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DS Daily: Toward handheld dominance

We've found that the amazing levels of awesome offered by the DS have led us to lean more toward handheld gaming than we did before. The DS is just so versatile (moreso even if you homebrew), and we never run out of games to play. In fact, we could use an extra ten hours or so a week just to dedicate to working on that stack of shrink-wrapped DS games! So we thought we'd ask if it was just us. Does the DS dominate your gaming experience, or do you spend more time on a console (perhaps this one)? If you owned handhelds in the past, do you play more or less often now than you did before the DS?

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1. Yup. DS has become my main console, but that's partly because I haven't bought into the next gen yet. I'm sure if I had a Wii and a 360 sitting under my telly, they'd be getting more airtime than the venerable PS2.

Posted at 11:12AM on Mar 25th 2007 by Jonman

2. While I play the DS much more than I ever played my GBA, it is still second choice to the consoles. I find it much easier to get into a game with a 27 inch screen with surround sound compared to a handheld. I like my DS but the GCN/Wii will always be top priority for me.

Posted at 11:24AM on Mar 25th 2007 by Nintendodad

3. I do spend more time playing DS than my other console (yes, it's the other one in the picture above), but that is mostly due to the fact that I have more down time away from the home than I do at the home. Not a complaint. Just an observation. I love both of my Nintendo products, and wish I could get more time in with the Wii. Unfortunately I just don't get a lot of game time at home.

Posted at 11:33AM on Mar 25th 2007 by Nick

4. Because of a matter of "space" i only have had portable consoles...when i was going to buy my DS Lite, i decided to buy it 'cause the reason you told on this post...i NEVER run out of games i wanna play...

Posted at 11:42AM on Mar 25th 2007 by Zuko

5. The DS is it for me. I have no interest in violent Xbox 360 games. I have a permanent personal boycott on all Sony products because of the rootkit. And honest fanboys and fangirls will admit the wiimote has not lived up to expectations. So the DS is it.

Posted at 12:20PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Sancroff

6. I love my DS Lite and take it everywhere I go, homebrew is awesome, especially with the new free browsers that are out.

BUT I spend a lot more time playing my xbox 360, the graphics are amazing, and i love play fps on "live" 12 on 12, with blood is just a different experience.

Posted at 12:26PM on Mar 25th 2007 by stix

7. Yep, this is the first time I've ever played a handheld this much. Next gen has been a dissapointment so far..Developers are going to be half-assing it with the Wii for awhile and the 360 still hasn't wowed me over with anything that wasn't on XBLA.
I can see myself playing nothing but my PS2 and DS for the next few years.

Posted at 12:56PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Frip

8. Agreed with Frip. As much as I love my Wii I haven't been impressed with this generation. Apart from Smash Brothers and Fable 2 I'm not excited about anything coming out on the consoles. Even the might Metal Gear Solid hasn't wowed me.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the Wii's odd controls I probably wouldn't have bought it, and I predict this will be the generation I bow out of the console race. I find with the DS (and even the PSP) the games are more daring, inventive and much more engrossing than anything in front of my TV. Portable gaming is where it's at right now.

Posted at 1:34PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Wolfrider

9. yea ive got a wii and ds, but i play my ds a lot more. mainly cuz, like the other nick said, i have more free time when im not at home than when i am at home. and also cuz the ds has a better library of good games while the wii still only has a few good ones. and im only gonna play my ps2 again once i get god of war 2. either way i love all my systems, but the ds is just more convenient.

Posted at 3:47PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Nick

10. Ever since I got mine, i've spent a great deal of time on my DS compared to any other gaming system I have. Homebrew just makes it sweeter. My DS goes everywhere with school, there are usually 5-6 people scrambling to play Mario Kart DS against eachother. It's awesome. And team matches in MPH are a blast too. There are lots of creative games out there that are a blast to play, so I don't see myself giving up the DS for a break for a long time.

