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Sega to make DS owners beautiful

Click for more screens.

You with the face: listen up. As beings of supreme beauty, we're often asked how we maintain our flawless complexions and glossy, healthy hair. The truth is this: we have no idea. It could be our steady diet of Cheetos, pizza and cereal, combined with the sixteen hours a day we spend in front of our PC monitors, but it's probably all just natural.

For those of you not blessed with such a becoming appearance, all is not lost. Sega has teamed up with Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido to develop Project Beauty -- full translated name Shiseido Beauty Solution Supervised Exploration Center Project Beauty -- a non-game dedicated to the kind of over-the-counter tips and advice you'd expect to receive in any cosmetics department store.

Project Beauty's most tantalizing hook, however, is that it will ship with the sleek camera add-on that came with Otona no DS Kao Training (Adults' DS Face Training) when it launches in Japan this November 27th. There's also a cheaper version sans camera, for all those people who bought Face Training and have had to wait for months for more software that supports the add-on.

Gallery: Project Beauty

[Via GAME Watch]

Make 10: A Journey to Europe

Tashiten: Tashite 10 Ni Suru Monogatari recently appeared on the OFLC's ratings database in Australia, and has now been officially announced in ... Europe (a.k.a. Land of the Training Game), where it will be released as Make 10: A Journey of Numbers.

That title is something of a misnomer, for the game is really only about one number. In over 30 different minigames, players have to add or subtract numbers to make ten, all while being guided through the "Make 10 Kingdom" by a pixie called "Num Diddly." They'll crowbar a story into anything nowadays, we suppose. Still, it's refreshing to see a Nintendo-published non-game abandon the austere presentation of Brain Training/Math Training, and opt for something more colorful.

Whereas Make 10 launched on the tenth day of the tenth month last year in Japan, the European version has a thoroughly unfunny release date: September 26th. If we can no longer find humor in release schedules, what else is there?

[Via press release]

My Screenshot Coaches

We know My Chinese Coach and My Japanese Coach are coming, but we haven't seen much of them ... or anything, really. We didn't need to, though, to get excited about these titles; after all, people have been begging for a Japanese language trainer for a long time, and a Chinese language coach is just neat.

But if you were holding out, just to see what the titles included and whether or not they were set up like Ubisoft's previous language coaches, many of your questions will now be answered. Screenshots have turned up at Amazon, of all places, and while they seem to be pretty early shots -- there are in-game pictures missing -- they do give a good idea of what sort of things are included in the titles.

In other news, they look pretty difficult! As masochistic as we are, we can't wait to try them out.

Gallery: My Japanese Coach

Gallery: My Chinese Coach

[Thanks, Feba!]

No treats for OFLC as it gives away My Dog Coach

Ubisoft continues to leave no stone unturned in its quest to make us games that help us through the wretched, miserable slog that is life. Having already dealt with French, words, weight loss, and life itself, the latest in Ubi's My Coach series might deal with training dogs.

We say "might" because My Dog Coach has yet to be officially announced, but Siliconera spotted a listing for the title on the OFLC database (which is usually as good as a confirmation), and Ubisoft already has its own Nintendogs-a-like. My Dog Coach: Understand Your Dog with Cesar Millan enlists the help of celebrity "dog psychologist" (yes) and Dog Whisperer host Cesar Millan, whose techniques (well, according to Wikipedia) stray some way from traditional methods of teaching your pet to sit, speak, etc.

Does this mean you'll be able to get your pooch doing the foxtrot? Paws crossed!

Not-So-Iron Fanboy: Cooking Guide Cook-Off

As soon as the Cooking Guide was released in English, we here at DS Fanboy understood one thing: it was necessary that we put the software to the test in a bloody, violent, no-holds-barred, steel cage cook-off the likes of which would put Iron Chef (both versions) to shame. Sadly, budget constraints (and, uh, laws) prevented the sort of Thunderdome-esque event we hand in mind, though, so instead, we're just having a normal cook-off.

One hobbyist cook. One bachelor. One shot at three recipes, supported by the Cooking Guide. Will they be able to produce the same meal, with the same results? Will the Guide serve as a workable cookbook for the knowledgeable, and an aid for those who aren't? We put it to the test.

