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Promotional Consideration: America's toughest commandos

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

Considering all the coverage we've given Contra 4 this past month, it was only a matter of time before the run-and-gun series somersaulted into one of our columns. This week's edition of Promotional Consideration rummages through the attic of years long past, pulling out two moth-eaten Contra ads from our faraway youth. Reminisce with us past the break.

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Friday Video: 2D Friday in full effect!

We're taking that whole walking in a straight line and jumping on everything to heart, because, y'know, we're linear like that. We also like our destruction with a heavy dose of bouncing around. And also, guns.

Can you guess what video we might be choosing to celebrate today? If not, we can only guess that you haven't been paying attention to our very particular tastes. That's okay -- we forgive you. Or we will if you head past the post break to check out this week's featured video.

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Modojo is totally pumped for Contra 4

Contra 4 Hype Watch continues. Current Hype Level: Kool-Aid Man. Modojo's Justin Davis has joined us in freaking out over Konami and Wayforward's new shooter, saying "Konami apparently said to hell with 'market realities' and made Contra the game I would have made, if I were given the team, the money, and told not to worry about sales potential."

The article is not just gushing about how freaking awesome the game is. Davis found the space for some new information about the game: specifically, that it would consist of nine levels, including three "pseudo-3D tunnel levels," presumably like the Bases found in Contra. Also, we're going to have to make some friends before the end of the year, because there's cooperative play via local wireless. Contra 4 party at our house!

DS Daily: Your E3 winner

We didn't see much in the keynote, but plenty of delicious DS content appeared over the course of E3: Brain Age 2, Flash Focus, Professor Layton, Advance Wars 2, Contra 4-- the list goes on and on. It all looks nice! But us being gamers, and this being the Internet, we aren't comfortable with anything unless it's categorized according to arbitrary value judgments.

For that, we turn to you. Which game of the pack was the winner, in your mind? And, if it wasn't Contra 4, why not?

E307: Great while it lasted

... but all good things must come to an end, eh? It's always nice to wallow in the explosion of news that surrounds a trade show, and even the diminished E3 was no exception. Sure, for Nintendo fans, at least on the DS side, things started out a little slowly, but once the media hit, we no longer had anything to be disappointed about! So what was tops for DS owners? Here's the best -- according to us, at least.

Top E3 trailers:

  • Contra 4 -- After all our Contragasms, you knew we were going to say this!
  • Front Mission DS -- What can we say ... we're big fans of ass-kickery.
  • Brain Age 2 -- We know you'll probably disagree with us here, but we can't help it. We a) dig a good, brainy challenge and b) think the selection of games looks even better than before.
Less-discussed games we desperately want right now:
  • Professor Layton and all his mysterious locales -- Okay, we wanted this before. But it was mentioned in passing around E3, and now we're more rabid for it than ever!
  • Nintendo Magic -- Another game we weren't sure would head our way, but that just sounds like fun.
  • Advance Wars 2 -- The first is one of the best the DS has to offer, though it seems to rarely get a mention.
Worst trailer that should have been awesome:

Insecticide, hands down. Please pass us some Dramamine on your way out.

Biggest disappointment:

Probably the missing wi-fi for Mario Party DS. C'mon, Nintendo, slip it in there! We promise not to complain about friend codes for at least a week.

Hands-on: Contra 4

Contra 4 is, for better or worse, a new Contra game. It looks and plays just like Contra games before it: it's classic 2D side-scrolling action gameplay, with a notoriously difficult 1-hit KO system. Of course, would Contra fans have it any other way?

Those worried that the Nintendo DS would not provide the hardware capable of offering a decent looking Contra can rest their fears: the sprites are fairly impressive, with a good amount of detail and animation. The game's action takes place over both the top and bottom screens on the DS, but it seems like interaction with the top screen is fairly minimal at this point. That's a good thing: if too many things were firing from the top, the player would certainly be at a serious disadvantage. The game promises a lot of vertical platforming, which certainly sounds exciting to us. The new grappling hook helps players get to higher areas faster ... but didn't seem too consequential to gameplay. Maybe they can take a few pages from Bionic Commando?

The legions of Contra fans have a lot to be excited about, but for everyone else, there isn't much new to appreciate about this DS-exclusive sequel. We're sure that it'll be a good game, but without any noteworthy gameplay additions to the game, we can't say that we're too heavily excited for it.

DS Daily: Is 2D obsolete?

We're not going to say a word. You already know how we feel about the issue. And we're not even asking if 2D is better than polygons, but just whether it has a place in the gaming world. We just want to see how this discussion plays out, to be honest. Just remember, as in all DS Daily topics, and every other post in which you comment, as well as pretty much everywhere, be courteous to your fellow gamers!

Another day, another rapturous Contra 4 post

Game|Life's Chris Kohler got to live our most recent lifelong dream of playing Contra 4, and he likes it! (Hey Mikey!) Upon hearing that Contra 4 is actually as good as it looks and doesn't rely on DS gimmickry, we reacted in a manner that is best illustrated by this video clip.

