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E308: DS Fanboy raises its spirits with Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

To be honest, the last time I played a Harvest Moon game, it was on the GameCube. We're talking years ago, folks. But, like riding a bike, Harvest Moon is an experience that doesn't change much over time. Fans like it that way, I imagine. And, just as I expected, Island of Happiness featured a lot of the same things previous titles in the franchise offered.

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E308: DS Fanboy explores the lands of Rune Factory 2

When hitting up Natsume's meeting room at E3, I kept catching myself wishing I wasn't alone. In fact, I wished that one specific person was with me, because all of these games that the company had on display were based on franchises I, frankly, didn't have the most experience with. That's not to say I went in biased, just that I prefer to be as well-informed as possible going in.

Imagine my surprise when I played Rune Factory 2 and it was like Harvest Moon had a baby with Secret of Mana.

Gallery: Rune Factory 2

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E308: DS Fanboy plays God with Populous DS

It's been a very long time since I played Populous. In fact, the only version I ever got to play was the SNES port (the game first released on the PC, Atari ST-1 and Amiga) back in the day. But, I did play that port quite a bit in my youth, so seeing the game hit the DS is very exciting to me. Populous DS very much feels like the game of old, but in truth is nothing like the SNES title in both presentation and gameplay.

Gallery: Populous

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E308: Circling in on Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

I had never played the original Pokémon Ranger, mostly because I'm extremely wary of Pokémon spinoffs. But I read enough to know that, for better or worse, the sequel, Shadows of Almia, is more of the same, with slight tweaks.

Before I talk about the game, I'd like to offer my impressions-within-impressions of the title: I'm disappointed that NOA decided to use such a generic fantasy-game subtitle over the jaunty "Batonnage," though I understand the reasoning (the reasoning being what the hell is "batonnage"). It's not as if anyone was ever going to call this anything but Pokémon Ranger 2 anyway.

Gallery: Pokemon Ranger 2

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E308: DS Fanboy rocks out to Rock Revolution DS

Oh, poor Konami. You're a little too late to your own party. Actually, more like way too late. With the company finally trying to grab a slice of the delicious music game pie, they're not only pushing Rock Revolution on home consoles, but also on the DS.

After having some play time with the title at E3, I feel safe in saying that the handheld game is pretty much going to be the best of the bunch.

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E308: DS Fanboy summons Gods in Age of Mythologies

I was always a big fan of the first Age of Empires game on the DS (remember when we did these?). When a sequel was revealed, I nearly wet myself with excitement (luckily, nobody can confirm or deny the wetting). Then, E3 hit and my cohort in crime, JC, informed me the game was available for play at THQ's booth.

I immediately called "dibs."

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E308: DS Fanboy invites Princess Debut to the ball

I don't have to tell you just how odd Princess Debut is. For one, it's not the sort of title one usually associates with Natsume. Second, it's developed by Cave, who are usually behind hardcore shooters, and not titles like this. So, as odd as this all sounds, I was dying to get my hands on it when I hit up Natsume's booth at E3 just to see what this game is all about.

Gallery: Princess Debut

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E308: Viva Pinata was an Xbox game?

Okay, confession time: I never played Viva Piñata the first time around. The allure of festive animal husbandry was insufficient to entice me into the console purchase required. I've researched the original (by, uh, watching some YouTube videos and such), but I went into my quick demo of Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise without a real preconceived notion of how Viva Piñata is supposed to look or play.

How was this ever anything but a DS game? The tasks involved in playing Viva -- watering and planting plants, clearing land, building structures for critters -- make so much sense in the top-down perspective of Pocket Paradise that it's hard to imagine this game in a different perspective on a different system. It would be so much harder, I think, to manage a large-scale garden in a more zoomed-in view. Having a larger, wider look at the goings-on in the garden makes the game seem more natural and easier.

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DS Daily: Well, well, look at that

We're asking this question over at Wii Fanboy this morning as well, but we think it might be more pertinent here -- if only because of the niche nature of most DS games. With that said, let's get to it -- were there any games that eluded your radar before, but caught your attention at E3? If so, what games were they? And, what exactly was it that caused you to take notice (screens, videos, impressions, something else)?

