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What did Santa leave under the tree? (update 1)

For those of you who, like us, are now done unwrapping the gifts and tallying up the final scores, we'd like to know what DS gifts have been bestowed upon you. Did you unwrap a new DS Lite, or perhaps got yourself a few games? Did you instead get those accessories you were looking for? Let us know in the comments!

What did we get? Well, plenty of clothes (growing up sucks) and some gift cards. With about $150 in cards to various retail outlets, we plan on getting ourselves some gaming goodies.

[Update: Whoops, we had Wii on the brain! We meant which DS-related gifts, not Wii.]

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12-25-2006 @ 2:27PM

Andy said...

Looks like someone's a bit *too* excited about his Wii gear -- he confused Wii Fanboy with DS Fanboy. ;)

Personally, I got a second Wii controller, a Wii points card, and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. And tomorrow I shall be heading to Best Buy to pick up a DS Lite for the lovely price of $130 CAD, covered entirely by gift-carding. Happy holidays.


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12-25-2006 @ 3:27PM

Chyld989 said...

Got me a DS Lite and 2 extra Wii-Remotes. Woot! ^_^


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12-25-2006 @ 4:43PM

john said...

Gift cards for Gamecrazy, which is very cool.


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12-25-2006 @ 5:43PM

Fox said...

My Black DS Lite which I've had for a while now was an early Christmas gift, as was Partners in Time. On Christmas though I got Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. So far it is...well..ace! Fun game.

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

With all due respect,


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12-25-2006 @ 6:03PM

BigJon said...

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis and Animal Crossing: Wild World. :D


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12-25-2006 @ 6:29PM

Chinami said...

A 50 dollar gift card to EB, Super Princess Peach ((I think they're telling me something... Maybe anger problems....)), the FF5 remake, and those weird wiimote uh... gloves?

I'll go blow all my cash on games tomorrow.


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12-25-2006 @ 7:09PM

RupeeClock said...

Nothing DS related, just three Wii games.


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12-25-2006 @ 7:38PM

Kia said...

Nothing for me, unfortunately. My fiance got himself a shiny DSL and basically every RPG out for the console, though.


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12-25-2006 @ 9:04PM

20XX said...

Elite Beat Agents and Castlevania! Plus Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for the PS2 (my wife tracked down a new copy!)

I was skeptical, but EBA might already be better than Gitaroo Man. Maybe.


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12-25-2006 @ 9:54PM

Mark said...

I got myself "Clubhouse Games" and have been utterly incapable of putting it down. THIS is the game I bought my DS Lite for...I just had to wait almost a year to get it!!!


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12-26-2006 @ 2:03AM

Crazylink said...

Elite Beat Agents (It's really fun, but very hard) and just enough money and gift cards for a DS lite.


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12-26-2006 @ 9:29AM

Sarah said...

$100 in gift cards to Gamestop.. I will have to say though, that I am shocked and surprised that I didn't get any actual DS games for christmas! Oh well, at least I got the gift cards ;) I did, however, get my boyfriend a black DS lite and the new Castlevania game.


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12-26-2006 @ 9:56AM

juicebytim said...

Seeing has one of the only good games I haven't already bought for myself since the DS came out is Clubhouse Games, I did get that for Christmas, which is surprisingly fun. So many games to play on one cartdrige, it's almost overwhelming.


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12-26-2006 @ 10:50AM

Wonderflex said...

I got my wife cooking mama (mami) - which she loves. And a note to the Elite Beat Agent players...please...please...please...for the love of all that is good get yourself a copy of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. It's well worth it.


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12-26-2006 @ 12:00PM

Zsy said...



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12-26-2006 @ 12:00PM

gil said...

Zelda - Twilight Princess, Wii Nunchuck, Bombermanland! Touch!, Wii Points, and some general giftcarding to be used for the DS-X.


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12-26-2006 @ 1:09PM

symm3t said...

I got a shiny black DS Lite, along with Advanced Wars: Duel Strike and Scurge. I like both games, but I've been spending a lot of time on Advanced Wars. It's a pretty good strategy game.


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12-26-2006 @ 1:35PM

qckslvrsiete said...

A shiny white DS lite, a really cool, sturdy clear case by a company called joytech, and mario kart ds (I need people to practice with online!).

And tomorrow I'm gonna pick up FFIII with my circuit city gift card :-D


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12-26-2006 @ 3:06PM

Lightning_Strike said...

I got my DS Phat back, (I was grounded) and Brain Age.
I really want to buy a DS Lite, but my parents won't let me... they are not Nintendo fans! To the person who posted that they got Advance Wars Dual Strike on December 26th; how far are you? I have everyone up to rank 74 at least, and I've beaten Normal and Hard campaigns with an S rank. So if you need help...


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12-26-2006 @ 3:27PM

Qwikstreet said...

Just a new laptop bag to throw my DS in to take to work.


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