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All that glitters is not gold: Silver DS confirmed for North America

Even though evidence for its arrival had become overwhelming, Nintendo has officially confirmed that the Metallic Silver DS Lite will become a dazzling, shiny reality in the U.S. on September 7th.

Not including limited editions, this will become the seventh color in the North American DS rainbow, though it has been available in Europe, Japan, and South Korea for around a year; and very nice it is too, in this European blogger's opinion. Any of you lovely people got an eye on this?

[Via press release]

Some stores selling silver systems soon, says sale sheet

A scant few days before E3, we saw signs that the Metallic Silver Lite, long since available in Japan and Europe, would be available in North America next month, but since then, we haven't seen so much as a scrap on the subject. Thanks to the latest Best Buy sales sheets, savvy gamers were able to suss out that the snappy new (to us) shade will be sold beginning with the seventh of September. Will you step into the silver spotlight, or will you practice a smidge of sensible self-restraint and stroll on by?

DS Daily: If silver, then no redesign?

This weekend's rumor of a Gloss Silver Lite releasing the U.S. this fall has put the tingle into our spider-sense. If we're getting another new color -- and we just got one, as well as Europe getting several -- does that clinch it? Will there be no redesign announcement this week at E3?

Of course, Nintendo may well announce a new DS model, and simply hold the release until next year, but it still seems like the thing that would put a damper on sales of a new color. Or does the (rumored) release of a new shade mean nothing at all?

See also: Our redesign prediction, as well as all our other predictions.

UK still betting on black

At the bottom of a GamesIndustry.biz story about some PS3 game (Metal ... something) failing to sell PS3s in the UK, we found news of how those new, Europe-only DS colors had fared in Britain.

And here's a surprise: Chart-Track (the company tasked with the exhausting job of tallying how many copies of Brain Training sell each week in Europe) has revealed that while the swish new red, turquoise, and green models had a "massive impact" on sales, none could dislodge the current top-seller, which is ... black. How boring!

Despite being the most delicious of all DSes, the red version could only come in second, and was followed by pink, white, turquoise, green and silver respectively. Sadly, Chart-Track doesn't dispense actual sales figures, but come on, Brits! Show some adventure in your choice of DS colors! Be crazy and live life on the edge like us!

DS Fanboy (European) poll: Gonna get a new DS Lite?

With those new DS Lite colors arriving in Europe this weekend, we were wondering how many of you planned on picking up a new handheld? Like our own Chris, are you in love with that red beauty? More of an Ice Blue kind of gamer? Wait ... don't tell us! You want that puke green one?

Let your voice be heard! Tell us which you plan on picking up in our poll below.

Europeans, getting a new DS Lite?

Stick on a skully spring skin

Tis the season to feature skulls in springtime! Well, we guess these two new skins from GHskinz are appealing to a few different types of gamer, unless someone out there digs skulls and blood while waltzing through a field of flowers and butterflies.

In any case, the designs are very crisp and clear, and when you know you suck at coming up with a decent mod, you'll probably want to pick up something a bit more professional. Stick with a skin, and make it a good'un. Hit the break to check out what we like to call DS Happy. Nothing gonna get us down today!

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New DS Lite colors found in the wild

Europeans, prepare to feast your retinas on some delicious eye candy. French site Jeuxvideo has got their hands on the new DS Lite models hitting a store shelf near you soon and took care to snap up a few pictures for us to drool over. We know of at least one individual dying to get their hands on that red one, but what about the rest of you? Any of our European readers plan on picking up one of these new units? Not the green one, though. We know none of you want the green model.

Hit up here to see some more pictures of the handhelds enjoying life out in the wild.

[Via Engadget]

Nintendo confirms injection of color for European DSes

For so long now, Europe has lived beneath a cloud, with a populace that is served by Smart Black, Crystal White, and Platinum Silver DSes. Where's the color, Nintendo? We know all about Noble Pink, but some of us are manly men, and it would hurt our fearful reputation to be seen with such a gentle shade of DS! Across the Atlantic, our North American friends have enjoyed those lovely two-tone models.

But no longer must our portable consoles lack vividity! Following much rumor and speculation, Nintendo has started e-distributing the advert you see to the right, featuring a rainbow of DSes (kind of an ugly rainbow, but a rainbow nonetheless). We've suspected this was real for a while, but it's nice to have some confirmation -- and some cheery color back in our lives.

In case you forgot, the Ice Blue, red, and green will all be here June 13th.

Rumor: New DS Lite colors for Europe?

European games retailer GAME has some interesting listings up on their site, adding to a rumor we reported on back in March. As you can see above, three new DS Lite colors are being shown as soon releasing. According to GAME, Europeans can look forward to buying a green or red DS Lite, or the Japanese launch Ice Blue DS Lite come June 13th of this year.

In checking out Nintendo of Europe's website, we can find no support to this claim, however since it was redesigned, it's been a haven less for breaking news and more for attracting new gamers. So, it looks like you'll just have to wait and see, Europeans! Consider us jealous.

