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Toys R Us is an importing powerhouse in Hong Kong, apparently

The Toys R Us in Hong Kong has tons of import games available. That's the benefit of not having a Nintendo distributor in the region, apparently. And while this picture may present an importer's paradise, it should be noted that the retail chain doesn't have everything available.

Still, we would be lying if we said we weren't jealous. All of our Toys R Us stores here only have clueless and apathetic employees.

Nintendo turns to U.S. government to fight piracy

Having established that the United States is not rife with pirates, Nintendo has made a request to the U.S. government to assist in the fight against piracy of Nintendo products. The company has asked the U.S. Trade Representative to convey messages to other governments with rampant piracy issues, encouraging them to tighten their laws.

Nintendo is asking, specifically, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Paraguay's governments to be more aggressive against software pirates. Nintendo is asking China to prosecute the large-scale producers of pirated materials, while Korean "service providers" on whose networks software is traded are the target of the censure in that country. Nintendo's complaints against the Latin American governments are much more interesting, as they call for an end to violence against anti-piracy law enforcement officials in Mexico, a crackdown on corruption in Paraguay, and the reduction of high tariffs on retail games in Brazil.

Jodi Daugherty, Nintendo's senior director of anti-piracy, said "The unprecedented momentum enjoyed by Nintendo DS and Wii makes Nintendo an attractive target for counterfeiters." Nintendo estimates the lost sales caused by piracy to be around $975 million worldwide.

The crimson and black Lite we should have received

iQue Limited is at it again. After last month's Super Mario 64 DS Lite, Nintendo's distributor for China has come up with this drool-worthy reworking of the senior crimson and black Lite that the U.S. and Japan received earlier this year. With its laser-etched dragons and deep red hue, it's one highly desirable piece of kit, but we'd advise you don't hold your breath for a release outside China.

As you dwell with us on how life is so terribly unfair, click past the break for more shots.

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Limited Edition Super Mario 64 DS Lite shows up in China

If it seems odd for iQue Limited, Nintendo's distribution arm in the People's Republic, to issue Super Mario 64-branded DS Lites so long after the game's release, keep in mind that the ported game didn't officially arrive in China until just this past August. We thought that was strange, too!

This limited edition Gloss Silver handheld boasts laser-etched engravings of Mario and the game's logo positioned arbitrarily on its lid. Mario looks like he's about to straight-up punch that star in the back of its head, doesn't he? Why would Mario want to punch a star? We've got the answer to that question*, plus more photos of the DS Lite and its packaging, past the post break.

*This is a lie.

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It's the year of the ... Game Boy Advance SP?

Nintendo's Chinese operation, iQue, has released some very cool Game Boy Advance SP systems that may make you rethink your need for an SP and your impression of the Chinese gaming market, where you can apparently get very cool systems that aren't hilarious knockoffs.

While it's possible these are old, we have a suspicion that the Year of the Dog system is recent as of this year, at least. There's also a two-tone Mario edition, and a very cool dragon system that uses the black/red case design from the Boktai GBA. Some of these are available online at amazingly high prices, so we're stuck playing games on our stupid DS Lites.

[Via Siliconera]

Sonic the Horrific Mutant Cat

We didn't think it possible to design a more reviling clone of Sonic the Hedgehog than Shadow, but as you can see above, someone actually managed to do it, and much to our surprise, it isn't Sega's fault (this time). The grotesque beast was sighted in the shoe section of a department store in China, chasing down children and frightening them into buying new sneakers. He holds his prey down with his giant left hand, forcing them to look straight into his menacing, pitch black eyes until they acquiesce.

[Via Penny Arcade Forums]

Chinese AC adapter charges your Ninetudo DS

Knockoff electronics are always good for an easy laugh, and this AC adapter is no exception to that rule. Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing fame) recently spotted the above "Ninetudo DS" charger at a Buy Now shop in Beijing, China. The product's packaging brings up a few questions:
  1. What happened to the upper half of the DS logo's S?
  2. Why is there a photo of a butterfly on the handheld's top screen? And why isn't there anything pictured on the bottom touchscreen?
  3. With this product being manufactured and sold in China, shouldn't there be some sort of iQue branding?
  4. Was "Ninetudo" seriously the best they could come up with?

Julius the Pirate Monkey DS Lite

It's been too long since we last took a sip from China's rum bottle of personalized DS Lites; it's time to get back on that wagon with a buccaneer-themed skin.

YYJoy forumer Pikapika shivered our timbers, decorating his handheld with a crossed-cutlasses pattern and Julius the Monkey decked out in full corsair regalia. Now that's piracy we can get behind! Walk the post break plank for more photos of the shipshape DS Lite.

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The witch hunt goes international

SNK's Doki Doki Majo Shinpan has been doing great business in preorder, and seems to be getting a lot of attention. Now it looks like SNK is responding to this success by marketing the game in ... China! A new translated version of the website has appeared, offering the same content in Chinese. No, it doesn't help us any, but at least they're thinking about some international marketing. That's one baby step closer to an English localization, right?

The Japanese page has been updated too, with the screen cleaner shown above (which some Japan-based reader should really think about securing for us) and new screens of the first-person Magic Battle Mode. Apparently, somehow, you can do something to upset the girls. Just touch the "Read" button to determine if it's a witch check out the screens.

[Via Canned Dogs]

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Sonic & Mario finally team up for a game

Once embittered rivals, Mario and Sonic were at each others' necks during the 16-bit console wars, both of them vying for the Top Mascot prize that awaited the victor at the end of the battle. Tensions eventually eased between the two combatants and their respective companies, and after years of respectful neutrality, Nintendo and Sega are making their friendship official with a game that joins both franchises.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games will be released during the holiday season this year for the Nintendo DS and the Wii. Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Tails, and the rest of the extended casts will be competing in events set in arenas modeled after the venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Hisao Oguchi, Sega Corp.'s President and CEO, had nothing but praise for the project: "For the first time, two of the world's greatest games' characters come together to compete in the world's greatest sporting event and we couldn't be more excited." While we can't imagine anyone from the Mario troupe besting Sonic at the 100m run, the blue hedgehog might have trouble with swimming competitions if he has to stop and replenish his air supply with bubbles too much.

This might not receive the same fanfare as a Sonic appearance on Super Smash Bros. Brawl would, but maybe this is just a hint of what's to come from Nintendo and Sega? There's not much at the video game's official site yet, but head over there to check out forum discussions and sign up for email updates.

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