E308: DS Fanboy's E3 Endgame Evaluation

In its second year as a diminished behemoth, E3 still manages to be packed full with news, media, and more. While there wasn't much from Nintendo themselves for the DS this year, third parties are still incredibly strong and we're faced with more games than we can possibly handle. We're also pretty sure we saw almost all of them at E3 this year. Relive the entire experience right from the convenience of this post!

Check out our choices for show highlights right here, or hit the break for the full rundown of our E3 coverage. Of course, we're still adding things, and will be over the next few days; keep up by clicking the E3 graphic in the sidebar.

GTA: Chinatown Wars shooting up the DS in winter!

Transfer data from Animal Crossing: Wild World to new Wii game

Highlights from Nintendo's keynote

Rhythm Heaven bumped by Cammie Dunaway's wrist

Konami booth tour

DS Fanboy reacts to the Nintendo keynote
Three DS news items you may have missed

Chrono Trigger's controls explained (and hands-on)
DS Fanboy enters the Retro Game Challenge

Rhythm Heaven is the best musical microgame collection at the show

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WRUP: On a flight back from E3 edition

It's still technically Friday, for about a few more minutes. By this time, this blogger will be sound asleep and preparing for an early trip to LAX, to get on a jetplane back to anywhere that isn't E3. What do I have in my DS for the trip? A little bit of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. On my second playthrough, the game is still as fun as the first time.

Who cares about that, though. In all honesty, I'll probably get 5 minutes in before totally falling asleep in the tiny tin can. What about you all, though? After the craziness of E3, can you even manage to sit still long enough to play a game? I imagine you're all probably far too busy spinning in your chairs with glee.

Post-E3 DS Fanboy/Joystiq reader meetup in photos

First of all, thanks to everyone that managed to make it out to the party! There were a ridiculous amount of attendees, all of whom enjoyed some Call of Duty 4 on the PS3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii and copious amounts of Rock Band and Rock Band 2. It was a blast and, unsurprisingly, the massive piles of swag went fairly quick. It was a wonderful experience and it was a pleasure meeting all of you. Hopefully, we can do this again next year!

For those of you who couldn't make it out there, check out the gallery below. Within, you'll even find a picture of our very own Mike Sylvester (of Revolutionary fame!). He's a local, so thanks to him, but mostly to all of you, for making it out!

E308: Lock's Quest strategy goodies attack E3

After getting our hands on Lock's Quest, we've decided that tower defense fans need to take a look at this one (stay tuned for some impressions later!). While the trailer above doesn't do too great of a job of selling the game (sans the phrase "robot invaders"), gameplay clips make Lock's Quest look hectic and fun. Oh, and don't worry if you hated Drawn to Life, since that connection is just being played up by THQ for marketing hype.

Check after the break to see what we're talking about in terms of gameplay. Oh, and hey, whaddya know -- there are new screens in the gallery, too. Make sure to give those a look before (or after) feasting your eyes on video goodness.

Gallery: Lock's Quest

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E308: Castlevania (aka Shanoa the vampire slayer)

Those of you who want to get to know Shanoa a little better should check out the vid up top, which features her kicking some undead butt. She might not bring too many new things to the Castlevania-verse, but she still looks like a pretty badass character. Besides, she "shall become the sword that clears away evil" -- what more do you want?

Order of Ecclesia
is currently one of our most anticipated DS games, though, so do we really need another reason to convince you to watch this trailer? Just look at the footage.

E308: Welcome to the Tecmo Bowl

The whip-yielding soul suckers at Joystiq told us about some of Tecmo Bowl Kickoff's DS enhancements when they got their hands on the game, but this video reveals a few more things (and straight from producer Ryan Gilbo's mouth). We like how Tecmo really thought this remake through, and didn't just create a shabby port for the handheld. Not only does on-the-go Tecmo Bowl warm our arcade-loving hearts, but the customization options and super moves available only add a dash of excellence to the idea.

We're definitely going to take a look at Tecmo Bowl Kickoff this fall, but the question is -- which version? From all the nice perks we've been hearing about the DS title, that's probably the one we'll be behind.

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