Continue reading Not-So-Iron Fanboy: Cooking Guide Cook-Off

E308: Atari and irritating celebrity chef combine for cooking game

It was, we suppose, inevitable. Nintendo's Cooking Guide released in Japan two years ago (as Cooking Navi), where it shifted a decent number of units. It recently emerged in Europe, and did pretty well there, too (it'll be coming to the U.S. this November). And what happens each time Nintendo releases a successful non-game? Answer: as sure as night follows day, (usually inferior) third-party alternatives appear.

That's what has happened here, with Atari following Nintendo into the cooking-with-your-DS arena. What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver will feature 100 recipes (Cooking Guide has 245), space for 100 of your own, a shopping list mode, and competitive cooking games. It's very similar to Nintendo's game then (though apparently you can share recipes via WiFi), except you get to look at Jamie Oliver and his smug, squishy, Mockney face a whole lot more.

If, like this blogger, you regard Oliver as an affront to all that is decent about humankind, it might not be your thing. But it might be okay as a game.

[Via press release]

Deco Tendances: the game for cutthroat Animal Crossing players

Do you love Animal Crossing but hate all the communicating, working, running errands, and maintaining the town bits? Also, is it too much of a game for you? Deco Tendances (Deco Trends) is perfect for you: it focuses entirely on home decoration.

The program is designed to help with principles of interior design, featuring 24 tips in six major categories, including painting and wallpapering, window decoration, and complementing colors. Each tip is accompanied by multiple photos, and a color wheel is included as well. In addition, just because, there are four minigames.

The immediate reaction to something like this is to dismiss it as shovelware and get angry about how it's destroying the industry, and maybe that's accurate (the first part). But we also see somebody doing something new on the DS, that may be helpful to someone. And you still don't have to buy it. Besides, as we suggested above, interior decoration is the heart of one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises.

Cooking Guide caters to the hungry and the fussy

Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? continues to look like it will be numerous flavors of awesome. Ahead of the training game's release in Europe this week, Nintendo grabbed its ladle and served up a generous helping of 35 new screens. Handily, these are all in English (as opposed to French, like the last batch), and we've picked up lots of new information as a result.

For a start, it appears that the non-game will cater to the most fastidious of chefs. Everything can be filtered in Cooking Guide, so if you want to find a recipe which can be cooked in under 30 minutes, has meat as its main ingredient, is of average difficulty to prepare, and which comes in at under 300 calories, no problem! You can also choose to exclude certain ingredients that you don't like from your recipes, make your own shopping list, or browse dishes from a particular country.

Best of all, a non-cook (such as this blogger) will find little in these screens that is intimidating, thanks to step-by-step instructions that aren't filled with jargon, and a comprehensive glossary for the overwhelmed. We never thought we'd say this about a training game, but we can't wait for this to find a home in our DSes.

99 Tears Vs. 96 Tears

Remember that time you spent fifteen minutes on all fours on the kitchen floor, violently bawling your eyes out over the final, bitter departure of a loved one, or the sudden death of your dog in a road accident? Good times, right? Well, 99 no Namida (Tears of 99) will be aiming to replicate those surges of emotion throughout Japan from tomorrow, when the sob-inducing game gets released. It's intended to be for your own health, apparently.

In case you somehow doubted the game's efficacy in making you blubber through one of its 200 short stories, Namco Bandai has attempted to scientifically prove just how much inner turmoil the title can generate. The pie charts above came about after the company conducted a survey of 500 people to highlight the effectiveness of 99 no Namida.

And this is where it gets a bit obscure. We know that the white areas in the pie charts represent people who didn't cry, and the dark blue indicates those who cried heavily. We also know that the right chart depicts the proportion of people who cried while playing 99 no Namida, while the left chart displays how many cried when ... well, we're not actually sure, but the headline does reference 1960s rock and roll band Question Mark & The Mysterians and their song "96 Tears." Man, beats us.

Whatever the first chart represents, the central message remains the same: 99 no Namida will make the majority of players cry big, salty tears. Now weep your sad selves into our gallery for six new shots.

