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DS redesign: You decide!

Okay, folks. You've read the arguments for and against a redesign of the DS this year, so now it's time to weigh in. Cast your vote in our poll below and make your voice heard!

Will there be a DS redesign this year?

Not this year, no way!

Survey says: Japanese women prefer DS, Men PSP

Net Asia Co. Ltd. recently performed a poll, misleadingly showing Japanese gamers' handheld preferences by gender. The reason that we consider this survey misleading is because the DS Lite and DS Phat were split up into two different categories. Why not, then, split up the PSP-1000 (the original) and PSP-2000 (the newer, slimmer one)? Okay, so no one would actually pick the 1000 over the 2000, but splitting up the two DS models (and GBA models, for that matter) just doesn't make sense to us.

With that rant out of the way, though, the poll (in which 401 mobile phone users partook) shows that 42% of Japanese men prefer the PSP, while 30.3% prefer the DS Lite and 16.8% the Phat. As for women, 52.2% picked the Lite and 27.4% chose the Phat, while only 8.8% prefered the PSP. (Note: In case you're wondering why these numbers don't add up to 100%, the unlisted percents were split between the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP.)

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DS Fanboy poll: Our paddle predicament

So that's it: Taito's amazing paddle controller won't be leaving Japan. But really, if Square Enix thinks we're going to take this lying down, and be forced to play Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid sans paddle, then it can think again.

We're over the initial shock now, beyond the tears and the tantrums punching walls in a really manly fashion, and we're thinking about the future with a clear head. At the next possible opportunity, we're importing a paddle controller. We've not even played Arkanoid or Space Invaders Extreme yet, but we're utterly convinced that these games need this peripheral. What about you lot?

How do you plan to get your paddle on?

Guitar Hero: Poll star

You've heard our arguments for and against Guitar Hero: On Tour's viability as a worthy portable successor to the series' console games -- now we want to hear what your expectations for the game are!

Guitar Hero: On Tour: Rock Out Town or Butt City?

More Like Guitar Zero

WSJ asks: What's on your gift list?

Someone needs to tell the WallStreet Journal what's up. While we love the DS, we're pretty sure it's not the gift that everyone wants this holiday season. Still, the folks at WSJ saw fit to add Nintendo's little handheld into its online arena of combat, to duke it out with other cool gadgets such as the iPhone and and Microsoft's Zune. Heck, if it were us, we'd want a Flat Panel TV. It costs a lot more money than a DS, that's for sure.

[Thanks, Steve!]

Poll results: Remakes of choice

Our celebration of the age of remakes continues as we reveal your choices for games that need to be given the DS treatment. The full poll results are located after the jump, but we probably don't need to tell you that we chose correctly when putting together the boxart mockups above. Chrono Trigger blew everything else out of the water among the mainstream titles, with Super Smash Bros. picking up a distant second. Among our lesser-known titles, things were a lot closer. Snatcher won -- which means all is right with the world -- but the battle for second was decided by a mere four votes. We're always happy to be reminded of just how diverse taste are among our readers!

Check back later in the week for a wealth of coverage on remakes, including the profile of the four winning games and what we would like to see in a DS remake.

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Zelda Week: Playing favorites

With a franchise as long and storied as Zelda, it's likely that certain titles stand out over others for most gamers. Some people swear by Ocarina of Time, others laud Link to the Past, and some of us still hold the original as not only the best, but perhaps one of the greatest games of all time. We're going to give readers a chance to duke it out in honor of Zelda week -- slip into something comfortable and head past the break for the fight of a lifetime. We've split the franchise into console and handheld titles to make things interesting.

Phantom Hourglass is not included -- so if you want to claim it is truly the greatest entry in the franchise, you'll have to do so in the comments. We have a feeling a few of you might just take up that challenge.

Don't forget to head over and make your voice heard in our other current poll, as well -- we'll be discussing the results of that one next week!

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DS Fanboy poll: Remakes of choice

Earlier this week, we asked you, our dear readers, to discuss games you'd like to see given a spit and a polish for the DS in this age of remakes, and as usual, you came through in a big way. In fact, you gave us so many fantastic suggestions that we've decided to split our selected list into two polls instead of just doing one. We can't include everything suggested, obviously, but we've prepared a selection of bigger releases and more obscure titles, and we're going to let you vote every day, just in case you want to throw your support behind more than one game. Once you've voted, we will profile the top two results from each poll and examine exactly why they would be well-suited to our favorite handheld. So try to vote for the titles you think are the most suitable, those that would most benefit from the kind of treatment we're seeing with the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy titles ... and hey, vote for the games you'd just like to see in portable form as well.

