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The DS Lite gets repeatedly busted for 'science'

Well, maybe about 40% science and 60% "haha, awesome." A new website called Broken Review puts electronics through a battery of tests (or, rather, the tests are battery) to determine their durability. The first item they experiment on? A poor DS Lite.

In the beginning, the tests are simple, everyday situations: how scratched does a DS Lite get in a pants pocket with keys? But in subsequent tests, the DS is beaten, scratched, run over, submerged, and dropped from increasing distances -- on video! It survives for much longer than we expected! This could be very useful if you're planning to throw your DS out a window.

Show and Tell: Things are cracking up all over

Usually, this is a happy space, wherein we show off things we've made or lovingly put together, things that celebrate our gleeful fan-person ways. Today, however, we have a sadder story ... a story about hinge cracks. It's been a while since we talked about crack-related issues, so it seems fitting that when we revisit the issue, we go with something devastating. But wait! We know what you're thinking. This doesn't look so very bad, does it? Head past the break to see the extend of the damage ....

Reader Jeff assures us that this DS (which belongs to his younger brother) has been through no particularly heinous accidents or abuse, and it's only been in use for about a year. All we can do is shake our heads. Poor, poor DS. We hardly knew ye.

Remember, if you have something to show off (even if it's a little depressing), we want to see it. From crafts to cakes to collections ... whatever you've got, if it has a little Nintendo flavor, we'll take a look. Just take some pictures (or copy your web album links) and send them to showmeit [at] dsfanboy [dot] com. We'll take care of the rest.

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DS Daily: Drop it like it's hot

What's the highest height you've ever dropped your Nintendo DS from? Did your handheld survive the fall, despite your negligence? Or did it end up looking like the photo above? Also, how did this unfortunate event play out? Inquiring minds want to know.

Nintendo replaces DS Lite, asks no questions

What's that line from Batman Begins, something like "theatricality and deception are powerful agents" or something? Well, Consumerist reader Mike might not have been deceptive, but he certainly didn't do anything to stop the Nintendo rep from sending him a brand new DS Lite to replace his existing one that was rendered inoperable due to negligence.

Nintendo ended up sending his new DS Lite out by 2-day UPS Air, asking that he only send back the damaged DS Lite to them. All of this, considering it was a friend that spilled beer (he wouldn't be our friend after that, as we can't abide by wasted beer) on the DS Lite. Kudos to Nintendo customer service, we suppose, for not inquiring how the unit became damaged and leaping to the rescue, no questions asked.

[Thanks, Tracy!]

Sell your messed-up DS Phat in Japan

Demand for the DS and DS Lite show no signs of abating. Japanese retailers are sitting on such a goldmine that they can get away with putting stuff like this on the shelves: a scratched, stylus-free, filth-ridden DS, yours for only $100!

Box? Instruction manual? Get out of here! Gift wrapping extra. Store takes no responsibility if your kids get beaten up in the playground, or your partner leaves you for someone who knows crap when they see it. We'll take three. Do they come in candy pink?

Battered DS Lite makes baby Jesus cry

When it comes to adding troops to the DS Fanboy regiment, we make sure to fill our ranks with only the manliest of men. (Uh, and womanliest of women.). As far as bloggers go, we're as Ford tough as they get. Even in birth, we exited our mothers' wombs uncomplaining, ready for the hardship ahead.

Still, our eyes welled up when we saw this broken and battered Nintendo DS Lite. According to an employee at Best Buy, the handheld was returned after its owner claimed that it had just "stopped working." Customer service must have neglected to give the DS a good look, because we can't imagine any store taking back a product in this condition. The right hinge has been knocked out of place, every recess is filled and marked with grime, and one of its corners bares the teeth marks of a childish fit.

The two VeggieTales stickers marring the Crystal White's once-glossy finish are the worst offenses. Is there any hell that this DS Lite wasn't put through? Head past the post break for more unsettling photos of this portable's mistreatment.

[Via Digg]

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