[Thanks, Frastoglegnia!]

DS Daily: The pretty colors

Color preference can be a big deal when it comes to choosing a handheld. Some people have even bought new DS Lites based on more recently released colors -- or at least upgraded from a Phat because of new design offerings.

If you had your choice, though, what would be your ultimate fantasy DS color? (Hint: That means it doesn't have to actually exist yet.)

Metallic Rose DS Lite a reality

Turns out, the rumor is true: the Metallic Rose DS Lite will be available for standalone purchase starting later this month. So, for those of you that liked the look of the unit available in the Nintendogs bundle, yet didn't want Nintendo's puppy sim (or that big paw print on the unit), you're in luck.

Nintendo comments that you'll soon be seeing commercials for this new DS Lite color soon, stating that as of Monday, May 19th, you'll see celebrities America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood "featured in commercials for the Metallic Rose version of Nintendo DS."

Anybody interested in picking this model up, either for themselves, or as a gift?

[Via press release]

Counterpoint: No redesign this year

Sure, it may seem pretty likely that we'll see a DS redesign eventually, but will it be this year? Despite the coy denials so reminiscent of the weeks leading up to the last redesign announcement, it just doesn't seem like the right time for a new DS.

In the past, Nintendo has adhered to a pretty predictable cycle on redesigning their handhelds. Every year and a half to two years or so, it's time for a new model. But no handheld has ever been quite like the DS. It's everywhere. Your grandmother just may own one (or more), and because of that incredible success, Nintendo can afford to break out of that cycle and take a little extra time. Sales of the DS in Japan may be flagging a little of late, due to the PSP actually selling, but the system still boasts extremely robust numbers and is consistently in the top three there amongst hardware. The story is the same here in the U.S.: the DS continues to sell like crazy. Why put out a new DS now? It seems to make much more sense to simply wait a while, until sales actually start to drop off.

In the meantime, Nintendo boosts sales of the Lite by releasing new colors, which they have suddenly started doing a lot more outside Japan. That seems to be another sign that we're still not quite ready for a redesign. Nintendo may make some less-than-brilliant decisions at times, but announcing a new design mere months (or weeks, if we see more colors this year, as is rumored) after the release of new colors may have a negative impact on sales. Sure, that new sparkly-striped-gold-plated rainbow Lite is spiffy, but if you're about to buy the new Ultra Lite anyway, would you drop an additional hundred-plus dollars? Probably not. You'd wait to check out the new model instead.

Some could argue that colors are now going to multiple regions in order to get rid of back stock, but c'mon -- are there really piles of DS Lites lying around unsold? Considering that we still have occasional DS shortages, it doesn't seem likely. Also, we're still getting brand new colors on top of the shades that are just now becoming available in new regions, and it's not like those were piled up. Would we really get new colors now if we were about to see a new DS? It just doesn't make sense.

Next year, maybe, Nintendo will get around to tweaking the DS design further. This year, we'll see more peripherals and accessories instead, and a focus on the Wii, because there's just no reason to do anything else.

Expect it!
Back Your thoughts?

German retailers list three new DS colors

Back in March, Dutch website Nintendo Only claimed that Europe would be receiving a trio of new DS Lite colors on May 1st, including the (previously Japan-only) Ice Blue model, a mysterious green version, and the quite gorgeous Japan Post red DS Lite.

Alas, May 1st came and passed without incident, but now the exact same models mentioned by Nintendo Only have appeared in the database of a German retailer ("hellblau" is "light blue," while the others are obvious), complete with listings for red, green, and turquoise (?) styli. Oh, and there also appears to be serial numbers -- serial numbers make everything look more official.

Suddenly, this same speculation is looking far more credible, and we're way too excited again. Skip past the break for the full listings.

Continue reading German retailers list three new DS colors

Rumor: Metallic Rose DS Lite inbound

Go Nintendo is reporting a rumor that those of us here in the United States could be getting a new DS Lite model soon, in the form of the beauty you see above. Keen observers will notice that this is the same color that came in the Nintendogs bundle that released alongside the Phantom Hourglass bundle, only without the paw print.

This rumor comes from "a few GameStop insiders," so we're not sure we entirely believe this model is releasing. Until we get official confirmation, we aren't going to hold our breath.

See also: The DS Life: Puppies at play

Stare along with us at the limited-edition red DS Lite

Reader supa_s (somehow) got one of the limited-edition red DS Lites that were only available through a Japan Post sweepstakes. It's a totally different color from the senior version with which we're so familiar: a much brighter and less sparkly red than the Crimson and Black. Like DS Lites tend to be, it's lovely. The prize also came with a matching black/red Hori System Bag, which we would put the system in immediately, only removing it in a clean room after careful hand-washing.

A rumor came up recently that a red DS Lite was planned for release in Europe. If that's true, it'll probably be a shade identical to this one, and then more people could have a shot at it (including importers!) While we would do our very best not to buy yet another variation of the exact same system, we'd be happy to gawk at the box in the store.

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