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Siliconera posts answers to Our Video Game Exams

We're no strangers to scrawling information across our arms and concealing it beneath our sleeves before taking an exam -- it's precisely this kind of devilish act that got us through most of school. Yet thanks to its intensive use of Japanese, Bokura no Terebi Game Kentei (Our TV Game Exams) left us stumped -- at least until Spencer of Siliconera sneaked into the headmaster's Namco Bandai's office and grabbed some of the "answers" to the title's numerous tests.

In his time with the microgame compilation, Spencer passed exams by hitting a home run in Family Stadium, collecting 13 balloons in Mappy, getting a ship captured and then recovering it in Galaga, and digging to the bottom of the stage in Dig Dug. Head past the break to read more of Bokura no Terebi Game Kentei's challenges, but don't even think about telling teacher we told you.

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There's plenty to do in Dragon Quest V

Dragon Quest V is going to be one of the most feature-packed games on the DS. Don't try and argue with us, for Famitsu's recent look at the title only cemented that fact in our mind. There is a lot going on here.

Famitsu's article highlights not only a DS-exclusive character, Deborah, but also documents some of the other timesinks available in the game, should you wish to take a break from the main story. You can enjoy some Poker or Slots over at the casino, or partake in one of the other many mini-games available. You can even enjoy some combat in the Fight Field.

If you want to check out some new screens, head on over to Famitsu.

Gallery: Dragon Quest V

Nintendo Channel goes light on the demos this week

It's Monday, which means the Wii's Nintendo Channel is due to unleash some new DS demos for us to enjoy. Following last week's offerings isn't easy, that's for sure. Actually, it might be impossible. We're talking about one of the most awesome DS games available, after all.

So what's available this week? Head on past the break for the details.

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Friday Video: Edutainment

We feel like we could score in a fairly high percentage on the TV Game Exam, but right now it's only available to Japanese students. This short commercial for the game, which arrived to Japanese retailers this week, plays up the "exam" concept of the game, presenting the mini-challenges within as tests of specific retrogaming aptitudes.

It turns out that it's not only possible, but easy to make learning fun! As long as you're learning about Galaga. A longer trailer featuring micro-clips of the microgames (and a very happily dancing Picotto) can be seen after the break!

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Rhapsody: A Musical Minigame

NIS is including extra stuff with the DS version of Rhapsody, in addition to the inevitable Etna/Prinny cameos that will ensure that PS2-era NIS nerds will desire this PS1-era NIS remake. Cornet's trumpet-playing has been expanded into a minigame in which Cornet plays trumpet in the town square to earn Imotium chips from the townspeople. This takes the form of a minigame in which you blow into the microphone in time with an onscreen indicator.

Other new stuff includes a "Kansatsu Notes" feature, in which not only does the game provide a database of information about its characters and monsters, but the main characters offer commentary as well. Dengeki has posted tons of screens of these modes and other parts of Rhapsody.

Konami uses comedians to advertise New International Track & Field

We can't really understand Konami's marketing decision for New International Track & Field here. Usually, when it comes to advertising sports, sporting apparel or, heck, sports video games, we're used to seeing athletes in the advertisements. But, then again, we don't live in Japan.

There, Konami has enlisted the aid of celebrity comedians Coolpoko to advertise the title through a special site that is set to launch soon. If you're wondering where you saw the guy on the right before, it was probably in an episode of Entourage.

We've included one of their videos past the break, to give you a taste of their comedic stylings.

Gallery: New International Track & Field

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Detroit Metal City makes for awesome action figures

Upon first seeing Detroit Metal City: Death Shout, we came to a conclusion: the game was the perfect amount of crazy for us. It's no secret that we enjoy odd things here at DS Fanboy, so we'd like to point out that the game is now getting action figures, allowing you to act out scenarios you might not find in the Japanese title.

As you can see to the right, Johannes Krauser II came out wonderfully in his action figure. He's not only available as you see him there, but also in another costume. Joining him for this run of action figures is also the band's drummer.

So, anybody want to pick these up for us? Our birthday is, uh, soon or something.

Asterix and friends show up in new screens

Perusing a fresh batch of screenshots is like turning over a new page in a book. A comic book. An Asterix comic book. See the connection building here? The super-strong Gaul adds a bit more credit to his name with these latest images from Asterix Brain Trainer, as the overall game design begins to take shape.

Playing as the young apprentice Justforkix, Asterix himself gives you a map of the village -- and hopefully the ability to move about freely. Several new characters are shown, including Chief Vitalstatistix and the blacksmith, Fulliautomatix. Cheeky humor is commonplace in Asterix lore, so anything less than hilarious will seem like a disappointment. The gameplay interface could be similar to the superb Professor Layton, and there's certainly no shame coming close. Give us complex, intelligent puzzles to complement all things Asterix and this might be enjoyable after all.

Gallery: Asterix Brain Trainer

[Via press release]

The track and field is a bit more crowded now

Besides sprinkling in some of its most notable characters, Konami is also employing another key strategy to ensure that New International Track & Field is a success: online multiplayer. That's right, folks, the title will support online multiplayer for up to four players!