Kohler cites the classic weapons, the cleverly dual-screen-enhanced level design (which we don't think counts as DS gimmickry) and the Contra-appropriate sound design as features that contributed to his positive impressions. Oh, and the difficulty. Apparently action games are hard when you've been at a trade show all day, doing interviews and lugging a bunch of computer equipment around. We hope Contra will be sufficiently challenging even in more comfortable conditions.

We think we're going to have to find an excuse to post about Contra 4 every day until more developers get the message that there are plenty of strategy RPG's, sports games, mascot platformers, first-person shooters, puzzle games, and such out there. But there is a huge hole in the market for REAL ACTION GAMES like this one that are about jumping and shooting and synthesized guitar, and God knows there's enough of a userbase on the DS to support both awesome run & gun games and whatever else people want to put on there.

DS Daily: Contra 4 vs. Mario Party

One is all new as of E3, and the other got a great media boost ... and together, they're about as different as DS games can be and still be played by roughly the same groups of people (and also have the potential to be any good at all). So, c'mon, we've been here before. You know what we're going to ask. Which one sounds like the game you'd prefer, if you had to choose? Contra 4 or Mario Party DS?

E307: Contra 4 video wins E3

If your face hasn't been sufficiently rocked by the DS showings at E3, then we suggest watching this video of the first boss battle in Contra 4. Even if you feel like you've been rocked enough, you should go ahead and watch it, and allow Virt's brilliant cover of the Stage 1 music to rock your face clean off.

No brains are being trained here, people. Unless you count the brains of alien soldiers, which are being trained to blow up. We know it's early to declare a winner of E3, and we also know that E3 is not technically a competition. Even so, Contra 4 wins.

Gallery: Contra 4 DS

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E307: Contra 4 media so hot it burns

My friends, we are at war ... with minivans. And let us be the first to tell you -- the minivans are losing. Hoorah!

Frankly, we take it back. We're not in any way upset any longer about the Nintendo keynote. In fact, we've already forgotten the keynote, because we all keep fainting at all the hotness that's been released on forthcoming DS games. These amazing new Contra 4 screens are just the beginning.

Let's all celebrate these screens by taking off our shirts and flexing a few muscles! Well, all you fellas in the audience, anyway. This blogger will be skipping that part in favor of simply drooling on the gallery.

Gallery: Contra 4 DS

Nintendo Power poster: Contra 4 porn

We gasped when we unfolded the poster included with this month's issue of Nintendo Power. JC, reading over my shoulder to see if there were any updates on Barnyard Blast, fainted at the sight of its retro design.

Lance and Bill look just as badass as ever, but who are those other two characters firing away in the background? According to NP's preview, they've inherited Mad Dog and Scorpion's code names; we're of the opinion that they look like Bill Bellamy and that dude from Prison Break. Which dude from Prison Break, you ask? All of them.

Don't let their identities or the fact that the top-left guy isn't even paying attention to whatever he's shooting at get in the way of enjoying this fantastic work of art. Tie on a headband, throw your shirt aside, and head past the post break for more shots of the Contra 4 centerfold.

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DS Daily: Can they do it?

Contra 4 looks awesome. That was almost the entirety of today's daily topic, although we were considering making it a question just to fit the format. One thing (other than the apparent awesomeness) sticks out as a topic of discussion: can WayForward deliver a true, series-defining experience? We sure hope so. They've got some big shoes to fill, since they're trying to follow up Contra III; and, as history has already taught us, Contra III is awesome.

Contra 4 video even awesomer than our article image

Don't just walk -- run, flip, and shoot your way past the post break for the first Contra 4 video footage to hit the interbutts. The 1UP Show interspersed clips of the WayForward-developed title in this week's episode, supplementing the 1UP staff's hands-on impressions with scenes from Contra 4's various levels, throwing a boss fight in there for good measure.

Our thoughts on the game so far, especially considering Virt's involvement with its music and sound design, echo Jeremy Parish's: "It's like they said, "Let's make the best fan game ever,' and Konami said, 'That's so good, we want to make it a real game.'"

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1up jumps over exploding bridge, picks up Contra 4 content

We're going to cut out the introductions and get straight to it: oh man, Contra 4 looks awesome. It's fully 2D, just like we hoped. It's designed as a direct sequel gameplay-wise to the excellent Contra III: producer Tomm Hulett said "Anyone who's played Contra III on Virtual Console recently should be able to jump right into Contra 4 and feel right at home." New features include the ability to hold two weapons and toggle between them, weapon upgrading (two of the same weapon result in a powered-up version), wireless two-player, and a grappling hook.

WayForward is taking inspiration from New Super Mario Bros. for Contra 4, in the best way. They're returning to what was great about the series, and designing a new game based on that.

Can you believe that two guys who are supposed to be great commandos keep forgetting their shirts when they go on these missions? Check the screens and see how many enemy soldiers forgot their shirts. Preview: none.

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