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Jackass: The Game is as painful as the show

At DS Fanboy, we like to advocate the idea that any task can be made into a game. Given the right goals and rules, any real-world (or other) activity can be an enjoyable game -- consider the example of Brain Age, which consists of normally boring tasks with timers and scores applied to make a game-like experience. For that matter, Cooking Mama starts with the idea of simulating the steps involved with cooking, and derives minigames from those steps. Designing a game around activities not normally associated with games is an interesting way of stimulating creativity, and adding some novelty to the medium.

It is for this reason that we don't really have an issue with the premise of Jackass: The Game. Our problem lies with the execution. Sure, we haven't played it, but we already know from the screens (and based on the fact that it's a licensed Jackass game) that Jackass: The Game won't be an avant-garde experiment in game design. It's just a game about hurting yourself in a shopping cart or whatever. One with no consistent visual style, for that matter, which is a bad sign. Some games are in 2D, some are in 3D. Maybe that's the experimental part.

Gallery: Jackass

[Via GoNintendo]

MTV Fan Attacks you with panties

"Experience the life of a Rockstar!" MTV Fan Attack is packed with minigames conducive to the Rockstar experience, like escaping the paparazzi, destroying a hotel room, and, according to the screenshots Mindscape Australia released earlier today, catching intimate garments that've been thrown at you.

Considering MTV's younger audience and the prepubescent, pink design of the underwear in the image, holding onto this particular pair doesn't seem like a good idea. You never know, Chris Hansen could be in the audience, plotting your demise! Apparently, MTV Fan Attack will also allow you to "seduce your fans." The game is listed with a "G" rating on its product page.

Remember Bell Biv Devoe's "Do Me," when the three-man group rapped this cringe-worthy ditty? "Backstage, under age, adolescent. How ya doin'? 'Fine,' she replied. I sighed, 'I like to do the wild thing.'" We forgave them eventually, as you would have too, because they made "Poison." If "Poison" isn't the most fantastic 1990 song ever, we don't know what is. We went ahead and embedded the music video past the post break. Why, you ask? Because we can.

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Stephen Totilo grills Reggie about our lack of talking cookbooks

Where's our Cooking Navi? What about our Japanese language trainers? In a chat with Reggie Fils-Aime, MTV's Stephen Totilo asked the questions we've been asking since forever. The news, however, is only good. Reggie refers to the localization of Cooking Navi -- which we knew was confirmed for Europe, but from this response, it seems it will head this way as well. Great news! Of course, that localization takes more time than for a regular game, since it's not just a matter of changing the language, but also the cuisine. We're willing to wait. You can check out the full interview past the break, but beware, it apparently only works for US viewers.

Best Reggie moment: Maybe you need it [English Training] ....

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Lower your expectations: Jackass coming to the DS

You know what's missing from your DS? The ability to do exactly what every episode of Jackass has warned you not to do: try their brand of Jackassery at home. Thanks to the power of video games, however, you and your "dumb buddies" will get to relive all the best moments of the films and show ... if, that is, your favorites happen to be included in the upcoming game coming to the PSP, the PS2, and our own DS.

The game, which hits shelves in September, will feature 35 stunts, set up like mini-games, and some will be all new ideas that were never implemented by the crew. From these, players create their own "episodes," complete with ratings; the more pain and punishment you inflict upon your mini-Jackasses, the better your score.

Johnny Knoxville offered up this seminal quote when talking about his dreams for the title. "We just hope that our video game is as crappy as our movies."

Looking at Link from a different angle

After venturing through an endless wasteland of blue screen, the New Golden Boys created a short taking a look at the darker side of Link. Featuring interviews from different characters in the the Legend of Zelda series along with a few geeky game store clerks, the whole scene is all too familiar to Zelda aficionados such as ourselves. The short is set to air tomorrow night on MTV's unfortunately named The G-Hole Special.

***CAUTION*** This isn't safe for those sensitive to foul hand gestures or talk of molestation. Just thought we'd warn you. Catch the video after the break!

[Via The Girl Gamer]

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MTV hosts awkward contest

Most of us are hip to the whole "Xtreme" thing. I mean, we drink a lot of Mountain Dew and like to jump huge gaps and ride sharks on our way into school or the office. Sure, we get it, it's not so much the insanely-dangerous life choices we get the thrill out of so much as the incredible amount of babes it gets us. Chicks dig bear claw marks, dont'cha know...

So MTV, who has their finger on the pulse of "Xtreme" individuals everywhere, wants to give you, the bear-fighting, Bawls-brand-drink-chugging gamer a chance to rock your DS in zero gravity. That's right, you could be totally weightless and free to play your DS in the most interesting of positions, contorting your body as you desperately attempt to launch that 5 block string off of the planet Meteo forever.

In all honesty, however, we are reporting on this because we want you all to enter. We want you, the very physically attractive reader digesting this post right now, to enter this contest so that you may play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in a zero gravity environment. All you have to do is send in a picture to them, using the entry form, of yourself playing your DS in the "most bizarre, exotic or otherwise foolish place" you can find. Upon winning, we only ask that you plug our website and URL you enjoy yourself and send us your pictures and/or videos.

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