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Musical musing about Sonic Chronicles

The latest trailer for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood does a good job of showing off some in-game footage (well, it does suffer from screen-in-a-screen syndrome) and introducing the game's storyline. The blurb in the beginning about BioWare's past achievements may help get the interest of PC/Xbox gamers who happen to see the trailer as well.

But for some reason, what sticks out to us the most is the music. Specifically, it's a march. Marches, by definition, are designed to dictate a rate of movement. The march is a fairly average speed, and Sonic is really fast, and -- okay, we don't know where we're going with this.

Nintendo and others file suit against flash cart sellers

Nintendo is finally taking aggressive action against piracy, as the company is suing five Japanese firms over flash cart equipment. The Big N is just one of many plaintiffs in the case, though, with fifty-three others joining in to aid the fight -- just a few companies that you may have heard of, like, oh, Square Enix, Sega, Level-5, Hudson, Pokemon, Capcom, Namco Bandai, SNK Playmore, Koei, and so forth.

While details are scarce, we can imagine a lot of popular carts (like the R4), if not all carts, will be affected. Should Nintendo and friends win the suit, selling and importing such carts will be illegal, meaning that people would have to resort to the black market to get their hands on one.

We understand why Nintendo and other companies would want to fight the good fight against piracy, but we can't help but fret over the impact on our precious homebrew hobby. At any rate, we'll give you more information as this case unfolds.

[Via Joystiq; Thanks, Kimiko!]

Sega shows more Destruction

Along with the news that World Destruction will be releasing in Japan on September 25th (shock, gasp, it was pushed back a week!), Sega has released a new video for the title. Although it shows some more gameplay footage, most of it is your classic RPG fodder and not battle scenes. Still, we're pretty impressed by how it seems to be turning out. Not only does it look great and have an interesting story, but the 300 event scenes and plethora of maps and voices that Sega promised should be enough to excite any RPG gamer.

Also, folks interested in the game (or anime, or comic) can go and check out World Destruction's official website. There's not much in the "Game" section, aside from a nice-looking background and a gorgeous song (the one from previous trailers), but the song alone is enough to get us to keep on coming back until they add some content.

A snippet of Sonic Chronicles gameplay

Our prayers after a vacant E3 have been answered. After complaining like little kids that we have no video for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, a hefty sack of media has dropped by, showing off gameplay in several different areas of the upcoming RPG. The above portion is titled Green Hill, and it seems like the kind of happy chappy level present early on in most Sonic games.

Hit the break for four more videos, showcasing new levels and a few extra characters. Comments thus far? The environments look excellent, with the subtle painted style complementing the 3D character models very nicely. The lack of action in these clips is a little disappointing, but we know there will be plenty of that, what with it being a turn-based RPG and all. Quietly confident in this one.

Gallery: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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Wal-Mart does 2 for $25 deal

The last time the retail giant did one of these deals, there wasn't much in the way of worthwhile titles in order to get some of you off the fence and spending. Perhaps the same can be said of the stock participating in this most recent deal, but we'd beg to differ. If you still haven't picked up Sonic Rush, then we suggest you nab that and one of these other included titles:
There are other games, such as some board game compilations, so we suggest you head over and check out the sale for yourself.

[Thanks, Feba!]

DS Download Service updates with old demos

For those of you looking to play something brand new this week, you're out of luck. Instead, Nintendo offers us a chance to catch up with some demos me might have missed in the past, allowing folks to download these up until next week. So, if you missed out last time, get on it!

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Culdcept's card art, release date exhibited

Sega just announced the Japanese release date for Omiya Soft's DS iteration of their card-battle series Culdcept DS: October 16, for 5,040 yen ($47). Fans of, uh, looking at Culdcept who happen to be located in Japan can build even more anticipation for the game on August 9 and 10, when a special exhibition of card art from the series will take place.

For those two days, the UDX Gallery in Akihabara will host the Culdcept Card Art Exhibition, a free event celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the series. The free event should prove popular among people used to staring at tiny images of the cards, who wish to experience the novelty of staring at really big versions of them.

E308: Dinosaur King unearths a trailer

Our unfaltering love of dinosaurs makes us want to also love any video game having to do with such awesome and mighty creatures, like Dinosaur King. Yet, once again, the juxtaposition of cartoonish graphics with real-world imagery leaves us uneasy. We were really feeling it until the anime sprites showed up out of nowhere. Perhaps we need to actually see the show this is based on to understand the allure.

At the same time, thoughts of digging up fossils, having a dinosaur compendium, and fighting dino battles are incredibly tempting. Too bad Sega didn't forgo the license and just hunt for the meat of it all. The music in the trailer makes one thing clear, though: dinosaurs rawk. Not that we needed another confirmation of that fact.

