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Super Smash Bros. Rumble in the DS jungle

Building your homebrew project off an already popular franchise has the danger of raising expectations too high for your low-budget production, as was the case with Super Mario Galaxies, a 2D shoot-em-up interpretation of Nintendo's grandiose 3D platformer. Though Super Smash Bros. Rumble has the potential to one day be a satisfactory portable alternative to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it still has a long way to go!

So far, the demo includes only a solo mode, a few stages, and Mario as the lone playable character. Fuzzy, the game's 19-year-old programmer from Germany, seems to have a lot planned for the project, however, as he already has a WiFi button in place and waiting for online support.

Just a quick suggestion -- maybe choose another typeface for the top-screen logo on the menu screen? Though it's resident blogger David Hinkle's favorite typeface, Super Smash Bros. designer Masahiro Sakurai would never sully the series with Hobo.

[Via GamerTell, GBAtemp]

DS Daily: The next great remake

Maybe it was a matter of time, but that isn't important -- what is important is that you guys called it. Chrono Trigger is headed to the DS (and we wouldn't be surprised to see something Snatcher-related for the DS eventually), and that makes last year's celebration of the age of remakes a success.

Which, of course, means we need to do the whole thing again, and that means we have to turn to you, gentle readers. We need all-new games to explore for their remakeability, so open up. Let us know what you might like to see, with the exceptions of Snatcher, Super Smash Bros., Abe's Oddysee, and of course, Chrono Trigger. We'll make a new poll from your suggestions, so get to suggesting. Remakes, ports, and re-imaginings of titles are all fair game. Tell us what you'd play!

Friday Video: Black Cat vs Master Hand

Much like the final battles in the Super Smash Bros. games, this week's video has a scrappy young kitten fighting for his life against a mysterious giant hand, its owner off-camera. How does this relate to the Nintendo DS, you ask? Well, if you watch the background closely, you'll see someone completely oblivious to the ensuing brawl, too captivated by his DS.

We pride ourselves in our ability to find any excuse to post cats.

See also: This is how you do a trailer with no gameplay footage

[Via Nicovideo]

Samus vs Ivy! Cloud vs Chun Li! Link vs Mega Man X!

Before your head explodes, no, this game isn't a planned release, commercial or non-commercial, for the DS. Card Sagas Wars is a homemade PC project created with M.U.G.E.N, a "freeware 2D fighting game engine." The music and backgrounds have been ripped from a variety of popular games, but it looks like the character sprites have been redrawn for a consistent (and totally awesome) look.

If anything, Card Sagas Wars' developers are ambitious, setting out to include a collection of playable characters that would put even Super Smash Bros. Brawl to shame, its posted list of 995 "Blue Series" cards ranging from Killer Instinct's Cinder to Castlevania's Soma Cruz. A demo with four playable fighters is currently in the works, but no concrete date has been set for its release. You can see an older, less epic trailer for Card Sagas Wars past the break.

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Super Odd Chrono Snatcher: Your choices for DS remakes

DS Fanboy readers have excellent taste, and we all know it. After all, you own the greatest handheld in the world, and hey, you're here. But if that's not enough to convince you, then the winners of the recent most-desired remakes poll should do the trick nicely. DS Fanboy readers chose four very different titles as candidates for the rampant remake craze, and each game has the potential to be a fantastic DS game in its own right. Let's just hope the right people are paying attention.

Out of a field of seventeen titles, all chosen by the readers, Chrono Trigger, Snatcher, Super Smash Bros. and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee were selected as the best choices for future DS titles. Now we're here to tell you why.

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Poll results: Remakes of choice

Our celebration of the age of remakes continues as we reveal your choices for games that need to be given the DS treatment. The full poll results are located after the jump, but we probably don't need to tell you that we chose correctly when putting together the boxart mockups above. Chrono Trigger blew everything else out of the water among the mainstream titles, with Super Smash Bros. picking up a distant second. Among our lesser-known titles, things were a lot closer. Snatcher won -- which means all is right with the world -- but the battle for second was decided by a mere four votes. We're always happy to be reminded of just how diverse taste are among our readers!

Check back later in the week for a wealth of coverage on remakes, including the profile of the four winning games and what we would like to see in a DS remake.

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DS Fanboy poll: Remakes of choice

Earlier this week, we asked you, our dear readers, to discuss games you'd like to see given a spit and a polish for the DS in this age of remakes, and as usual, you came through in a big way. In fact, you gave us so many fantastic suggestions that we've decided to split our selected list into two polls instead of just doing one. We can't include everything suggested, obviously, but we've prepared a selection of bigger releases and more obscure titles, and we're going to let you vote every day, just in case you want to throw your support behind more than one game. Once you've voted, we will profile the top two results from each poll and examine exactly why they would be well-suited to our favorite handheld. So try to vote for the titles you think are the most suitable, those that would most benefit from the kind of treatment we're seeing with the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy titles ... and hey, vote for the games you'd just like to see in portable form as well.

And if you just can't decide ... well, that's why we're letting you vote more than once! You can vote your heart and your brain, and the cream will rise to the top.

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