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DS Fanboy poll: Where do you play?

We're in a poll mood today and were wondering where the majority of DS Fanboy readers like to play with their Nintendo handheld. Perhaps you are like us and play mostly in your own home, quietly sipping a cup of Early Grey as you scream at snaking bastards when playing Mario Kart DS over Wi-Fi. Or maybe you are a different breed, a rogue maverick who likes to game in the face of authority at the bus stop or at the library? Why not vote and let us know? If it's somewhere not included in the choices for the poll, leave a comment.

Where do you game?
I ride the train (or subway) a lot, so I play there
I play in the quiet comfort of my own home
On the bus, going to and from school
Only on Tuesday nights during Game Night with the DSF staff
Other (leave answer in comment)
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12-22-2006 @ 12:04PM

Christian said...

Luckily, there are 4 people at my job who have DSes, so we play multiplayer Mariokart/Super Mario Bros/Starfox every day during our lunch's solid.


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12-22-2006 @ 12:10PM

van said...

I play at work on breaks, levelling up my FF characters :D


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12-22-2006 @ 12:21PM

Loban said...

I mostly play at home, but I also take my DS everywhere so I can play at friend's / family's houses. Also, so I can play in the car on the way to their houses. It will be getting used a lot at the in-laws house this year. I'd rather rip my fingernails off with pliers than be at their house, so at least I'll have the DS to pass the time.


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12-22-2006 @ 12:50PM

strider_mt2k said...

I voted other because I play at home and during slow times at work as well.
Although I have been known to play while waiting in line for stuff too.


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12-22-2006 @ 12:56PM

Phil said...

The better question is where DON'T I play?

1. At home, pretty much anytime (but especially during dull NFL games).
2. At movie theatres, waiting on the show to start.
3. At work, during breaks or on my lunch hour.
4. On the airplane or on long car rides, when traveling. Obviously not when I'm driving, though!
5. Pretty much anytime I have a few spare minutes to pull the DS out and go.


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12-22-2006 @ 1:07PM

Chuck said...

I play in the common room in my college between classes


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12-22-2006 @ 1:37PM

BlessedBullet said...

Brain Age on the toilet


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12-22-2006 @ 1:43PM

K-man said...

The reason I love the DS is because I can take a bathroom break at work and head over to the bathroom stall for hours of fun. (Honestly, I probably spend about an hour a day playing the ds in the bathroom.

For awhile there was a wifi signal I could pick up in there. I was having some really great Wifi Tetris matchs until they protected it.

It's funny I am so used to playing the DS sitting on the toilet that if I want to beat a really hard level, like in Elite Beat Agent, I need to be on the toilet to be able to perform at my best.

Anyway, I'm sure there is others out there who do this. I acctually heard some radio DJ talking about playing the DS in the bathroom and it really fired me up.


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12-22-2006 @ 3:17PM

Kuro said...

I play during school, especicaly History and Phisycs


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12-22-2006 @ 3:27PM

Chinami said...

I sometimes play at home; but I travel a lot, so I play an equal amount in the car. You see, I'm unable to drive, being below the age. So I play in the car, at home, or wherever we end up.


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Ramen Junkie11

12-22-2006 @ 4:13PM

Ramen Junkie said...

Primarily on the toilet... at work.


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12-22-2006 @ 4:15PM

Kia said...

I play at home, mainly cause I work from here and often have little reason to go out. And I believe you mean "Earl" Grey, dear.


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12-22-2006 @ 4:24PM

Adr said...

In my local cafes. starbucks (though not using the're wi-fi, nextdoor's), and others ass well.


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12-22-2006 @ 5:07PM

Matt said...

I tend to play at home only. I can't exactly play when driving or at work. I'm working full-time as part of my college degree, but I guess I would play between classes. The one place I definitely get a lot of DS action in is the airport because I have absolutely nothing to do in there except read a book and play my DS.


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12-22-2006 @ 5:19PM

yosoyelgerman said...



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12-22-2006 @ 5:30PM

Jayenkai said...

I play at work!

\o/Yeah for DS at work!\o/


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12-22-2006 @ 7:41PM

Fox said...

Mostly I play in my house, though when I leave the trusty DS comes with me.

With all due respect,


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12-22-2006 @ 8:20PM




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12-22-2006 @ 10:25PM

DiahrreaMan said...

I don't like that poll, there should an "all of the above" choice in there...I play while waiting for the bus, on the bus, during class brakes, on the way back home, and at home it goes with me almost everywhere. I am pretty obssessed aren't I?


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Michael Kwan20

12-22-2006 @ 11:00PM

Michael Kwan said...

As I work from home (like most of the DS Fanboy staff, I'm assuming), I do most of DS playing here too. As well as at friends' houses and so on. It's always fun to get some DS local multiplayer action going on. Mario Kart, Tetris, Star Fox....


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