Along with online leaderboards, the inclusion of online multiplayer means that the game will not only be a viable option for Game Night, but also allow you to settle that argument about who's the better swimmer, Pyramid Head or Solid Snake, you had with your friend halfway across the world.

Oh, and Pyramid Head would totally win. His head is practically a boat.

Gallery: New International Track & Field

All aboard the Game Training train

For a press preview of Bokura no Terebi Game Kentei (Our TV Game Exams), Namco Bandai made a train car on Tokyo's Arakawa line into a mobile game demo venue, emulating the ideal location for everyday play of the game-training minigame collection.

As the writers accrued points in minigames, they were decorated with 5-point and 10-point stickers. At the end, the winners were awarded with yellow baskets containing yellow foods (to match the game's Pico mascot) including curry, corn and bananas.

After the break, as a consolation prize for those of us unable to attend the preview event, we've got a trailer. It may not be free food, but it's still enjoyable.

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Hanshin Tigers DS probably not coming to a store near you

If there was ever a game destined to really nail a niche market in North America, it's this game. Japanese-speaking Hanshin Tigers fans, with a deep knowledge of the team's history and players, will be all over importing this bad boy. There's a new twist to this heartwarming story of an underdog title coming out to compete against the big evil team game -- it's not just trivia anymore.

Along with a new batch of screens, we've discovered the inclusion of mini-games, good for letting your hair down after all that baseball question-answering work. You'll be hitting them out of the park in Home Run Contest, doing something else (we have no idea, sorry) in Lucky 7, and also enjoying a bit of karaoke ... somehow. Baseball is one popular sport, and importing Hanshin Tigers DS when it releases on August 28 will make you one popular gamer.

Gallery: Hanshin Tigers DS

Asterix gives up on violence to train your brain

Asterix is one of the biggest badasses in comic book history. For those of you in the dark, buy this and go from there. There's no excuse, just scrounge up whatever money you can and start reading.

After brushing up on the greatness of the Gauls, we can announce new screens and information on a brand new Asterix game, called Asterix Brain Trainer. This title brings instant disappointment. The quality pedigree of the comics lent itself to some phenomenal games, including Asterix and the Power of the Gods on the Genesis, which needs a Virtual Console release. Instead, we have a collection of mini-games in development, even when the DS is more than equipped to produce another stellar platformer or -- better yet -- an RPG.

Asterix Brain Trainer features a young village boy named Justforkix, who must partake in numerous brainy activities to work through an apprenticeship, led by the titular hero himself. It may not turn out to be terrible, but the entire backlog of Asterix history has great games just ready for the taking. No word on a US release so far, but European gamers can pick this one up on June 27.

Gallery: Asterix Brain Trainer

[Via press release]

Detroit Metal City: Death Spank

New screens of Detroit Metal City: Death Shout confirm our suspicions that the performance portions of D3's manga-based J-metal game take their inspiration from the Ouendan series: numbered circles appear all over the screen, and the player taps them in order to rock. But that (and, well, the makeup and title) is about the limit of Detroit Metal City's derivative nature.

The "Cult Game" mode is a set of minigames that includes activities like trying to climb Tokyo Tower in a lightning storm, wiping bats away in hell, and spanking a guy in drag until he takes flight -- in a race. Spanking him with the stylus. As if that weren't enough, Detroit Metal City features a shmup game in which you, as Johannes Krauser II's head, shoot at other heads.

Deca Sports possibly multiplied by two screens

In an interview with Cubed3, Hudson's Mike Pepe floated the possibility of a future DS version of their sports minigame collection, Deca Sports. It's far from OMG CONFIRMED, but Pepe remarked that Hudson is "exploring other platforms. The DS being one of them."

He followed with a disclaimer that, to us, sounds more like support, saying that the controls were central to the Deca Sports experience. Which system has the control scheme best suited to translation from Wii games? The DS is the only one we know that also involves waving a stick around to control things.

If Hudson decides to port or remake Deca Sports, the DS seems like a natural choice. It's already got a built-in "DS" name!

Carnival Games DS gets an equally unwelcome rival

With their queues, extortionate prices, dissatisfied workforces, and insistence on assaulting you with lights and noise at every turn, there aren't many activities that are less fun than attending a theme park. Here's one, though: playing a game that simulates these meccas of misery.

Then again, however curmudgeonly we are about amusement park games, it's not about to stop companies making the damn things. Following in the surprisingly creepy footsteps of Carnival Games DS is Wonder World Amusement Park from Majesco. Due for release this holiday, WWAP will feature "over two dozen mini-games and rides," with the touchscreen allowing players to "toss, drive, shoot, whack, fish and spin" their way throughout five themed zones. Triumphing in some of the minigames will in turn unlock "interactive rides," and eventually accessories for their characters.

"Our internal team is very excited to be developing original Majesco IP for such a strong, marketable concept," trumpeted Majesco Studios Santa Monica VP Bill Petro. Sure they are, Bill.

[Via press release]

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