And if you just can't decide ... well, that's why we're letting you vote more than once! You can vote your heart and your brain, and the cream will rise to the top.

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Poll results: New games in old franchises

Last week, we asked you which of the many upcoming DS sequels to NES-era classics turned your heart to a heart-shaped powerup. No surprises here: the overwhelming majority of you picked Konami and WayForward's Contra 4, which we've been hyping into the stratosphere ourselves. If you voted for Contra 4, CONSIDER YOURSELF A HERO.

Of course, all of these games look unfathomably awesome, and are all winners. But in the other regard of receiving votes from DS Fanboy readers, Super Dodge Ball DS is more of a winner than Arkanoid DS, International Track & Field, and The Legend of Kage 2, in that order. The important thing is that you guys cared enough about these games to click on a button within a blog post.

Poll: New games in old franchises

The DS is seeing an unparalleled boom in surprise sequels to venerable franchises. That leaves retrogamers and other sensible people in a dangerous financial situation. With many of these games currently yet to be confirmed for US release, we face the possibility of expensive imports, or letting them pass us by.

Even if everything on this list comes out stateside, picking them all will make for a costly exercise and a terrible poll. So we're asking you to choose: given the opportunity to pick up only one new DS game based on an 8-bit series, which would you choose?

International Track & Field
Super Dodge Ball DS
Arkanoid DS
The Legend of Kage 2
Contra 4
Free polls from

DS Fanboy presents: Game Night 7/19/07 aftermath

Last night's Game Night went rather well, despite some of us being "teh sick." We got many a race on in Mario Kart DS, so we were happy about that. Of course, like all good things, our play time had to come to an end and we were forced back into our cages to continue blogging.

We're almost out of games, so we'll be resetting the poll soon. Until then, figure out which one of these three games will be next week's theme game by voting below.

What should be our theme game for 7/26/07?
Tetris DS
Clubhouse Games
Animal Crossing

Poll results: Do you play with friends in person?

While our original poll topic title might have placed a few dirty thoughts into your head, we assure you we never meant to do so. What surprises us, though, is the fact that many of you apparently seem to enjoy playing your DS in the actual physical company of your friends. Why does that surprise us? We don't have any friends.

We could probably make some if our cruel overlords let us out of our cages every now and then, though.

Poll: Do you play with friends in the flesh?

We were cruising around Flickr, when we found the above image. We began to think about multiplayer gaming on the DS, Game Night here at DS Fanboy and enjoying the company of friends. We then thought about the last time we actually enjoyed multiplayer gaming on the DS with another person right there in front of us. We couldn't remember when the last time it was we actually did that.

Of course, we then thought about you, fine reader. Do you play with friends in the flesh, or do you enjoy (or try to, rather) Wi-Fi over the interwubs? Or, do you enjoy both?

Do you enjoy mutliplayer with friends in the flesh?
Yes, we get together and whip the DS out for some fun.
No, I play online. Get with the times!
A little of both, actually.
I don't own a DS. I just like reading blogs about it (and voting in the blog polls).

Poll results: Do friend codes ever keep you from playing online?

A week ago, we asked you how you really felt about Nintendo's friend code system on the DS, and it turns out there's a real difference in opinion out there. It's particularly interesting to note that nearly a third of our readers who voted definitely spend more time gaming online on other platforms. Maybe these are the kind of numbers Nintendo should be looking at when they evaluate the company's online future, instead of these numbers.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

DS Fanboy poll: Do friend codes ever prevent you from playing online?

We all complain about friend codes sometimes. In fact, it's just about our favorite topic to moan about (except for lamenting the gap between Ace Attorney games). But does the presence of friend codes ever prevent you from playing a DS game online? Have you ever thought, wow, this whole Mario Kart thing is sure awesome, but I think I'll go play something online on my 360 instead?

Certainly someone (and all their friends) is playing online, and it's not just us during Game Night. But is it you?

Do friend codes turn you off Nintendo WiFi?
No, I play online regardless. Nintendo forever!
Sometimes it seems annoying, but I try not to let it deter me.
Between friend codes and dropped connections, I don't play online that often.
Yes, I definitely go online more with other systems.
I don't play online.

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