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DS almost hits 20 million in the U.S.

While we're sure Nintendo will send a press release to mark the momentous occasion once 20 million DSes are sold in the U.S., recent numbers show that the handheld is almost there. After April's NPD numbers, 19.6 million of the systems have sold in the region since its launch.

Even though Japan has a much smaller population and reached the 20 million mark months ago, such a landmark can't be seen as anything but a success for Nintendo. It'll only be a matter of time now before the U.S. joins Europe and Japan in the category of "regions that have sold 20 million DS systems."

DS Daily: Our good pal, the mic

One of the features the DS has that we feel gets underused most is the microphone. It's always getting left behind by the school bus, receiving countless wedgies in the hall from more popular features of the hardware and also getting its milk money took. It's a hard-knock life for the DS's microphone, if you ask us.

Do you feel the same as we do? Could you care less about the microphone on the DS? Do you think it should only be utilized in Ace Attorney games?

DS Fanswag: Win a Cobalt DS Lite

Oh, you read that right. We're giving one lucky reader a brand-spanking-new Cobalt DS Lite (retails for $129.99). As one might imagine after seeing several giveaways on this blog before, entering to win this sweet handheld is a snap.

First of all, you must be 18 years of age or older (kids, ask you big brother or sister or your parents to enter for you!) and currently reside in the United States. So, if you meet those qualifications, all you need to do is tell us why you deserve this Cobalt DS Lite. Have you been reading us for awhile? Do you make your own DS Fanboy t-shirts in your spare time (send us one?) and have one for every day in the week? Whatever the reason is, tell us!

But, you can only comment once per day. So, don't go entering more than one comment each day or else you're disqualified. The contest begins as of right now and ends on Wednesday, February 20th at 11:59pm EST. Finally, give our official rules a read. Once done, get to entering.

Good luck!

Another week in Japan: Hardware and software numbers 12/10-12/16

Be careful with that DS of yours. It may be small and look all cute with its two screens, but that thing is a monster. How else could a system manage an 89,000 boost in hardware sales from last week's already ridiculously high numbers? The DS just continues to blow everything else away, selling 91,000 units more than the competing PSP (which also had a good week in Japan).

As for software sales, however, only three of the system's biggest contenders (Mario Party DS, Professor Layton II, and Dragon Quest IV) managed to make it into the top ten. Not only did these three games do well for the week, but their total sales are pretty outstanding. We wouldn't be surprised to see all of them reach the million mark at some point.

Check after the break to see Japan's hardware and software numbers for the week of 12/10-12/16.

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Become the Dr. Frankenstein of the DS world

Let's get down to business: you can rebuild it. You can make it stronger. You can fix your own DS. Not that you would, since Nintendo has such amazing customer service, but the relative inexpensive price of the handheld means that you can feel free to tinker and disassemble your old one with no fear and get your learn on, as you purchase a newer model to keep you warm at night and actually play games. Replacing a screen, fixing a broken hinge and just about any other major overhaul you could need to do to your DS is covered in this guide.

Handy, eh?

Best Buy offering $10 gift cards with purchase of DS Lite

If you're in the market for a DS Lite to bestow upon a good friend this holiday season (or, maybe you're anticipating gift money and want to finally get one yourself or upgrade), then Best Buy might be the place you want to hit up. They're offering a $10 gift card with the purchase of any DS Lite system. Nice.

Only problem is that their website shows all of the DS Lite units sold out online. That's not a huge problem, however. If you head in-store, you can get the same offer (we called our local store to confirm), so if you find one sitting on the shelf (odds are against you right now, we're afraid), then you're in luck. Other problem: the offer expires in three days, on the 20th.

Japan chooses DS Lite over PSP, but only just

Japan's long-running love affair with the DS is well-documented, with the handheld comfortably outselling all other gaming hardware in the region since its December 2004 launch. The PSP, despite making more inroads into the handheld market than any previous challenger to Nintendo's throne, lies a distant second.

Which is why a new survey, conducted by Cross Marketing Inc. and presented to us in the form of pretty pie charts, comes as something of a surprise. When asked which portable games machine they most craved, 23% of Japanese consumers revealed they fancied the DS Lite, while 22% opted for the PSP. Even taking into account the 7% who would choose the original DS, that's not a big lead for Ninty in the popularity stakes.

