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First image of Chrono Trigger DS revealed

So, apparently the game isn't getting a visual overhaul in the slightest, as, should our memory serve us correct, the images in the scan to the right look exactly like the original SNES title. Hey, we're not complaining! Who has any right to complain about Chrono Trigger getting re-released for the DS? Nobody, that's who!

Seriously, we're so stoked for this game, we doubt any other happening could ever rival it. Actually, if Abraham Lincoln and George Washington rose out of their graves to take part in a zombie steel-cage match, it would probably rival Chrono Trigger. But, Chrono would still win.

See how crazy this game is making us?

A hearty addition to the Tales series

Not one, but two amazing RPG announcements have been made for the DS this morning. First up, a timeless masterpiece of epic proportions -- second, a brand-new addition to the acclaimed Tales series. We could go on about what we prefer, but it really doesn't matter. Life is good.

Tales of Hearts has been scanned from Shonen Jump and shipped over the intertrons for your viewing enjoyment. The image is skint on details, but two characters make an apperance in anime and real ... human form. The release is scheduled near the end of the year -- just hope it makes it to America, unlike another awesome game.

[Thanks, Shawn!]

Fire Emblem looks hideous, we still want it

When we first saw screens for Fire Emblem DS, we weren't too worried. They may not have been the prettiest screens on the block, per say, but there was plenty of time for Intelligent Systems to fix things up. But now that the game is set to release in, oh, six weeks, uneasiness has started to settle in.

The new Nintendo Dream scans of Fire Emblem: Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken, for example, are more like a nightmare. While we've seen many of these images before, Nintendo Dream shows some comparisons with the original Famicom game that Fire Emblem DS is based on.

Yet, just because it looks better than a NES game doesn't mean it looks nice. Check out the image above -- those battle animation sprites? Many words come to mind, but "ugly" is the predominant theme. We're not sure if Intelligent Systems realizes that Nintendo's hardware has improved since the GBA days.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. The backgrounds are definitely an improvement over what we've seen before, and we like the more serious tone of the artwork. Not even all the sprites look terrible (the armored knights look fine, for one, since you can't see their facial features). But really, Marth? They couldn't have done a better job with the game's protagonist?

We have complete faith in Intelligent Systems when it comes to delivering a great gameplay experience, though, so we'll swallow whatever distaste we have for the sprites and buy the game when it comes out here, probably on day one (whenever that may be).

Gallery: Fire Emblem DS

Fresh Inazuma Eleven scans take to the field

The latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has taken a long, hard look at Level-5's forthcoming soccer RPG, Inazuma Eleven. Mostly this involves displaying large quantities of the title's pretty fantastic character art (there's a definite Layton feel to it), but there are a number of screenshots dotted about the pages.

These show off several aspects of the title, from your common or garden dialog screens to shots of the matches that take place (and in which players control the movement of players by drawing on the touchscreen). Combining soccer with a real-time SRPG is fascinating to us, not to mention ridiculously original -- the closest comparison we can think of is International Superstar Soccer 2000 for the Nintendo 64, which included RPG-lite elements in its single-player mode, but nothing quite as in-depth as Inazuma Eleven.

Anyway, we digress: Jeux France was kind enough to pop CoroCoro in the scanner and show us the entire preview, so hit the "Source" link below for the full skinny.

Stafy is a star and so much more

This just in: the fifth game in Tose's Densetsu no Stafy series will continue the tradition of making bloggers "awwww" themselves silly with its ludicrous levels of cuteness.

New scans from Famitsu confirm that, just like its immediate predecessor, Densetsu no Stafy: Taiketsu! Daiiru Kaizoku-dan won't be light on the saccharine imagery, and also that Stafy has a new friend for his latest adventure: Rampa (?) the space bunny. According to the magazine, Rampa will be able to transform Stafy into other creatures, including a seal and a dragon, which will in turn help our squishy, five-pointed hero progress through the game.

We find Stafy's dragon transformation adorable.

New Fire Emblem scans both excite and worry us

There are only fifty-six days until Fire Emblem releases for the DS in Japan (not that we're, uh, counting), and yet we still don't know too much about the title. Aside from the fact that the game relives Marth's glory days and includes Wi-Fi battles, details on Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken (New Dark Dragons and the Sword of Light) are surprisingly scarce.

One thing that we find slightly worrisome: is that a time limit in this Famitsu scan screen? You know how we feel about time limits. We can't be sure, since the timer might just be recording how long you're taking on a map, but the whole thing makes us a little uneasy. Are the rest of you Fire Emblem fanatics troubled as well, or would you appreciate the extra difficultly that a count-down might add to the game?

Gallery: Fire Emblem DS

Valkyrie Profile: The Scanned One

Another spread of Famitsu scans featuring Square Enix's Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One are being hosted by Jeux France, largely featuring screens of the game's battle system, but also introducing some of the typically androgynous heroes you'll be questing as.

These include archer and all-round warrior dude Valmur (probably the manliest of the bunch), the Aryan-looking Langrey, and Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen tribute act and magician Fauxnel. We're not certain what role the befrilled Kristoff plays, but if he doesn't spend his evenings with a Sex and the City DVD box set and a bottle of his favorite Baby Pink nail varnish, we'd be enormously surprised.

Shiren the Wanderer DS 2 no longer a mystery

The latest issue of Famitsu confirms the rumored DS sequel to Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. Shiren the Wanderer DS 2 is actually based on the second Game Boy game, Sabaku no Majou (Magic Castle of the Desert). It appears to be built on the same engine as the first DS game. The scans don't disappoint, featuring a ton of screens and character art of the new roguelike.

This new DS game will interact with the Wii Shiren the Wanderer 3 in some way, allowing players to "lend a hand." We believe this means that Shiren DS 2 players will be able to "rescue" Shiren 3 players over Wi-Fi, much like Shiren DS players can rescue each other.

