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Jet Impulse looks really, really hot

TakeoffA Nintendo-developed dogfighter, Jet Impulse, has recently opened their official website for perusal. The game formerly known as DS Air is, for the moment, Japanese-bound only; this will change, however, when we threaten Nintendo with deadly force.

Two videos adorn the pages, highlighting both game mechanics and opening cinematic. We've been hankering for more air since Star Fox Command ended so very quickly; hopefully, this title can make the trip stateside before long.

[Via NeoGAF; thanks Mutsu!]

What are you playing: Electroplankton edition

We weren't lying when we said this would become a regular Friday feature like how it originated at Xbox 360 Fanboy. So, another week, another asking. What are you playing? Like we said last week, we recently received Electroplankton and Star Fox: Command.

As much as we'd like to say Corneria is saved and currently defended against all ne'er-do-wells, we have to admit that it has been hard to put down Electroplankton. Our favorite gametype in Performance Mode is currently pictured.

Nintendo celebrates Star Fox in Animal Crossing

K-Man, whom you may remember from a previous Animal Crossing update, recently wrote in to us documenting his latest free gift from Nintendo. The fact that Nintendo would keep giving away free gifts in the game to keep players active in the game as well as one of its players constantly maintaining their town just reiterates how awesome a game this is. The latest gift given our by Nintendo is none other than an Arwing. The letter from Nintendo reads:

"Dear K-man,
Star Fox Command stats are live! We were going to give you Slippy, but take this instead!

Congrats on the free gift K-Man and all you other readers out there should make sure you let us know how your town is doing. We're always watching, always listening...

[Additional thanks to Reeve, who tipped us off, yet failed to include pictures.]

Star Fox Command developer interview

Producer Takaya Imamura and Director Dylan Cuthbert on the recently-released DS game Star Fox Command conducted an interview with RMC over at Go Nintendo. The interview mainly revolves around the development phase for the game. When asked about taking the game "off rails," Imamura commented that the portable nature of the DS begged for a change.

RMC - When it comes to the StarFox series, many of the entries have been on-rails shooters. How did the decision come about for StarFox Command to break from tradition, and go with free roaming game play?

Imamura – The main reason relates back to the fact that this is on a portable device. We wanted something that the player would be able to control their playtime. With StarFox Command, the player can choose to go through and just hit the core enemies and complete the levels quickly, or they can go through slowly and take out all of the enemies. Giving the player the ability to pick up and stop when they wanted was one reason to take the game off rails. As you know, on rails has a definite beginning and ending point, which does allow the player that freedom to adjust the time they are playing.

Nothing new comes from the interview, but it's a nice long read and insightful look into how Star Fox Command came to be the game you know and love. Or hate, if that's your cup of tea.

Metareview: Star Fox Command

One of the highest-profile Wi-Fi titles of the year has finally released and the critics were quick to offer up their opinions. Generally, the game has seen a fair amount of praise, however critics have mentioned that the title's multiplayer is not exactly on par with the game's single-player experience.

The scores are as follows:

  • IGN - 80%: "It's at the very least a great start to the franchise. Bump up the difficulty, add some variety to the missions, bring back the forced-scrolling on-rails levels and the wingman-in-danger elements in a sequel and you'll have yourself the ultimate Star Fox adventure."
  • Gamespot - 75%: "Star Fox Command has great controls and introduces a strategic layer that's fairly interesting. However, the random feel of the story battles and the frantic multiplayer mode don't make the most of this game's solid foundation, which might cause nostalgic fans to long for the series' good old days."
  • 1UP - 70%: " None of the strategy elements that comprised the core of the single-player game are in multiplayer -- how cool would it have been to battle for strategic positions and race to key items on the overhead map against friends? How loudly does this game scream for a custom map editor? Should Command see a sequel, competitive strategic multiplayer ought to be a big part of it."
We've heard from the critics, now how about the readers?

Star Fox Command Comic-Con video

ShadowDoubleX, an attendee of Comic-con, was kind enough to post this video of StarFox Command. His excitement was clearly too great because the video is a little jittery but still appreciated. We see a few battle shots and a little animation here and its lookin' good. Basically, you shoot stuff, it blows up. Perfect!

[Thanks, ShadowDoubleX!]

Brain Age striking it rich in the mainstream media

First up, CBS News has some rather extensive coverage, both in article and video form, on Nintendo's brain-tickling title Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. With the focal point of the piece being that these types of "brain games" are excellent for senior citizens, allowing them to keep a nimble mind through continuous use of the title, it paints one excellent picture overall. The debate as to whether these types of games actually can benefit your health is one that is sure to be without resolution for some time to come, but getting seniors and those who would otherwise be disinterested in games, playing and enjoying themselves, is a huge win for Nintendo.

CBS isn't the only news affiliate covering the Brain Age story, however, as a local Arizona news team also covered the game. This local Fox News team actually took the game to the streets and got it into the hands of average citizens, recording their reactions. What's also surprising is that the team even brought up the voice recognition problems that so many of us have had, which shows they really put their time in with the game.

Embedded video after the link.

Continue reading Brain Age striking it rich in the mainstream media

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