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Submerge yourself in the world of Mister Slime

We may not have LocoRoco or even World of Goo on the DS, but we do have a sludgy platforming hero of our own: Mister Slime. Little Slimy will be setting out in his self-titled platforming adventure next month, and we've got some exclusive gameplay tips for all future gamers looking to protect the gooey guy's home village from the invasion of evil Axons. Stretch out and get comfortable -- we've got all the info you'll need after the break!

Gallery: Mister Slime

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Ninjatown: Tower Defense with ninjas

We knew developer Venan Entertainment and Shawnimals creator Shawn Smith were intending to create an "action-strategy" title with Ninjatown, but, for some reason, it never occurred to us that what they meant was a ninja-themed Tower Defense game.

Reviewing IGN's gameplay clips and Joystiq's hands-on preview, it's obvious now how Ninjatown will play: During a brief building phase, you'll build ninja huts along a path which will produce varied ninja units. Enemies will start to charge down the path, and your newly created ninjas must try to stop them.

Managing and commanding the ninjas from a hot air balloon as Ol' Master Ninja, players can jump into the battle with special attacks, such as smacking enemies with the Ol' Master Ninja's cane and slowing them down by blowing into the DS's microphone.

Publisher SouthPeak expects to include 30+ scenarios total, encompassing five different gameworld areas, for Ninjatown's fall release. Though there's already at least one other Tower Defense commercial title due for the DS -- 5th Cell's Lock's Quest -- the cute character designs, playful approach, and use of the system's features could be enough to turn Ninjatown into something special.

Gallery: Ninjatown

Read - Joystiq hands-on: Ninjatown
Read - IGN's Ninjatown videos

Brave: Previewer's Challenge

IGN has posted impressions of SouthPeak's new puzzle adventure game, Brave: Shaman's Challenge, answering the question of exactly what kind of puzzle game it is. Basically, it's a variant of Columns and about a million other falling-block puzzle games: groups of two pieces fall, and the player rotates and slides the groups around to create lines of four or more pieces of the same color, which disappear when lined up.

As far as the adventure aspect of this puzzle adventure, IGN's Daemon Hatfield calls Brave "a linear adventure without all the RPG elements of Puzzle Quest." Combine that with awkward-sounding stylus controls and the game gets less and less interesting. But not so uninteresting that you don't want to watch the two videos posted after the break, right?

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Brave Quest: Challenge of the Shamans

SouthPeak Interactive has released the first screenshots of their narrative puzzle game Brave: Shaman's Challenge. The puzzle game element seems to be of the "falling blocks" variety, though we can't exactly see how it works yet (it's not match-three -- Super Puzzle Fighter-esque, perhaps?)

While the main puzzle mechanics may not be strictly influenced by Puzzle Quest, we can't help but think that the very idea of marrying a puzzle game with a real storyline has something to do with Infinite Interactive's hit. It worked well enough for them that they're trying the same "existing puzzle gameplay + new story" tactic again in two new games, so maybe it'll work out in Brave's "Native America" (which may or may not be Oklahoma).

Gallery: Brave: Shaman's Challenge

[Via press release]

SouthPeak announces Brave: Shaman's Challenge

Aside from Mister Slime, Big Bang Mini, and Ninjatown, SouthPeak is working on yet another unreleased game called Brave: Shaman's Challenge. This particular title is a puzzle game with a Native American theme and setting -- in fact, it even takes place in a land called "Native America." Following a boy named Brave who is trying to protect what he holds dear, this puzzler is also meant to have a deep and complex storyline.

Unfortunately, with the announcement of the game SouthPeak didn't elaborate on what kind of gameplay Shaman's Challenge will entail, so it's hard to tell whether or not this title is something to look forward to. In any case, we'll keep our eye on this supposedly intricate game.

SouthPeak announces Mister Slime for North America

SouthPeak games is putting out a new action adventure game called Mister Slime. Development duties will be handled by Lexis Numérique. SouthPeak executive vice president Katie Morgan calls it "fresh, tactile, fun, and addictive. That is what Mister Slime is all about."

The game releases in April, but has been available in Germany for quite some time now. For some screens, hit up our gallery below. Past the break you will find the press release.

Gallery: Mister Slime

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What's going down in Ninjatown

We're confident in our belief that Ninjatown is the only ninja game in history to feature cartoon hearts on its box. It's all due to the super-cute style created by Shawn Smith that the bizarre dichotomy between cute and cold-heartedly murderous can be maintained. For example: the game is a strategy game, which means war. The black-suited ninja is less than one second away from committing an act of violence on the boxart, and yet the ninjas' Smurf-Village-like dwellings overpower that and elicit an "awwww."

We've got the first direct-feed screens of the game in our new gallery, and the same feeling applies: yes, these are people who primarily identify as ruthless assassins, but ... we want to huggle them.

Gallery: Ninjatown

[Via press release]

EGM visits Ninjatown

Shawnimals creator and Electronic Gaming Monthly alum Shawn Smith finally broke his silence on Ninjatown, sitting with EGM to talk about the game and share a couple screenshots. We knew to expect plenty of characters from the Shawnimals plush toy line when the Ninjatown trailer debuted, but, until now, we've been left in the dark on how the "action-strategy" title would play.

According to Shawn, battles will be split into two phases, building and combat, the first of which allows you to drop in structures and create/upgrade the different ninjas at your disposal. While combat hasn't been finalized, it's expected to include a "puzzle element." We're not sure how that would work with the two screens shown so far, but it certainly sounds interesting!

Dream Pinball with not-so-dreamy art

Previously, we were only able to see one table of SouthPeak Interactive's Dream Pinball 3D. Our dreams usually have much more pinball than that -- like, say, three tables. Sure, they may be startlingly generic-looking pinball tables, but our love for the jangliest genre of gaming is such that we're willing to withhold judgment on the quality of the game until we can see, hear, and bump for ourselves.

Although, we admit, it's pretty hard to withhold judgment when we are faced with that Spinning Rotors backglass, with its WordArt logo and guy-jumping-at-bird design. And what's the deal with the title? Is the guy supposed to have rotors, or the bird?

Gallery: Dream Pinball 3D

[Via GamesPress]

Pinball Dreams has balls of gold, sharks of orange

Shmups aren't the only underrepresented genre on Nintendo's handheld -- the high score whores among us have yet to be treated to a truly killer pinball experience, unless you count Metroid Prime Pinball (bland table design) or Flipper Critters (too distracted with trying to tell a story) as "truly killer." Which we don't. Sorry, fans of those titles.

SouthPeak's Pinball Dreams is the latest attempt to fill the flipper-shaped hole in our hearts. Due to also appear on the Wii and PC, the game sports six tables, plus the option of playing with marble, oak, ivory or gold balls; serious questions, that require serious answers, no doubt.

The single shot we've received so far is ... not bad. Acceptable. We're a little unsure about the choice to squash the action into just one screen, but we'll refrain from judging too much until we see more of the game. Pretty sure sharks aren't orange, though. FYI, SouthPeak.

Ninjatown: Real ultimate cuteness

Publisher SouthPeak Games announced today that it will be showing off Ninjatown, a previously unannounced DS title, at Germany's Leipzig Games Convention. The awesomely-named project transforms the shinobi Shawnimals license into a "quirky but intensely addictive strategy title."

We're not sure what sort of hijinks the plushie assassins will be getting into, but they're bound to be adorable! What else would you expect from a clan of ninjas whose primary attacks consist of "stealth hugs, sneak snuggles, and fists of tickle fury?" Check past the post break for a trailer introducing Ninjatown and the black-pajama-clad characters.

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