We can't really fault how the poll was carried out, either. Of the 300 individuals who completed Cross Marketing Inc.'s questionnaire, there was a 50:50 male and female split, while 20% of the respondents were in their teens, 20% in their twenties, 20% in their thirties, 20% in their forties, and 20% in their fifties.

In fact, the only beef we have with the survey is that the number of individuals polled is a tad low. 300 is a small enough figure, but when almost half of those express no interest whatsoever in gaming on the go, it suddenly makes the entire exercise a heck of a lot less representative.

Dragon Quest IV boosts DS sales in Japan

Let's be honest, DS sales didn't really need a boost in Japan, but it seems that the handheld got one anyway with the release of Dragon Quest IV. DS hardware sales went up by over 55% for the week of 11/19 to 11/25, jumping from 76,069 units sold to 116,694. Hardware for all other platforms went up, too (perhaps in response to the upcoming holidays), but none rose as significantly as the DS.

The sales for the week ending 11/25 are as follows:
  • Nintendo DS: 116,694
  • PlayStation Portable: 75,027
  • Nintendo Wii: 54,362
  • PlayStation 3: 50,564
  • PlayStation 2: 14,875
  • Xbox 360: 7117

Man lays into DS microphone, we leap to heroic defense

Over at Next-Gen, Ben Reich has penned an article on the worst ideas to hit gaming, with two Nintendo creations in his choices. The first, Friend Codes, we can kind of roll with. They're unwieldy, awkward, and let's face it: there are better solutions.

Perhaps they deserve to be there, but the DS's microphone? Not so much. See, we quite like the mic. OK, it's not as widely used as other parts of the handheld's unique feature-set, but we're struggling to swallow the argument that it's one of "gaming's worst ever ideas." Not in a world where the Roll & Rocker exists.

Two things seem to irk Reich about the DS's mic: that it can be embarrassing to use in public, and that not enough game developers have used it well. We partially agree with his first point -- e-nun-ci-at-ing "Buh-loo!" into your handheld while on the bus to work would make most people feel like a bit of a nugget. Then again, nobody is forcing you to play such games in public. It's all a question of choosing an appropriate location.

Secondly, plenty of games find a good use for the microphone. Being able to yell "Objection!" just before you start dismantling your rival in the Ace Attorney games is a fantastic touch! Summoning your hound in Nintendogs with a whistle or a shout of their name is equally nifty. My French Coach, which Alisha is covering all this week, makes terrific use of the microphone, allowing users to record themselves, in a bid to achieve greater fluency.

In other words, Mr Reich, we're going to have to politely disagree with you.

Nintendo won't stop making hardware

Sure, it may be a while before some new Nintendo hardware comes along, but according to Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata, the company will never dedicate itself to only making software.

Iwata was asked if the company would consider giving up on its hardware, as changes and additions to cell phones are making other portable devices irrelevant. He responded, "Nintendo is clearly much stronger when we can combine both hardware and software development than when we have to focus on software. I just cannot think of any reason why we would abandon a weapon which brings us such a great advantage. I just cannot imagine Nintendo's future as a dedicated software content provider."

Iwata also said that there is room for both the DS and mobile phones in the market, and therefore the two won't have to merge together. So, never fear folks. Even when if cell phones do take over the world, Nintendo will keep chugging out hardware for us all as long as you keep on buying it.

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]

Sears Black Friday ad reveals two new DS Lites

The annual pre-"Black Friday" bargain hunting has started among predatory shoppers, and we're already reaping the benefits of shoppers' insane vigilance. This detail from a Sears ad has revealed two new DS hardware configurations. We already knew of the gold Phantom Hourglass box, but this is the firmest confirmation we've seen from an actual retailer.

More interesting is the reveal of a metallic pink Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition bundle for $149.99. We don't know if this is a Sears exclusive, but the little ad clipping makes no mention of exclusivity. We doubt it, since one of our intrepid commenters hinted at exactly this hardware for GameStop as well. A new hardware bundle for a two-year-old game? Seems ludicrous on the outset, but it'll probably sell a (few million) bundle(s).

[Thanks, Steve 3.2!]