Posted at 4:57PM on Mar 25th 2007 by Mikemasta

11. i hardly ever play anything now other than my DS Lite and Game Boy Micro. My Wii has been packed away in a bag since when i last took it to my grand parents house, and that was 3 months ago, and i haven't even played Twilight Princess once yet, even though i would really like too, but i just don't have the time. The last time i played on the Xbox 360 was playing Gears Of War, which was amazingly good, but a bit short. I haven't touched my PSP for ages, but during december GTA: Liberty City Stories was all i played. But apart from that there are no other games worth buying for it.

However, there are always at least 5 DS games in want to buy, and i always feel like i should be playing it more often, and once Pokemon Diamond & Pearl are released, there will be no time to play any game but them for at least a month, and after that i will still be playing that for 50% of my gaming time.

Posted at 5:44PM on Mar 25th 2007 by tom b

12. I play my DS a lot more than my consoles now adays. There are just so many awesome games for the DS, and the fact that I can play them anywhere makes it even better. So I'm definitely more of a handheld guy than a console guy.

With all due respect,

Posted at 12:12AM on Mar 26th 2007 by Fox

13. I admit, I do play DS more than my consoles, however, today I got a 360 and I am loving it, and for the next week will probably play it more than the DS, Wii, or Gamecube. *Ducks*

I do not however, see this affecting DS dominance, when I got the Wii I logged like 50 hours of gameplay in just the first couple weeks between beating Zelda, Red Steel, Elebits, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (I know, GCN...), and more recently Blur. Since then I have been playing the DS and don't see any stop ahead and I look forward to the game night seeing as I am a newbie here.

Posted at 12:33AM on Mar 26th 2007 by JimmyPageJun1or

14. I definitely play my DS the most. I hadn't touched my GameCube for about a year prior to LoZ:TP and haven't touched it since I beat it. I have an old Xbox but little appealed to me on it so it's been gathering dust for over a year. I love the Wii but the game lineup is weak right now (April 9th can't come fast enough). Due to their cost the PSP, 360, and PS3 are off limits (forever in the last case). The DS though has really amazed me with its almost constant stream of awesome games. I can't remember a system since the NES that always had new games I wanted. Also, like anyone else who owned an NES my free time in front of the TV is very limited nowadays so DS games are the only ones to which I can reliably devote time (if LoZ:TP hadn't come out in December I'd never have finished it). I do have to say if the Wii had been like the 360 & PS3 I would have left the console world entirely for the DS.

Posted at 2:20AM on Mar 26th 2007 by jarod

15. sadly I disagree here


Posted at 3:01AM on Mar 26th 2007 by lynch

16. Yup.. All DS DS DS..
Im carrying my DS all the time with me, because I also use it for Homebrew like MSN (at McD) and as my MP3 player..

Havent even touched my Wii for quite some time..

Posted at 5:36AM on Mar 26th 2007 by XSlicer

17. I have played the GBA SP a lot more when I first got it than I have the DS. That's because I was limited at the time to not much of anything else since I was in the navy and stuck on the ship.

Posted at 5:52AM on Mar 26th 2007 by atsui

18. I've got a Wii but I play on the DS more. But that's nothing new, the only time I ever played my GC more then my GBA was when Resident Evil 4 came out. The GBA just had far more AAA titles then the GC managed, I must have 20 + GBA games and about 6 GC titles.
+ the handhelds are better for life sucking RPGs and SRPGs, what with being able to get a quick 10 mins in every now and then, etc.

Posted at 6:11AM on Mar 26th 2007 by davey strange face

19. The DS has become my system of choice. I can quickly jump into and back out of a game after only a few minutes. And it doesn't hurt that I can also play against friends locally or over the Internet either.

Of all of the portable systems I've had in the past, the DS is the first one that has gotten more play time than one of the home ones. That may also be due to the fact that I don't have any of the new generation systems yet. We'll see what happens when I eventually get a Wii by the end of the year.

Posted at 12:15AM on Mar 27th 2007 by Steve 3.2

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