you not be that guy or girl. Seriously, don't do it to yourself and don't cause your friends great shame when word gets out that you voluntarily signed up for such an experience. Hey, here's an idea: go through one of your older games again, instead!

What will you be playing this weekend?

Gallery: Jackass

DS releases for the week of January 7th

At last, games are releasing again, albeit slowly and in a fashion that is somewhat less-than-interesting, by which we mean that unless you're a huge fan of Jackass or you live in Australia, this week is a yawn. But some games are better than no games, we're sure of that ... and there's a lot of good stuff coming up in the next weeks, so we'll consider this an appetizer.
  • Brain Challenge
  • Jackass: The Game
  • Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
Chow your way past the break to see what's out in the rest of the major markets.

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Jackass: The Game is as painful as the show

At DS Fanboy, we like to advocate the idea that any task can be made into a game. Given the right goals and rules, any real-world (or other) activity can be an enjoyable game -- consider the example of Brain Age, which consists of normally boring tasks with timers and scores applied to make a game-like experience. For that matter, Cooking Mama starts with the idea of simulating the steps involved with cooking, and derives minigames from those steps. Designing a game around activities not normally associated with games is an interesting way of stimulating creativity, and adding some novelty to the medium.

It is for this reason that we don't really have an issue with the premise of Jackass: The Game. Our problem lies with the execution. Sure, we haven't played it, but we already know from the screens (and based on the fact that it's a licensed Jackass game) that Jackass: The Game won't be an avant-garde experiment in game design. It's just a game about hurting yourself in a shopping cart or whatever. One with no consistent visual style, for that matter, which is a bad sign. Some games are in 2D, some are in 3D. Maybe that's the experimental part.

Gallery: Jackass

[Via GoNintendo]

Lower your expectations: Jackass coming to the DS

You know what's missing from your DS? The ability to do exactly what every episode of Jackass has warned you not to do: try their brand of Jackassery at home. Thanks to the power of video games, however, you and your "dumb buddies" will get to relive all the best moments of the films and show ... if, that is, your favorites happen to be included in the upcoming game coming to the PSP, the PS2, and our own DS.

The game, which hits shelves in September, will feature 35 stunts, set up like mini-games, and some will be all new ideas that were never implemented by the crew. From these, players create their own "episodes," complete with ratings; the more pain and punishment you inflict upon your mini-Jackasses, the better your score.

Johnny Knoxville offered up this seminal quote when talking about his dreams for the title. "We just hope that our video game is as crappy as our movies."

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