US gamers get Really Cool Color Spotting Training [update 1]

If you're in the US, and you've ever thought of listening to Alisha and upgrading to a Lite, next month would be a good time to do it. A listing for the black/red DS Lite with an included copy of Brain Age 2 has shown up on Gamestop for $149.99, which is unfortunately not a price break at all. It also doesn't come with a carrying case like the Canadian bundle does.

We're confident enough in the awesomeness of the Brain Age 2 edition DS Lite that we can recommend it even against future color schemes. We always wanted the Boktai GBA SP, and now here it is as a DS! It may even fit in the Boktai coffin case.

[Update: The listing appears to have been removed! The same thing happened last time with Futureshop. You're just going to have to trust us. We totally saw it. It's totally real.]

Japanese hardware sales, Jun. 4 - Jun. 10: Harry Potter edition

BUY THIS BOOK FOOLZThe final release of Harry Potter, one of the most widespread, wonderful literary series ever written, is coming to a close come July 21st. We'd like to take a moment and salute J. K. Rowling for reintroducing the better part of a world to the joys of reading, because hey, if no one read, we'd be out of our jobs. Pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as soon as you can, guys. Trust us.

Harry Potter and the Japanese Hardware Sales

"Harry," said Ron, slightly out of breath, "Snape'll go nutters if we're late again. Remember what he did to Neville?"

"Yeah," replied Harry, throwing himself down a shifting staircase and sprinting through the corridors. Snape had used a particularly nasty hex on the frequently tardy Neville, turning his hands into N-Gages. Harry allowed himself a momentary shudder.

They rounded a corner and began the descent into Snape's dungeon of a classroom, Harry's least favorite place at Hogwarts. Even disregarding his immense dislike of Severus Snape, Harry had never had much of a knack for Potions; it was always his lowest grade of the term.

Continue reading Japanese hardware sales, Jun. 4 - Jun. 10: Harry Potter edition

May NPD: the N stands for Nintendo

... and the P stands for Pokémon. The May NPD numbers are out, and-- no surprise-- the DS came out on top yet again. The Wii also did quite well, probably exactly as well as it could have given the supplies.
  • Nintendo DS: 423K
  • Nintendo Wii: 338K
  • Sony PSP: 221K
  • Sony PlayStation 2: 187K
  • Microsoft Xbox 360: 155K
  • Sony PlayStation 3: 81K
There were only two DS games on the software chart this month, and they're basically one game.
  • Pokémon Diamond (DS)
  • Mario Party 8 (Wii)
  • Spider-Man 3 (PS2)
  • Pokémon Pearl (DS)
  • Wii Play w/remote (Wii)
  • Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360)
  • Guitar Hero II w/guitar (Xbox 360)
  • Spider-Man 3 (Xbox 360)
  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (Xbox 360)
  • Guitar Hero II w/guitar (PS2)
Good for those other consoles for having so many games on the list this month. They try so hard. God bless' em.

Japanese hardware sales, May 28 - Jun. 3: Explanatory Aqua Teen edition

FROM THE PASTWe know, you were disappointed. Last night, as you happily refreshed DS Fanboy every nine seconds or so looking for this week's Japanese hardware sales, the vim slowly faded from your eyes as the hours ticked into oblivion. We would never willingly deprive our readers so; we were unavoidably delayed! You see ....

Thousands of years ago, before the dawn of man as we knew him ... there were the moon men, reigning over the Earth. But this was not the Earth you knew! It was covered in jelly and high-density motor oil, making the planet very slippery. The moon men blamed the corporations, and there was a war and many were killed. The battle raged for millennia until 8000 A.D., when the moon men realized they were not actually from the moon, but from rural Pennsylvania. They then built a monument to the moon but then the Quakers stole it and filled it with oatmeal, and no one knew what flavor. Californians were highly displeased and turned all the Quakers invisible, which is why you never see them anymore. And that ... is where babies come from.

- DS Lite: 123,140 4,321 (3.39%)
- Wii: 69,748 11,104 (18.93%)
- PSP: 26,358 261 (1.00%)
- PS2: 11,814 503 (4.45%)
- PS3: 8,998 629 (6.53%)
- Xbox 360: 2,219 175 (8.56%)
- Game Boy Micro: 310 97 (23.83%)
- GBA SP: 247 41 (14.24%)
- Gamecube: 226 30 (11.72%)
- DS Phat: 71 10 (12.35%)
- GBA: 16 1 (5.88%)

[Source: Media Create]

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