Interested parties can also check out the new screens in the gallery below.

Gallery: Dinosaur King

E308: A little more from the Dark Brotherhood

The E3 media blitz continues with Bioware's Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. You know what goes well with new screenshots? Trailers. Sadly, we've only got this old one, which means someone's asleep at the switch. We've seen nearly 150 screens for this one -- where are all the videos? Should we just put them together and make a flipbook?

Gallery: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

[Via press release]

Sega provides soundtrack, commercials for World Destruction

Making the most of its multiple media production, Sega debuted two new commercials for its forthcoming World Destruction DS game during the Japanese premiere of its accompanying World Destruction anime series. The videos are blurry, and there's less than fifteen seconds of actual in-game footage between the two clips, but you can still see a preview of the JRPG's combat! Plus, one of the girls totally kicks a prison door off its hinges.

Sega has also announced that it will throw in a "premium soundtrack" for anyone who puts in a preorder for World Destruction's September 18th release in Japan. The CD will contain five tracks picked out by composer Yasunori Mitsuda, whose name you should recognize from his work on Chrono Trigger and the Xenosaga series. Jump past the break for the album cover and second commercial!

Gallery: World Destruction

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Bleach: The Third Phantom poisons everyone with new trailers

Bleach is cool. It's like the cool kid in a playground of anime, and the fansubbers go mental at the slightest hint of a burnt DVD collection. Hey, nothing wrong with that, it's just some bloggers feel left out, having not caught a single episode in their life. So, it's no surprise that the latest trailers for Bleach: The Third Phantom have already been downloaded thousands of times.

The above video is the opening cinematic, which is pretty low-budget and lame. It's a DS game, but maybe the tiniest bit of animation wouldn't go astray. Either way, the trailer after the break shows the real meat-and-potatoes of Bleach, and you can check out the unexpected strategy gameplay in action. Fighting game, schmighting game -- this has evil flying clown things.

Gallery: Bleach: The Third Phantom

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Fresh Sonic Chronicles screens keep us hopeful

There's a lot riding on Bioware's upcoming DS title, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. There's a lot of buzz about the title and many think if there is any development studio that can take the Sonic franchise and produce something better than hot, steaming garbage, it's Bioware. Also, there's a certain promise that we're totally expecting Bioware to fail to deliver on. Like we said, a lot is riding on this title.

Until the game releases, however, we'll just have to settle for being optimistic and staring at some new screens. We want the game to succeed and think it can. As for the screens, hit up our gallery below and check them out.

Gallery: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

[Via Go Nintendo]

Popular manga Blazes way to DS as an RPG

World Destruction isn't the only RPG Sega is cooking up for the DS right now. The company is also slaving over a DS adaptation of Blazer Drive, Seishi Kishimoto's popular manga set in a futuristic Tokyo where society has developed "Mystickers," adhesives which contain various elements (electricity, ice, light, etc.) and assist in day-to-day life.

Certain individuals -- known as "Blazers" -- can activate Mystickers on their skin, and this plot mechanism plays a role in the Blazer Drive game. In the title's turn-based battles, Mystickers can be applied to characters using the stylus to let them attack, use special skills, or generate combos. Players fill the boots and spiky hair of Shiro and Tamaki, two Blazers.

A localization of Blazer Drive looks unlikely, but to be honest we're surprised that it's even getting a game of its own -- the manga can't be more than three months old! Check out more screens beyond the break.

Continue reading Popular manga Blazes way to DS as an RPG

Nintendo Channel goes light on the demos this week

It's Monday, which means the Wii's Nintendo Channel is due to unleash some new DS demos for us to enjoy. Following last week's offerings isn't easy, that's for sure. Actually, it might be impossible. We're talking about one of the most awesome DS games available, after all.

So what's available this week? Head on past the break for the details.

Continue reading Nintendo Channel goes light on the demos this week

The Board Game of Haruhi Suzumiya

In case you haven't seen the ridiculously popular anime or read the Wikipedia page, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is about an impulsive high school girl who also happens to unwittingly possess the ability to control reality. Her friends in the "SOS Brigade" after-school club, who all have supernatural or extraterrestrial connections except for irritated Everyman Kyon, attempt to keep her from getting bored (and thus remaking the universe) while also hiding the true existence of aliens, psychics, and time travelers from Haruhi.

We had to explain all that for the concept of the new DS Haruhi game from Sega to make any sense. It's a board game in which the SOS Brigade rushes to solve unexplainable incidents and destroy evidence of otherworldly activity before Haruhi shows up. At least, that's as much as we can figure out. Not that it matters -- sales of this game will occur based entirely on the strength of whatever preorder bonus Sega and Haruhi publisher Kodansha decide to throw in.

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