Gallery: 99 no Namida

Cooking Navi screens, fresh from the oven

As medical science suggests that a steady regime of Pringles, pizza, and Coca-Cola is not a suitable diet (pfft!), this blogger is looking forward to learning healthier recipes from Cooking Navi (or, as it's known in PAL regions, Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?). After all, I'd quite like to live beyond forty, and my current repertoire in the kitchen (omelettes, toast, cereal) may prove an obstacle to that aim.

These first nine screens of the localized western version are all in French (which feels appropriate, given that country's culinary reputation), but it's not hard to see that this non-game caters to a range of skill levels -- for example, I actually know what Spaghetti Carbonara is! There'll be 200 recipes in total, with each informing users of the calorie count and preparation time. Hit up our gallery for more delicious screens.

Cry 99 Tears over a glass of wine

In what seems like a very appropriate promotion, Namco Bandai will offer a specially-labeled wine to tie in with 99 no Namida, the game featuring short stories designed to elicit tears. Go ahead and start crying now unless you'll be in Tokyo between June 5 (the game's release date) and June 30, because the 99 no Namida wine will only be available in the Vinoteca wine bar located in the Tokyo Midtown area.

Banamco also announced that soccer star Naohiro Takahara had contributed a story to the game based on his own experiences. Short story writer Yasushi Akimoto also revealed that he had written one of the game's tales. Is this the first original short fiction anthology video game?

Gallery: 99 no Namida

DS Daily: A welcome dose of improvement

One of the best things about the DS is not only does it have an incredibly large library of amazing games, but it also has several cool training titles. Things such as Cooking Navi, Let's Yoga and even Nintendo's Brain Age games, as well as the upcoming English of the Dead all offer users something other than a time sink. They offer real tips for changing or improving one's life.

That got us thinking about how many of you out there have improved your own life through these kind of self-help titles. Have you found your brain power increased through regular Brain Age use? Have you improved your vision with Flash Focus? What training titles have you used to enhance your life and how has it improved?

Let's Yoga: Let's market games!

In our final look at Konami's Let's Yoga, we thought we'd spend some time discussing training games like this in general, as well as their reception in the U.S. In many parts of the world, training games are big, but not so much in the U.S. beyond Brain Age and its sequel. If we had to guess, we would say that part of that is due to marketing.

Can you walk into your local Best Buy and pick up Let's Yoga? Can you order it from Amazon? Sure. But how many people know it exists ... and of those few, how many might actually buy a copy? Let's assume that most gamers don't have the benefit of the DS Fanboy yogathon to let them know that this training game (like another we checked out) may actually be worth their while. Without that knowledge, how many gamers might show any interest in such a title? Probably not very many, even among those actually fascinated by yoga.

Gallery: Let's Yoga

Continue reading Let's Yoga: Let's market games!

Let's Yoga vs. Yoga DVD

Our yogathon is winding down, but there are a few important things yet to cover, such as ... can Let's Yoga compete with a yoga DVD? Exercise DVDs are a huge market -- could a game possibly one-up that industry? We went through a step-by-step comparison of the features of Konami's trainer and a beginner yoga DVD available at a big box retailer.

Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden comes with a thick booklet detailing all the included poses, as well as guidelines for creating your own workout. In order to use the DVD with them, you'll have to do a lot of fast-forwarding and rewinding; for all intents and purposes, the DVD only includes one lesson. You've already seen what Let's Yoga can do, if you've been following our yogathon, but we've got a chart comparing some of the features of the two after the break.

Gallery: Let's Yoga

Continue reading Let's Yoga vs. Yoga DVD

Let's Yoga: Tackling Krishna

The relative ease of the Naga class in Let's Yoga was apparently a cruel joke meant to make yoga seem easy. After three lessons in the next step, the Krishna class, it is clear that yoga is not easy, not at all. The Master's Lesson quickly moved from "This isn't so bad!" to "OMG whaaaat?" in the space of a few sessions. Ever looked at yoga poses and thought some looked hard? You were right.

But after completing over half of the Krishna class, it got a little easier, and I'm willing to concede that maybe the exercises weren't quite as face-rockingly hard as they seemed at first. They were, however, a huge leap forward from the Naga class.

Gallery: Let's Yoga

Continue reading Let's Yoga: Tackling Krishna

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