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2007's crop of crap games

Though we put together our own list of terrible DS games just two weeks ago, the more recommendations we have on games to avoid, the better off we'll all be.

Aside from erroneously describing Lifesigns as a Trauma Center clone (Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta saw its Japanese release six months before Atlus' surgery sim), Pocket Gamer's ten worst DS games of 2007 excellently outlines which of this year's games you shouldn't spend your hard-earned money on. It has an even sampling of shovelware (e.g. MinDStorm: Train Your Brain and B-17 Fortress in the Sky) and titles with potential that fell flat on their faces (e.g. The Settlers and Lost in Blue 2) -- this way, you're not only warned of games that obviously suck, but of games that mask their severe failings until it's too late, as well.

Lost in Blue adapts to survive

When (if) Lost in Blue 3 arrives on our shores, you may be surprised at its appearance. Konami has changed the art style used for the character portraits, from normal human proportions to more of a chibi look. In fact, the simplified characters look more like the avatars found on Japanese livedoor blogs than anything else. Hopefully the change in appearance won't ruin the grave atmosphere of the game during those dolphin chats.

We would be surprised if we got a deluxe pack for the game like Japan is getting on the 20th. The Survival Kids Original Gloves and Towel Compressed Set includes -- you guessed it -- a towel and some gloves. We're guessing that they're vacuum-sealed and compressed like those football-shaped t-shirts. The idea, we think, is for you to be able to fit them into a bag in case you encounter a survival situation requiring ... a towel and some gloves. At the very least, a tiny, compressed towel would make it easier for you to identify as a hoopy frood.

[Via GoNintendo]

Lost in Blue 3 could be found in North America soon

A listing for Lost in Blue 3 (when are these folks going to be found already?!) has emerged on EB Games' website, causing many to believe the game is bound for a North American release sometime soon. As it stands right now, the game is currently set to release in Japan next week.

Regarding a proposed release date outside of Japan, the listing at EB Games (which has since been pulled down) states the title will ship in March of 2008. Odds are this will happen, of course, considering the first two titles graced retail shelves in other territories. The real question is: do you care?

Commune with your fellow mammals in Lost in Blue 3

Say you're stranded on an island with a couple of adorably helpless anime children. For ... oh, the third time. You're going to be there for a while, doing your best to survive, keeping a fire going, looking for food, defending yourself and your completely useless companions.

When you aren't collapsing from exhaustion and malnutrition, why not make the best of your time by learning dolphin language? Konami's Lost in Blue 3 contains a new dolphin communication minigame, a rhythm game in which you speak into the DS microphone in time with musical notes. Maybe if you get close enough to the dolphin society, they'll lend you one of their submarines!

Lost in Blue 3 coming to DS, on-hand at TGS

Not only did the franchise spawn one of the worst DS case mods ever (our eyes still bleed when we think about it), it has also spawned games that weren't very good. Hopefully, this will change now that Konami has announced a third title in the series is going to be releasing on the DS. Not only that, but the game will be on-hand during TGS this week.

[Via digg]

Lost in Blue 2 pre-order bonus

It's probably too late to place a pre-order for Lost in Blue 2 at your local game shop, but you might still be able to get the bonus offer by ordering a copy online. Gamers who were motivated enough to put down a cash advance for the survival sim's sequel will receive a themed stylus and screen wipe.

The Lost in Blue 2 stylus is crafted to look like a twig, but we doubt that it'd be useful for actually starting a fire if you happen to get stranded on a deserted island. The tip of the stylus does light up though, so at least you'll have its weak glow to comfort you for a night or two. The tropical screen wipe isn't as useful as a hatchet, but it will keep the sand off of your Nintendo DS. You could probably eat it too, if it came to that.

Lost in Blue 2 shipwrecks onto store shelves today, March 20th.

[Via Insert Credit]

Bone: DS adventure renaissance continues [update 1]

[Update 1: The announcement was about Bone for the PC and not for the DS. It mentions that the publisher is "focusing on the PC and Nintendo DS markets", not the game. We apologize for the misunderstanding. Thanks to eric c for the correction!]

Before the episodic Sam & Max games, Telltale Games were known among adventure game holdouts for their adaptations of Jeff Smith's Bone comic series. They followed a similar business model: periodic, bite-sized chunks of delicious puzzle solving, set in cult comic book trappings.

Now publisher Xider is bringing the Bone games to the DS PC and unidentified games to the DS in Europe in 2007. We hope that they decide to bring them stateside as well, and that they don't decide to shoehorn weird touch screen/microphone puzzles into what is supposed to be a pretty good adventure series. It's still possible, but the identities of the DS games have yet to be announced.

We're so proud of our little DS, bringing back two of our favorite long-lost game genres: the graphical text adventure and the 3D adventure game.

New Lost in Blue 2 details and screens

There's some updated news on Lost in Blue 2, including gameplay details. Notably, players can choose to navigate the game as either the male or female character, and Jack and Amy each have their own unique skills. Previously, we thought the setup was similar to the original Lost in Blue, with the girl serving as an unplayable character (at least, until you beat it once). Also, the sequel will feature a limited two-player mode via local wireless, in which players can compete in survival mini-games. We're hoping for things like "Outrun the Croc" so we can watch our pals brutally eaten. That's just good, clean fun.

Once again, the touch screen and microphone will be a big part of the game, but Konami promises to expand on touchscreen play for a more immersive and interesting experience. Let's hope for less drudgery and more fun.

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Pointy sticks in Lost in Blue sequel

Er, we mean self defense, obviously, via the use of pointy sticks. Jeux France has all sorts of new goodies from the survival-centric Lost in Blue 2, including new screens that show off some of the in game actions, from building a fire to protecting your little lost lambs as they struggle to eke out a place in the wild.

Check out the new screens after the jump.

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Lost in Lost in Blue 2 screens

DS-x2 got a hold of some screens for the upcoming sequel to Lost in Blue. What's the most surprising about them is the confirmation that the game will take place on a desert island. We totally didn't see that coming! Now, we never played the first game, so we have no frame of reference on whether to be excited or disappointed at the idea of a sequel, but that's why we have you, fine reader!

Continue past the jump to catch the screens and leave a comment telling us how you feel about a Lost in Blue sequel. What did you love/hate about the first game?

Continue reading Lost in Lost in Blue 2 screens

Lost in Blue 2

You know the question "what would you do if you were stranded on a deserted island?" Well, Lost in Blue tried to answer just that last year by making players survive on an island with only one companion.

Like the first game, Lost in Blue 2 will have you take control of a male character stranded on an island with a female friend at his side. Players might be pleased that a few changes have been made. The girl can now hold her breath longer, she is more accurate with a bow and better at finding certain ingredients for meals. The boy is better at recovering energy, climbing trees and fighting. Their island will feature unpredictable climate changes causing the island to experience earthquakes and hurricanes.

The stylus will play a more important role in the game this time around. It will be used for carpentry, wicker work and cooking food. Lost in Blue 2's (that kinda rhymes eh? Just add an 'electric boogaloo' to the end and we've made some magic) new features will make the game more challenging. We can only imagine how one would stay stable during an earthquake or hurricane.

[Via Nintendo DS Emulation]

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