Namco Bandai throws Dragon Ball onto the DS

Recent V-Jump scans reveal that a Dragon Ball game is in the works for the DS. While we don't have many details on the game, it's going to be an action/adventure title that delves into the background of the Dragon Ball saga. We also know that the controls will be similar to those in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, as the player will use the stylus to perform actions and lead Goku around the screen.

From what we saw in the tiny scan screens, the game looks to be shaping up pretty nicely. We've never been too into Dragon Ball ourselves, but if we were, we'd be over 9,000 kinds of excited right now.

Famitsu confirms new DS Castlevania, Igarashi at helm

Famitsu has revealed the next Castlevania game for the DS, confirming recent speculation over Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Judging by the screens in the scan above, those mysterious shots from last month were the real thing. The magazine also divulges the involvement of Koji Igarashi, producer on Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow. As in those games, there will be support for two players, though the exact nature of the multiplayer (local play? WFC?) remains a miserable little pile of secrets.

And that's it for now! Leap past the break, whip in hand, to see another snippet of a scan.

Continue reading Famitsu confirms new DS Castlevania, Igarashi at helm

A better look at CoroCoro Comic's Pokemon Platinum reveal

All of you Pokemaniacs out there, unbridled excitement was undoubtedly yours when the rumor broke out that a new Pokemon title is on the way. Seeing as how the franchise enjoys incredible amounts of success with each new release, it would be foolish to think that a new Pokemon game is not going to be headed to the DS.

Then, we all got our eyes on a blurry scan from CoroCoro Comic. And, the world changed. But, we're glad to report, some good soul managed to snag a better version of the scan and uploaded it for all to see. So, knock it off with the squinting and check out the clear view of Pokemon Platinum.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Gyakuten Kenji's mysterious girl revealed (sort of)

"Ohhhhhh-a-ohh-a-ohh, mysterious girl, I wanna get close to you."

We don't usually kick off the week with a spot of Peter Andre, but the Australian warbler's hit seemed mildly appropriate today, seeing as Ace Attorney spin-off Gyakuten Kenji (Turnabout Prosecutor) has a mysterious girl of its own. The shadowy figure to the right appeared on the most recent cover of Nintendo Dream alongside Miles Edgeworth and Detective Gumshoe, and has immediately set tongues wagging in the Ace Attorney fan community.

Cruelly, the magazine remains tight-lipped about who or what she is, revealing only her age (seventeen), and that she is a "major character." Could she be an assistant to Edgeworth, as Maya was to Phoenix? That seems most likely to us. We'll tell you who we most of us would like her to be, however: Edgeworth's love interest. The collective howl from the lawyer's legion of female admirers would be deafening (yet amusing).

Turnabout past the break for some snippets of scans.

Read: Nintendo Dream scans (scroll halfway down)
Read: Direct-feed screenshots from scans

Gallery: Gyakuten Kenji

Continue reading Gyakuten Kenji's mysterious girl revealed (sort of)

Band Brothers DX: Now with 100+ downloadable jams

After Daigasso! Band Brothers' release in Japan over three years ago and its subsequent expansion pack, it's time that Nintendo of America follow through with its Jam With the Band plans and bring the rhythm game to the US. Perhaps with this new entry to the series, Band Brothers DX, stateside gamers will finally trade licks with the series' curvy mascot, Barbara the Bat, outside of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Japanese magazine Famitsu revealed the sequel in this week's issue, detailing plenty of additions to the original's offerings: 30 classical/J-pop tracks, 50+ playable instruments (including an NES/Famicom?!), a guitar which you can strum via touchscreen, and a new "Karaoke Bar" mode. Interestingly, according to initial translations, DX will only allow for six players in its multiplayer jam sessions, two players less than what the first Band Brothers supported.

As for its online features, DX will also have over 100 downloadable songs for players to add to the included tracklist. We're assuming that this is for-real downloadable content and not faux downloadable content, as seen with Professor Layton and the Curious Village, but you never know! Band Brothers DX is scheduled to ship in Japan this June 26th. We'll let you know if we hear anything about a US release!

Bring your axe and pick past the post break for the scanned Famitsu pages.

Continue reading Band Brothers DX: Now with 100+ downloadable jams

Trauma Center 2 scan suggests August release for Japan

Trauma Center, in case you hadn't already heard, is making a return to Nintendo's handheld to make ham-fisted would-be surgeons feel inadequate all over again, and Famitsu has just delivered an array of details and shots of the new game.

According to this, we'll be getting a sprinkling of old and new characters, a slightly more Wii-like user interface, and a number of operations that will be familiar with us all, including the really cringeworthy ones where you have to yank excruciatingly long shards of glass from your patients (well, they made us cringe, anyway).

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit to take from this scan, however, is the mention of a Japanese release date -- it's a little hard to make out, but the magazine seems to suggest the game will be released there on August 7th. That's by no means an official date, obviously, but if true it means we could be seeing a western release in 2008.

DS Fanboy endorses panda bears on see-saws

Look, we would pick this game up based on the fact that there are pandas on see-saws alone. If you want to market your game to the DS Fanboy staff, this is how you do it!

But, our job is demanding. We have to, like, investigate games and find out stuff about them. It's a tough job sometimes, when you're forced to look past the see-sawing panda bears and see the world for what it truly is. It's a place with far too little see-sawing pandas, that's for sure!

So what exactly are we all looking at here? Well, it's the latest issue of Famitsu and its preview for a game called Panda Diaries from Namco. As one might imagine, the title focuses around interacting with virtual panda bears and will allow players to enjoy a variety of activities. We should also note that it is already one of DS Fanboy's top titles to watch and is due for release during the summer of this year.

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