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What to do with that old Wii wrist strap?

Reader Arun wrote in to us with the above image, showing us a use for that old Wii wrist strap. Sure, it's not strong enough to support someone playing a bout of Wii Sports: Bowling with all of their energy (see: playing like an idiot), but we're fairly certain its role as a strap on the DS Lite is just fine. We wonder what other kinds of straps people are using on their DS and DS Lites ...

How many of you out there have used your old Wiimote wrist strap on your DS?

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3-23-2007 @ 2:42PM

Loban said...

Doesn't the DS Lite come with a strap? I could have sword mine did, but I could be wrong.


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3-23-2007 @ 2:44PM

Graham said...

it doesnt! only the dsphats did! So I just took mine off the phat... *stares at the blue brick* what to do with you................


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3-23-2007 @ 2:50PM

shadowchaoscontrol said...

i use it on my white mp3 player


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3-23-2007 @ 3:19PM

Qwikstreet said...

I actually use my white PSP strap on my black DS. I sold off the PSP and forgot to include the strap.


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3-23-2007 @ 3:30PM

acefondu said...

lol, I put it on my DS Lite. I thought I was unique...awww...


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Dracula Jones6

3-23-2007 @ 4:36PM

Dracula Jones said...

Yep, that's exactly what I did with my old remote strap. And somewhat ironically, right after I attached the strap was the first time I ever dropped my DS.


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3-23-2007 @ 5:06PM

religiousjedi said...

I use the Old Wrist Strap on my cell phone...easy slide grab now!


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3-23-2007 @ 5:32PM

Robert said...

Heh. I see I'm not the only one :P


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3-23-2007 @ 6:41PM

Spencer said...

Actually, I switched my DS phat strap and my new wiimote strap, so my wiimote has a black strap, and my DS has a white strap. However, i gave my four old straps to friends with DS lites.


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3-23-2007 @ 8:42PM

Bipedal said...

I put the new strap on my dslite. I'm not some strongarmed dumbass who needs an extra thick strap to stop from throwing his wiimote into his tv.


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3-23-2007 @ 9:00PM

krazyman said...

I did the same thing, but discovered it was too long, so I used the strap that came with a USB drive.


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3-23-2007 @ 9:43PM

wildweasel said...

I don't need my DS Phat wriststrap anymore after getting the one that came with Phoenix Wright: Justice For All's pre-order goodies. At some point I had the old strap attached to my PSP, in a bout of irony (see also: watching trailers for XBox games through the PSP's video player, and emulating Mike Tyson's Punch Out on it as well.)


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3-24-2007 @ 3:06AM

Scott said...

You know, my brother decided to do this with my DS, and I thought it was a good idea. With some games, if you put on the strap and secure it, you can actually play the game using only one hand.


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Stephen Munn14

3-24-2007 @ 11:06AM

Stephen Munn said...


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Arun Dhir15

3-24-2007 @ 11:43PM

Arun Dhir said...

Wow, I was surprised to see this here. Now where's my hand knit DS Lite Case...


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3-25-2007 @ 4:27PM

NeverSage said...

That's a good idea. I would do that if I didn't have my Mario Kart strap from my red DS Phat on there.


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3-26-2007 @ 12:12AM

JimmyPageJun1or said...

I have had one of the thick ones for a while, since like Christmas, works really well and I don't have to worry about breakage, which is good because I am overprotective of my DS.


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Kaizoku Risu18

3-27-2007 @ 3:49AM

Kaizoku Risu said...

Since Nintendo sent me 8 of the new Wii wrist straps instead of 4, I use one of them on my digital camera. Since it is adjustable, it stays on my wrist better than the one it came with. Awesome!


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