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DS Daily: Is Nintendo too secretive?

Chris Kohler is reporting that, due to a pending stock trade, Nintendo will reveal no new information at next week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. We would feign surprise, but Nintendo's been keeping a lot of secrets from us lately. Also, we're used to going long stretches without hearing anything about The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Do you think Nintendo should be a little more open about what's to come? We'd love to see where you stand on this.

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1. I dont mind it really... Hearing too much about a game before its release can be a bad thing - I prefer not to know everything that's about to happen when I start a new game.

Nintendo have a history of delivering very well polished games, so I usually trust that things will be handled well without needing constant updates.

Posted at 11:40AM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Kefka

2. I very much agree with Kefka. If I want a new game, I'd rather more be surprised about what's to come when I play it, not 3 months before. Otherwise, that'll just ruin so many surprises.

Posted at 12:13PM on Mar 3rd 2007 by JBGUY2K

3. All the cloak and dagger is a welcome change from companies like SEGA and Microsoft (notably about Sonic and the Secret Rings and Halo 3)

All that information just gets boring, eventually

Posted at 4:32PM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Mr Khan

4. I used to think that Nintendo was way too cautious for it's own good. But after watching the blatant theft of the analogue joystick and rumble pack in the N64 days, I fully understand why Nintendo plays most of their cards close to their chest. If the 'rumors' regarding PlayStation Home are proven to be true, I will lose whatever little bit of respect I have for Sony.

Posted at 4:46PM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Steve 3.2

5. I like to be surprised, and I think Nintendo actually gets more pub every time Sony opens their mouth anyway.

Posted at 8:06PM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Donald

6. That's one thing I really, really liked about Nintendo. Nintendo keeps very tight lipped until the time is right. They make sure until the time is right and then spring the news. While on the other hand, Sony is just chatting away and making bold promises and coming up very short. That's why Nintendo has stayed in the business since they used to make playing cards (Wiki it, it's true). Sony should be taking notes on secrecy.

Posted at 8:34PM on Mar 3rd 2007 by Kevin

7. i agree with all of the above. while some info. on a game is nice, i don't want it all shoved down my throat before i play it. like with halo 3, i am very excited about it and am very much looking forward to it, but when i read 360 fanboy, i always ignore any news and updates about the game. ive even gone as far as to not by crackdown just so i wouldn't be able to play halo 3 beta. (my 360 is also broken) but i think nintendo is doing the right thing.

Posted at 12:01AM on Mar 4th 2007 by michael

8. As I was actually looking forward to some sort of news, especially something to do with the future of the Virtual Console, I am severely disappointed by the news. Add to that the fact that Sony is planning on making huge announcements at the same time Nintendo ISN'T is just frustrating.

That said, I'm also of the opinion that secrets are often the smart road to take. Using it gets you more excited about the product than knowing every little detail in advance. Then there's the inherent surprise factor when you find the product to be better than expected. It's like watching a movie you've never heard of on TV. Nobody had to tell you that the thing was good in advance, you just wanted to blow time. That it was enjoyable was just extra. Was a time that I didn't even know what I was getting when I bought a game. I have a lot of good (and traumatic coughARCANAcough) memories from that. But when it comes to system news, I kinda want some reassurance for my purchase, you know? Like, I already OWN the product, now let's see some content.

Posted at 1:11AM on Mar 4th 2007 by Dead_Prophet

9. thats the usual nintendo! they've been like this for more than I can remember !

Posted at 1:46AM on Mar 4th 2007 by redboxa

10. Look what happens when they reveal their secrets. Nintendo unveiled the Wiimote and then Sony tries to steal their idea with the six axis. I don't blame them for trying to keep it secret.

Posted at 7:23PM on Mar 4th 2007 by Vasco

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