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Edutainment, language-style

Asuma Entertainment is working on a new language-helper game that will probably not see a release outside Japan, but may be a good import for those trying to learn elementary Japanese. Anpanman to Asobo: Aiueo Kyoushitsu is the DS as a pile of flash cards; objects are shown and the player writes the correct Japanese word for the object.

There are already a number of language info-games for the DS, so the concept of this isn't terribly new. However, this game seems aimed at children, and features the pastry-headed Anpanman, and many language students already watch childrens' films and read picture books to help them with language, so why not a kid-friendly DS game?

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Your name1

10-30-2006 @ 10:56PM

Your name said...

Hi all, it's mentioned in the article that there are a number of language info-games out for the DS.

I'm learning elementary Japanese now, is there any games that would help? English to Japanese dictionarys? Please suggest if there are!

cheers, love the site


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10-31-2006 @ 12:40AM

20XX said...

Well, when you get ready for kanji, the Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten is a pretty awesome kanji dictionary (which includes a few hidden Game & Watch games!)


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10-31-2006 @ 10:47AM

gena said...

If it does what it says, im definatly imnporting this. I think I used to watch a cartoon with cheeky cahracters like that when I was a kid. Plus learning to write japanease is simply too good.


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10-31-2006 @ 11:29AM

Scott said...

Looks interesting. Speaking from personal experience, most japanese learning games are targetted at native speakers. Carts like rakubiki jiten and kanji no watari tori are specifically for native speakers. Even Kanji Kentei, which is the most suited to people learning Japanese as a second languge, breaks out vocab beginner/intermediate students aren't familiar with. Given that the screenshot shows the basic あ(a) I'm guessing this cart is probably for people who want their little kids to get a jump on hiragana/katakana. Might be interesting.


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10-31-2006 @ 12:56PM

20XX said...

This seems to only teach hiragana (and maybe katakana.) Seriously, guys, unless you're 4, you could get this same information online and learn it in a couple of weeks.


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