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DS Daily: Technical difficulties

Reader Katotetu wrote in about his shoulder button woes -- repeated use seems to have killed them on his Phat -- and we thought that might be an excellent topic to bring to the table. Have you have any problems with your DS? Have your shoulder buttons suffered like Katotetu's? Were you a victim of a hinge crack? Or has it been all clear waters and smoothing sailing on the SV DS?

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Jordan H1

2-12-2007 @ 10:13AM

Jordan H said...

I have one of the first Polar white models and the cracked hinge is unavoidable. I'm curious to as if anyone with that has a Pink or Black DS model or a White model that they purchased after September has a cracked hinge also. The Pink and Black one seem to be better builds.


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2-12-2007 @ 10:42AM

Nushio said...

Havent had a dead pixel yet, but my L button stopped responding for a while until I slapped the DS silly. It works again.


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2-12-2007 @ 11:03AM

Naruhodou said...

I had one of the first batches of Polar Whites. Needless to say, it broke down on me pretty quickly for a Nintendo product. Stuck L button, unresponsive touchscreen, and the faulty hinge, which even caused the touch screen to "tear" on the right side every time I closed it. It's my fault for voiding the warranty, but at least it gave me an excuse to buy a new sexysleek Onyx Black (which had a single dead pixel, but Nintendo fixed me up).


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2-12-2007 @ 11:11AM

Kefka said...

My first Phat had a whole row of dead pixels in the top screen. I exchanged it, and noticed later that the new one had two little dead pixels in the touchscreen...

I really couldn't be bothered changing it again, so I've lived witg it.

No other issues thus far, although the hinge seems a little wobbly.


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2-12-2007 @ 11:17AM

jgreath said...

My fiance's white DS Lite has a cracked hinge, but we haven't bothered to send it in for repair since it hasn't affected anything. My black DS Lite is, as far as I can tell, defect free at the moment.


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2-12-2007 @ 11:22AM

wingerz said...

My left shoulder button stopped working after a while; I was able to send it in for a replacement pretty painlessly.


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2-12-2007 @ 11:28AM

Ben said...

I have a cracked hinge in my white ds lite. Ive known about it since around October. I just cant find a good time to send it in for repair. I need to do that soon.


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2-12-2007 @ 11:44AM

Liqwid said...

My sound went out on my DSL for two weeks, and then I stuck it in my pocket for three hours of college lectures, without taking it out, and the sound started working again.

Mine has a crack in it, but I don't have a problem with it. I don't look at the crack when I play games, it's on the other side of the handheld.


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Jon C9

2-12-2007 @ 12:06PM

Jon C said...

No problems on mine and my girlfriend's. And both of us have been using our daily imported Enamel Navy Lite since April.

Her's has a small semi-dead pixel (which works but light bleeds through one of the pixel edge) and mine has some dusts between the digitiser and the bottom LCD screen (only apparent under sunlight or bright office light).


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2-12-2007 @ 12:09PM

Jon said...

Oh, and both our DS Lites has 'floating' bottom screens. It isn't a problem, but I am curious to know if Nintendo has since 'fixed' it.


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Jarrett Kaufman11

2-12-2007 @ 1:24PM

Jarrett Kaufman said...

The R button on my original DS did, indeed, fail on me shortly before the release of the lite. On the lite I did end up with the hinge crack, as well as general plastic stress factors around all the hinges, presumably from keeping it in my pocket. And now the L button's starting to not fully respond reliably while playing FFIII. Luckily my lite's under warranty, but I worry that those stress cracks might void it for me.


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2-12-2007 @ 1:29PM

ramuji said...

I discovered the "beginning" of a hinge crack on my white DS Lite last fall after first reading about them here. I waited until it developed into a full crack in December, and then sent it into Nintendo for repair/replacement. It was right at the end of the year, so it took a couple of weeks, but they sent me a brand-spankin' new DS Lite. The touch screen on this one is very slightly angled inside its housing, but it isn't enough of a problem for me to send it back. (The entire screen is still visible.)

When I had trouble with my Wii just a few weeks back, Nintendo also replaced it with a new unit. Needless to say, I'm very happy with Nintendo's customer service.


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2-12-2007 @ 1:35PM

Jouw said...

My DS was perfect.
My DS Lite, however, not so.
Got it at the European launch. Since then, I've had loads of problems.
About a week after I got it, the plastic border around the touch screen came off. Works still, but you can see the circuit board. Might be because of playing ACWW: I got it with the DS Lite, and I used it with the stylus. To walk, I would press it against the sides of the screen. Not a great idea.
Often, games won't work. They will either not be recognised or crash the DS on the DS logo animation and health warning. Only blowing on the cart will fix it.
And, the touch screen can slightly be angled on the bottom right if you press too hard. That might be from too much using powerups in world 8 of NSMB, though...


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2-12-2007 @ 1:39PM

Raian said...

I have a White DS Lite-- and both hinges have broke off, leaving the screen very flimsy.

I haven't tried to send it back because I can't find the receipt, and I'm also afraid of having to pay $75 to get that fixed.


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JC Fletcher15

2-12-2007 @ 3:09PM

JC Fletcher said...

The AC adapter on my DS failed soon after I got it; I just used my GBA SP one (which the Nintendo help-line person wasn't aware anyone could do) until Nintendo sent me a beautiful free replacement. That's all!


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2-12-2007 @ 3:17PM

simmo said...

I own a DS lite and I have had an issue with dead pixels on the touch screen. I took it back and got a replacement on the spot.
In regards to the cracked hinge, I have never had that and hope to never experience it...even if it is just cosmetic.


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2-12-2007 @ 3:27PM

Ralph said...

I bought a black DS Lite. The left button didn't work so I called Nintendo, and I received a replacement.

The new DS Lite has a white dead pixel on the lower left of the touch screen. Other than that, everything else seems to be working. I hope that I don't get a hinge crack or another broken button. My games (Hotel Dusk, Elite Beat Agents, Advance Wars, Brain Age, Yugi-Oh GX) need only the touch screen so I should be okay.


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2-12-2007 @ 3:38PM

Alison said...

I purchased a white DS Lite on day 1 of the US launch, and needless to say, the left hinge cracked. Nintendo sent me a replacement, and that one eventually had a cracked hinge as well. I went through a whopping three replacement white DSL (read: refurbished) until I finally complained to Nintendo when the fourth and final white DSL developed the cracked hinge. Nintendo was more than willing to replace the problematic white DSL with a brand spankin' new DSL, color of my choice. I've had the pink DSL since early December and have yet to have an issue with it (knock on wood).

Supposedly, after this issue came to light, Nintendo responded by adding a "reinforced hinge" to the models made in August/September and later (at least that's what the Nintendo rep told me).


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2-12-2007 @ 4:09PM

bryanc28 said...

well, i have two ds lites (pink one my parents sent me for xmas; white one i won in an office auction) and they both seem to be made differently. the pink one has what i can only describe as a grainy like bottom touch screen, while my white one has both screens clear. they both have excellent d-pad control and zero dead pixels. my only fault with the white ds lite i have is cosmetic: it seems as light seaps through the gba slot area when playing in the dark. i hardly notice it though and it is not enough for me to want to return it.


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2-12-2007 @ 4:21PM

Frip said...

"I haven't tried to send it back because I can't find the receipt, and I'm also afraid of having to pay $75 to get that fixed."

I'm not sure what you mean by the hinges "breaking off", but if it's under warranty, you don't need a receipt or even the box.
Check here: http://www.nintendo.com/cpp/repairs/warrantyLookup.do


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